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The Wanderers review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ñ [Epub] ➟ The Wanderers ➤ Meg Howrey – In four years Prime Space will put the first humans on Mars Helen Kane Yoshi Tanaka and Sergei Kuznetsov must prove they’re the crew for the job by spending seventeen months in the most realistic si In four yearD this is the example he will set for his sonsAs the days turn into months the line between what is real and unreal becomes blurred and the astronauts learn that the complications of inner space are no less fraught than those of outer space The Wanderers gets at the desire behind all exploration the longing for discovery and the great search to understand the human hear. I don't know what to think about this book for one I appreciate it's focus on the psychological aspect of the human mind when it's pushed to the extreme and all that this entails on a physical level as well The main characters are in a simulation for most of the book they are training to go to Mars and need to spend time together in a fake landing to see if they are psychologically prepared for the real thing you can see how they are pressured and how they bend but not break you get to see their personal lives and all the characters that it entails But I can honestly said that while all of that is appreciated by me I did not have fun reading this one it was too technical to be fiction and too internally focused to be a non fiction book maybe I wasn't the right person to read this But if you are looking for another The martian as I was this is not it

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Ng blame The MarsNOW mission is Helen’s last chance to return to the only place she’s ever truly felt at home For Yoshi it’s an opportunity to prove himself worthy of the wife he has loved absolutely if not uite rightly Sergei is willing to spend seventeen months in a tin can if it means travelling to Mars He will at least be tested past the point of exhaustion an. I like all kinds of booksI generally don't have much of a problem getting into SF that happens to be about family and interpersonal drama than about space but I do like to know that this is what I'm getting intoBy all accounts the extended opening felt like a glorious character driven lead up to a tight and absorbing journey to Mars But when the interpersonal stuff took over and most of the page space was devoted to different family members all of which stayed behind I had to conclude that this whole book wasn't really about Mars or the journey for the three Astronauts even though the tale centered on them It merely had the cool journey be a pivot for deep internal monologs and stream of consciousness It really could have been set anywhere It just happened to have space travel as the spice The plot really isn't that importantThe character studies are where this book shines From issues of being gay to finding a balance in your life or even the ideas of what is art and despair it does shine I wonder if this is going to be a new thing though I've been reading title after title lately that is just mainstream topics and exploration with just a tad of science or science fiction Maybe one dystopia here or one exploration there but the rest is just a mainstream novel that could have been marketed so easily as another genreDon't get me wrong It's fine But I am uite fond of my science and my science fiction I'm used to my SF having truly glorious themes and explorations and complicated structures I'm just not sure what I think about bare bones and mild A to B SF plots becoming a carrier vectors for other genresOtherwise the writing is uite good and I otherwise probably wouldn't have had any complaints

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The WanderersIn four years Prime Space will put the first humans on Mars Helen Kane Yoshi Tanaka and Sergei Kuznetsov must prove they’re the crew for the job by spending seventeen months in the most realistic simulation ever createdRetired from NASA Helen had not trained for irrelevance It is nobody’s fault that the best of her exists in space but her daughter can’t help placi. A book following astronauts getting ready to go to Mars sounds awesome rightWell this book manages to make it boring Nothing happened at all