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Summary When Love Matters Most San Diego K 9 Unit #2 ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF á [Read] ➵ When Love Matters Most San Diego K 9 Unit #2 Author Kate James – Keeping her safe at all costs Could their backgrounds be any different Rick Vasuez a K 9 unit sergeant with the San Matters Most eBook #9734 Keeping her safe at all costs Could their backgrounds be any different Rick Vasuez a K unit sergeant with the San Diego Police Department fled drug related violence in Mexico as a boy Madison Long who recently bec. My first Kate James story had been book one in her K 9 trilogy When the Right One Comes Along and ever since reading that story I’ve anticipated to see what the author comes up with next Her new book When Love Matters Most does not disappoint Well researched and well written Ms James takes us on an intriguing journey where we meet Rick Vasuez Madison Long Sniff and Zeke and a cast of varying characters who all add their uniueness to the storyRick is a narcotics officer in the K 9 unit who has Sniff as his partner They both visit schools educating youths about the dangers of using harmful and illegal drugs During a drug bust between cartel members and the police events spiral out of control a K 9 dog is injured It is up to Rick to oversee the healing of the animal He takes the injured dog to the Mission Bay Veterinary Clinic and it is at the clinic where he meets Madison Long the daughter of a judge However their meeting is marred by Rick’s arrogance Lucky for him though that the lovely Madison brushes aside his hot headedness Through the process of Zeke’s healing Madison and Rick get to know each other on a personal level But there relationship isn’t smooth sailing The ways in which the author resolves the issues is par excellence This is a wonderful story that tests the value of a relationship under difficult circumstances and in the end the characters win They get the happy ever after they so rightfully deserve Overall When Love Matters Most will grab you by the shirt front and keep you engrossed from beginning to end Great storyHighly Recommended5 Stars

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Ame primary veterinarian to the When Love Kindle SDPD's Love Matters Most San Diego MOBI #234 canines is the privileged daughter of a judge Rick has dedicated his life to curtailing cross border drug trafficking and preventing other you. My first book by Ms James This is Book 2 in the San Diego K 9 SeriesTruly moving sweet emotional Funny moments Sergeant Rick Vasuez of the K 9 unit in San Diego had a very hard childhood But he turned it allaround He has a good partner named Sniff When a bust goes south it's not good The worst part he wasn't here In turn it leads him to Madison the new vet who's going to be helping him out He's not too happy about it He really has no choice Madison doesn't know much about Rick She does start to have feelings for him For some reason all is going well until he pushes away See what happens between Rick and Madison When Love Matters Most you'll see clearer Truly awesome To see buy the bookHighly recommended

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When Love Matters Most San Diego K 9 Unit #2Ng boys from being drawn into the dark world of the cartels But everything Rick and Madison value and the growing Love Matters Most PDF #9734 love between them is threatened by the dangers of Rick's job and the risks he's determined to ta. I missed out on reading the first book of this series but this book stands alone I love San Diego and could easily picture the locations of the events of this story The setting is great and I especially loved the characters and the way they have such strong connections to the settingRick grew up in a drug house in Mexico and fled as a young teen Due to a wonderful foster turned adoptive family his life is very dedicated to fighting drugs drug cartels drug runners etc He has an amazing impact on students and others as he strives to rid the world of some of these issues He's very handsome and likable and I love how he's of a spirit of the law kind of person not always following things to a T but to do what's best in each individual situationMadison is a new vet in town and is assigned to work with the K 9 division I love the first meeting between Madison and Rick as well as the second She comes from a very different upbringing and struggles with doing what's legally right versus what's ethically right I love the tender way she has with animals especially dogs and her determination to find ways to better help and treat themGrowing up dogs scared me a little but I sure do love them now I loved all of the interactions both characters had with their dogs and the matter of fact way they had in training and handling themI especially enjoyed the various elements to this story There's a mysterysuspense angle that plays well into the romantic angle which is complicated I enjoyed the family relationships the new friendships and the loyalty to each This is definitely a series I plan on continuing to readContent mild language; mild violence drugs drug runners dog attacks fights but all is non graphic; mild romance kissing I would considered it clean especially for an adultI received a copy in exchange for an honest review