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Hat force them to stay awake They meet and begin to form a bond during the night hour. I searched around on the internet one day looking for a Twilight website my sister told me about and came across another site that proclaimed it was 'Twilight Fan Fiction Month' I read through the summaries and clicked on the link to the first one I liked It was Wide Awake I devoured every single word see up until that point I had only read the books To say that they left plenty out would be an understatement I'm sure most Twilight fans agree with me on that point But to see the beloved characters written in a way that was still them yet not them at all I loved it To this day I judge all new fics I read against this one I try hard not to but I do One small piece of criticism if I mayI read the story when it only had two chapters left Then it went a year without posting And I understand why the criticism is not for the lack of posting trust me I just had a year to build up the ending to make it larger than life in my mind and imagine every possible scenario for it So when the actual epilogue came out it fell flat Now after having some distance and being able to re read it in it's entirety then I think it is a much better fit So in all fairness I think the issue is in my own mind and not so much in the story Either way I give it 5 stars with no hesitation and recommend it to anyone who will listen

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Wide AwakeFandom Twilight Series Stephenie MeyerRelationship Edward CullenBella Swan Edward and. I don't know how did I land up here and still bigger concern how did I decide to give it a go I even couldn't stand Steph's own re writing of Twilight by switching genders I simply can't read thisI'm a huge of Twilight and lost count of times I read it Despite of some of my GR friends' dismay I'm not ashamed of reading and loving it I like it suck it up or unfriend me see if I careThat being said I can't stand reading fanfiction of Twilight I just can't Sorry but can't visualize Bella cussing and smoking cigarettes As I didn't continue after merely reading 1% I'm not rating this stuff

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Read & download ↠ Wide Awake 106 ¸ ❴Epub❵ ➜ Wide Awake Author AngstGoddess003 – Fandom Twilight Series Stephenie MeyerRelationship Edward CullenBella Swan Edward and Bella have dark pasts that leave them severely emotionally scarred with nightmares that force them to stay awake T Fandom Twilight Series SBella have dark pasts that leave them severely emotionally scarred with nightmares t. I've officially read this one 10 times It gets better every timeThis is the little taste of crack that will begin your consuming addiction into the wonderful world of Fan Fiction Read it I dare youI can't say enough good things about this story I love cussing Edward so much and jealous Edward I love him too This was the first Fan Fiction I ever read and I just read it again and I must say I've read about a thousand books since I first read this story and Wide Awake is better than all of them put together I wish AngstGoddess003 knew how wonderful she is