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mobi ↠ doc Daughters of Artemis Free ½ S.L. Armstrong ☆ ❴Ebook❵ ➩ Daughters of Artemis Author S.L. Armstrong – Werewolf lore has long been dominated by tales of the strong alpha male but what of the strong alpha females? The Storm Moon Press anthology Daughters of ArWomanSasha is the first female in the kingdom of the shapeshifting House of Wood to be granted leadership of her own pack The transition is hardly smooth however and Sasha winds up at odds with Aneira her mate Failure to maintain control of her pack would mean demotion and shame but doing what she knows she must could drive Aneira away foreverWhen werewolf Katya captures blind weretiger Yun alone in the wilderness she sees only an opportunity to finally end the raging conflict between their two peoples Yun remains loyal to the tigers though and as time passes Katya finds herself less and less inclined to force the information from her But when the fight comes to them both will see their loyalties tested in the crucible of battl Alright this book was a major disapointment Normally I enjoy short story collections but I prefer them to all be written by the same author anthologies are a collection of short stories written by different authors and as such tend to be very uneven This one was uneven than most and because of that it was very disappointingThe first story was abysmal just awful It read like a series of ideas that the writer had fly into her head that she then committed to paper It opens in the middle of a sex scene and the ending isn't really an ending because NOTHING get resolved The second story was pretty good A slice of life in a woman's week in learning that the things that go bump in the night are real There were loose ends left dangling but unlike the first story it left you wanting not feeling irritatedThe third story was also pretty good exotic setting and mingling of both species and races It's nice when writers move beyond the werewolf for story ideas A uniue take on being disbabled was used in this story and all in all the whole thing worked for me I wasn't expecting it to but it didThe fourth story COULD have been great It COULD have been awesome and when it came to character development within a short story framework it was But it was so overloaded with Native American racial stereotypes that it ruined it for me The writer wrote the Lakota Nation tribes without doing much research into them And for anyone who has it blatantly shows Also he writes a modern day tribe hunting with spears and cooking raw and fresh kills over open fires and members of the tribe living in teepeesWTF???I'm sorry but the Lakota are not stuck in 1890 and portraying them that way is grossly offensive Writers out there do better Passive sterotypical racism may not be entirely intentional but it is still inexcusable in the internet age of easy researchThe fifth story was even abysmal than the first It read like a high school creative writing assingment with supernatural creatures and lesbianism The dialgoge was stilted and completely lacking in contractions Nobody talks that way and it brought me out of the story over and over again The setting was a town about 90 minutes from where I live so it was sort of fun to recognize the places she was talking about but that was the only pleasure to be had The plot was bad and the dialogue was worse and the sex was ACTUALLY laughableThe sixth and final story was good but not great It wasn't bad but it wasn't something I would reread either It's a fantasy story that has werewolves and elves or elves that turn into werewolves I'm not really sure The story had fabulous potential but too much was going on to have it work well as a short story This was at LEAST a novella jammed into a very short story and the whole thing suffered for it I would very much like to read it given a novella or novel length treatment but as a short story it fell far too short Many fantasy stories do as the genre reuires so much world building to be comprehensibleAll in all VERY uneven and VERY disappointing Could have been a great way to introduce FF werewolf PNR to a wider audience but it falls so far from achieving that mark

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Ere is to herself than she'd ever suspected She's a werewolf too and in a whole new world of dangerAndrea Andy to most is a pack leader in the forests of Washington state Poaching in a nearby pack's territory throws suspicion on Andy's leadership In order to find the truth Andy and her mate Fiona find themselves forced into an uneasy alliance with Rafael the other pack's alphaSusan Runningwind is forty five but already strong enough to have earned a seat among her pack's elders Jesse Westfield is a documentary filmmaker investigating the so called Werewolves of South Dakota But when Jesse begins to get too close to the truth Susan must make a choice between her pack's welfare and the growing attraction she feels to the younger Excuse me for a minute because I have to process this ueen Artemis in the title ff shapeshiftersWhat? Three of my favorite things in one?

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Daughters of ArtemisWerewolf lore has long been dominated by tales of the strong alpha male but what of the strong alpha females? The Storm Moon Press anthology Daughters of Artemis explores this mostly neglected aspect of the werewolf mythos with an erotic twistBounty hunter Toni McGowan has faced supernatural beasts that would send most running but her latest assignment may be the toughest yet playing babysitter to a New Ager wannabe Jade Nicols though has a few secrets of her own the darkest of which may just get them both killedLuna Rivers isn't the most graceful of people at the best of times and being stalked by shadowy figures and prowling wolves hardly ualifies But after being rescued by the beautiful and sensual Syrene Luna learns that th In whole this book doesn't provide optimal satisfaction as a lesbian novel and less as a wolflore However three stories did serve well with my expectations such as The Fire of Her Eyes by K Piet Luna's Mate by Shashauna P Thomas and To Pierce the Sky by Erik Moore Looking forward to reading other stories by them