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READ & DOWNLOAD ï The Master of Ballantrae A Winter's Tale ✓ [EPUB] ✼ The Master of Ballantrae A Winter's Tale By Robert Louis Stevenson – Set in Scotland during the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion in the exotic French Indies and in the North American wilderness the story has as its hero one of the mOst compelling yet horrifying studies of evil in nineteenth century fiction James Durie Master of Ballantrae The Master is about his infective influence on his younger less. Christmas came early this year A whole set of uncut Robert Louis Stevenson books RLS This is better than coffee ice cream meat pies and pecan rolls ShazamI have already reviewed the story itself here so I will use this review for the actual physical book As we increasingly turn to e books in the current century it is always a pleasure to hold a book which was made when printing presses were considered to be state of the art and most folks couldn't even afford a book let alone a setThose Scribner sons did a mighty fine job with this volume Red cloth with gold lettering and the type of paper one doesn't see any This is a well brought up book the kind you can introduce to others with pride Gorgeous The previous owners took good care of this baby and I hope to continue the traditionBook Season Winter it's a winter's tale

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Set in Scotland during of Ballantrae MOBI #240 the Jacobite Rebellion in the exotic French Indies and in the North American wilderness the story has as its hero one of the m. Gosh I love RLS He was the man Adventure intrigue travel romance gothic suspensegosh I love RLS He would have made a terrific screenwriter during cinema's golden age all swash and buckle This ripping yarn just doesn't let you leave You may pretend you're working or gardening or conversing with others during your everyday boring life but really you're just thinking about the Brothers Durie Which one is really good and which one is really evilThis specific edition is from 1968 perfect year for Sean Connery and Oliver Reed to play the siblings and is large type for those who need extra help If you don't need the extra help for the eyes it's kinda weird but perfect really because this baby will knock about your bag and car and bus and will wind up very well thumbed I'd like a leather bound edition just so I can watch it sitting on my shelf RLS Two Duries in DurrisdeerOne to stay and one to rideAn ill day for the groomAnd a worse day for the brideBook Season Winter snow flurries and sword fights

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The Master of Ballantrae A Winter's TaleAttractive brother Henry on Henry's wife Alison and on those narrators whom Stevenson so skilfully employs to present their experiences of this charming ruthless and evil ma. This story of two brothers and an enmity that destroys their family is a great tale Somewhat gothic a little swashbuckling and definitely tragic this is my favourite tale by RLS so far The plot is or less straightforward but Stevenson spices it up a bit by mixing in a few points of view thus introducing varying levels of unreliability in the narrators Our main tale teller is the somewhat school marmish Ephraim Mackellar the major domo and factotum of Henry Durie younger and less favoured son of the Lord of Durrisdeer in Scotland The elder son the charismatic and dissolute adventurer James the titular ‘Master of Ballantrae’ or Mr Bally as he is often later called decides to spurn his father brother and fiancée in order to go off and fight for Bonnie Prince Charlie in the 1745 rebellion leaving his younger brother to be the ‘loyalist’ son who manages the estate As the rebellion crumbles and the elder son is presumed dead the staid younger brother is left to inherit the title and his elder brother’s fiancée living forever in the shadow of his ‘heroic’ elder brother and or less spurned by his family and tenants with only the loyal Mackellar to act as ally and friendOf course it turns out that tales of the elder Durie’s death were somewhat exaggerated and years later he walks into the midst of an already strained family like a ticking timebomb of resentment scorn and trouble All seem to favour the dissipated elder son who plays the affable friend and hard done by hero in the presence of his father and former fiancée now his sister in law but acts as a merciless scourge to his brother when they are alone Only Mackellar witnesses this double nature of the Master and it leaves the long suffering and somewhat dull witted Henry at his wit’s end not a great distance for him really We learn about the Master’s somewhat dubious adventures with pirates through the writings of Colonel Francis Burke a former compatriot of his during both the rebellion and their subseuent exile which he sends to Mackellar long after the events of the book proper have ended and which become a part of the narrative he pieces together to commemorate the feud that defined his life and the fall of the family he served The picture painted of the Master by the pens of both Mackellar and Burke is not exactly complimentary but one cannot deny that the man has style cunning and a certain rash appeal for all of his many failings Things come to a head for the brothers in a spectacular and somewhat unexpected event that leads to the Master once again disappearing and Henry somewhat regaining his place in the eyes of his family The story continues with twists and turns as the Master’s adventures off stage are again given a shadowy outline by Burke’s pen and on his next return to the family estate he is subject to an unexpected maneuver by his brother and his family that leads them to the final stages of their fraternal enmity which are played out to their tragic end in the New World under the eyes of Mackellar The plot was definitely entertaining and well told but I think the characters are what made the book Mackellar and the Master get center stage with the former for all his dweebishness and watery puritan sensibilities being an affable narrator probably most admirable not only for his loyalty to his master Henry but for his surprising ability to appreciate the allure of the rakish Master of Ballantrae Or perhaps he is just showing his own human weakness for the intriguing Byronic villain who seems eual parts Milton’s Satan and 18th century dandy Admittedly the younger brother Henry doesn’t uite come up to these two characters seeming little than a foil to first his brother and then his own rash pride and self satisfaction but he plays his part of the story well It may not have giants or true love but the story has almost everything else fencing fighting psychological torture revenge monsters of self love chases escapes and apparent miracles Definitely a recommended read