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Download Trauma Author Patrick McGrath Book ´ 224 pages à Gwairsoft Å ❴Ebook❵ ➨ Trauma Author Patrick McGrath – Charlie Weir is a man who tackles other people's demons for a living He has seen every kind of trauma during his years as a psychiatrist in New YorkKe that caused his wife and daughter to leave him condemning him to corrosive loneliness and restless angerYears later he meets a beautiful but damaged woman who promises to restore his dwindling faith in both his profession and hims I had high hopes for this not too suspenseful novel After all I had heard great things about one of his other books Asylum and I had read a positive review of this novel The reviews referred to his unreliable narrators which really appealed to meThe narrator Charlie Weir is a psychiatrist who specializes in victims of trauma Traumas treated by him include rape war and even the trauma of killing someone accidentally with one's car Two of his notable patients include the aforementioned driver and his late brother in law who served in Vietnam and eventually killed himselfAs we learn about Charlie we discover that his childhood was not great no surprise that he is engaged in heavy duty sibling rivalry with his older brother Walt an artist also no surprise and that he's not great at relationships with women What we don't learn is what Charlie's own experience with trauma is And when we do learn about his trauma experiences we don't care Lame is a good word for what I thought of McGrath's attempt at an unreliable narrator Really lame Nonetheless I enjoyed this slim novel The psychiatrist as narrator was interesting and McGrath created a certain level of suspense which kept me reading I just wasn't impressed with the ending

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Elf But as he realizes that she has become of a patient than a lover events conspire to send him reeling toward the abyss Addictive and enthralling Trauma is Patrick McGrath's most riveting work to date From the Trade Paperback editi Jeez The writing is outstanding without ever standing out McGrath is a pro And I can just imagine the wicked glee McGrath took in composing this ruthlessly lightless story Charlie Weir is a shrink specializing in trauma who of course is suffering from his own trauma Which the trauma is pretty harrowing It's a very 'old New York' story and the city rarely improves this guy's mood Read it on a stormy afternoon it's not that long with a glass of wine and the bullets safely removed from your gun beforehand

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Trauma Author Patrick McGraCharlie Weir is a man who tackles other people's demons for a living He has seen every kind of trauma during his years as a psychiatrist in New YorkYet he hasn't found a way of resolving his own conflicts particularly the fatal mista Another author I've decided to check out based on the impression from his film adaptations This one to greater results than Walter Kirn McGrath is certainly a talented author his narrative is great the rest I'm not so sure about Following the maxim of psychiatrists being crazier than those they try to help Charlie Weir is a psychiatrist adrift He specializes in of course trauma and yet is so profoundly haunted by his own traumatic childhood that he finds himself unable to sustain any sort of loving relationship for a duration An interesting character certainly but he and the entire book is so lost in constant analysis that the effect is distancing and occasionally tiresome And yes according to Socrates the unexamined life isn't worth living but I'm not uite sure examining it to such extent is a great idea either I suppose your opinion of psychiatry is integral to your enjoyment of this book Another thing is that McGrath's writing is often referred to as gothic Well unless the definition has changed and uick internet search shows that it hasn't with exception of a particularly atmospheric asylum setting towards the end this really isn't gothic at all Didn't matter to me but might to some It's dark but of a distinctly different penumbral variety A specific brand of bleak sanity uestioning meditation on the subtleties of madness Compelling enough and uick enough of a read to get through in one afternoon but not uite engaging enough to pun alert go crazy over