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Wedding Belles Sassy Belles #2The Sassy Belles are backand this time wedding bells are ringingSeven months pregnant and head over heels in love Vivi Ann McFadden is busy pulling together the final details for her wedding to Lewis Heart famous play by play announcer for the Crimson Tide But with two Originally published on my blog My Novel OpinionI received an electronic copy of this book free of charge from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion WEDDING BELLES is the second in a series focused on the life and friends of Blake O'Hara Heart WEDDING BELLES picks up a couple of months after THE SASSY BELLES Vivi is 5 months pregnant and in the midst of planning her upcoming wedding to the Crimson Tides play by play announcer and new owner of the WCTR radio station Lewis HeartWhile helping to plan Vivi's dream wedding Blake is trying to hide the fact that her marriage has fallen apart by playing the perfect wife to Harry as he runs for Senator Blake is trying her best to hide the blossoming romance with Sonny to protect Harry from any bad tabloids but Harry isn't holding up his end of the bargain and soon gets caught in a compromising positionThe fun really starts when Vivi and Lewis head over to the courthouse to finalize their wedding licence Here they find out that Lewis's fake marriage back in college may not be as fake as he and his wife thought And when Blake discovers a connection with a murder case she is working on Vivi and Lewis are put in dangerThe escapades of Lewis Blake and Vivi are a riot The wedding planners hired by Blake are hilarious and have some of the craziest ideas I've ever heard ofWhile reading WEDDING BELLES I laughed and teared up all within a few pages I loved every moment and didn't want it to end I'm so glad that the Sassy Belles story continues with another installmentAnd my favorite part of the whole book? The recipes included at the end I'm yet to try them out but they sound deliciousWhen I read THE SASSY BELLES a couple of months ago I loved everything about it and couldn't wait to dig further into the lives of Blake and ViviWEDDING BELLES lived up to my expectations and now I look forward to the third installment coming in September SLEIGH BELLESI would highly recommend WEDDING BELLES if you are looking for a light fun read with a hint of southern charm Blake and Vivi's characters are bubbly and adorable and there wasn't anything in this book not to love

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Wedding planners gone wild a psychic giving her advice and the ceremony happening on the same day as the wildly popular Crimson Tide kickoff game chaos reigns supreme Luckily maid of honor Blake O'Hara Heart is on the job She'll tackle this wedding if it's the last th They’re baaaccckk the wacky duo from “Sassy Belles” Blake O”Hara Heart and Vivi Ann Macfadden return in another book about life in Tuscaloosa Alabama Being a New England girl I love reading books about life in the South Blake and Vivi have found love in their lives and Vivi is getting ready to marry her man Lewis when they discover he has been legally married to a stripper he pretend married in college Vivi is pregnant so a delay in the nuptials is not an option and Blake along with her lover Sonny end up as part of an investigation into the background of Lewis’s long forgotten “wife” Sonny is the head of the local law enforcement and he and Blake reconnected in the previous book Blake is technically still married to local politician Harry Heart but only until the election is over as their marriage is dead in the waterI really enjoyed the machinations that Blake and Vivi went through to get Vivi and Lewis to the altar The wedding planning with the Fru Fru boys was hysterical and the villainess Dallas Dubois also makes a return appearance Blake and Sonny are a great couple with a lot of heat between them Vivi and Lewis are just too cute together and the events leading up to the wedding give a perfect look at what their lives will be like togetherThis is a really good summer read I would recommend reading Sassy Belles first if possible because it fills in a lot of the history between all of the players The third book in the series “Sleigh Belles” is due in September If it is anything like the first two books it should be a fun book to read

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read kindle ´ Wedding Belles Sassy Belles #2 Õ Paperback â gwairsoft ß [PDF] ✪ Wedding Belles Sassy Belles #2 ✬ Beth Albright – The Sassy Belles are backand this time wedding bells are ringingSeven months pregnant and head over heels in love Vivi Ann McFadIng she doesBut not everyone is cheering for the happy couple News of the upcoming nuptials has brought Lewis's old flame back to Tuscaloosa and she's got a secret that could mean the end of Lewis's marriage before it even beginsSexy Southern funwith a hint of magnolia The Sassy Belles are back and yes readers I have found myself once again reading this series out of order by going Books #1 3 and then #2 In Wedding Belles we see it time for the tying the knot of Vivi and Lewis Heart lovers for the past 13 years these two have had a hold on each other and now with Vivi pregnant with Baby Heart it's finally time to settle down and do things properly Things are going to plan until Vivi makes a trip to the local psychic who tells her that she has to be wary of another woman who has her man's heart Normally you can just shrug off what psychics say but this town's psychic seems to be always pretty bang on and as it turns out thirteen years ago at a frat party at what seemed like a prank at the time happens to be real and Lewis married a girl To make matters worse it seems the woman in uestion is back in town and she doesn't seem to give up what should as she uotes be rightfully hers Can Vivi keep a hold of her husband to be or will she have to play second fiddle to his wife ? Harry and Blake Heart are still for Harry's sake playing the happily married and supportive couple though they have separated and Blake is seeing her high school sweetheart Sonny How long can Harry and Blake keep up appearances especially with news reporter and Blake's arch nemesis Dallas hanging around for a scoop ?Like the first and last book Wedding Belles is the perfect read for those who loved the TV Show Hart of Dixie with Zoe Hart and Lemon Breeland