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The Rods and the Axe Carerra #6 Mobi ¹ 496 pages Download ´ ❰PDF❯ ❤ The Rods and the Axe Carerra #6 Author Tom Kratman – Books #6 in the popular Carrera military science fiction seriesTarawa Iwo Normandy  Names that shine in the military history of two worlds places where braveThey insist on having someone else do most of the bleeding for them  Carrera understands this And that’s why he’s provoked the Zhong Guo mercilessly infuriating their ruling Empress  He needs the Zhong in the war to buck up the Taurans to continue the war to its bitterest end  But to get to Carrera the Zhong must take the Isla Real the strongest island fortress on two worlds In the process they’ll learn why Marines never forget those other names   GallipoliMaltaMarathon    Carrera’s enemies are about to learn why the expression blood stained water is not just a literary allusionAbout Tom Kratman’s Carrera series “Interplanetary warfare witha visceral story of bravery and sacrif I love Tom Kratman's Carerra Series I've read them all and I hope there are to come

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Ice fans of the military SF of John Ringo and David Webershould enjoy this SF action adventure”– Library Journal“Kratman's dystopia is a brisk page turner full of startling twists Kratman is a professional military man up to speed on military and geopolitical conceits” –Best selling author of America Alone Mark Steyn on Tom Kratman’s uncompromising military SF thriller Califate“Kratman raises disuieting uestions on what it might take to win the war on terrorrealistic action seuences strong characterizations and thoughts on the philosophy of war” – Publishers WeeklyCarerra Series A Desert Called Peace  Carnifex  The Lotus Eaters  The Legion  Come and Take Them Rods and the Axe The author spent the first 575 pages on the preparations for the war going into very extensive detail at great length to the point of being tedious and overdone The behind the scene strategy tricks and preparations to get to be 23 or 4 steps ahead of the enemy was very interesting but began to wear on me after 575 pages of it Once the war began and the battles started the last 75 pages was very exciting and worthwhile but then the book just ends abruptly right in the middle of the action with no satisfying conclusion leaving you hanging there having to wait for the next book in this series I hope the next book will have a lot battles and continuous action in the war and not stray off into unnecessary tangents

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The Rods and the Axe Carerra #6Books #6 in the popular Carrera military science fiction seriesTarawa Iwo Normandy  Names that shine in the military history of two worlds places where brave men stormed ashore and fought their way to victory no matter the odds  But then there are other names Marathon Malta Gallipoli  Balboa’s Patricio Carrera has driven the Tauran Union from his adopted country driven them out with appalling loss and worse humiliation That’s not enough though  To finally finish his enemies Carrera needs to draw them back for a telling defeat He cannot take the battle to them because beyond some long range bombardment capability he cannot reach them But when they return they don’t plan to come alone; I picked this up as soon as informed me that it was available and I wasn't disappointed And finally we get to the war's commencement Truthfully based on fictional events as written here I was surprised that they were able to goad the Taurans into war It was fun to see remotely piloted aircraft take center stage in a somewhat unexpected way and interesting seeing the developments in the long term story arc that should eventually pit the Balboans and Federated States? against the Earthpigs As per usual we are left hanging at a lull in the battle and things are in motion that I suspect will form the center of the next book in the series Sigh Back to waiting to see what happens Thankfully Book 4 gave us a glimpse into the progression of the war as a whole even though it was from a limited viewpoint