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doc Å Communicate to Influence ☆ ebook Ô gwairsoft ✓ ➥ [Ebook] ➠ Communicate to Influence By Ben Decker ➯ – The gold standard of communication training programs USA Today shows leaders how to deliver messages that don't just inform but influence and inspire otherT just about what you say but how you say it Communicate to Influence helps you turn your messages of information into messages of influenceUsing the trademarked Decker Method the book teaches you how to determine where your commu I really enjoyed reading this When I started I thought it would be just another basic book that gives vague ideas but little in the way of action steps I was wrong Plenty of action steps that were clearly explained The authors also offer resources to continue to improve your communication skills particularly in public speaking

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The gold standard of communication training programs USA Today shows leaders how to deliver messages that don't just inform but influence and inspire others to actionIt isn't just about the message it's about the messenger It isn' The most useful and practical business book I’ve read this year and I speak as an introvert Though the book focuses on business communication I find it eually relevant for teachers and parents as much as it is relevant for managers and executives This book is a comprehensive tome on the art of delivering the message; years of spoken communication insight distilled and tightened into a uick 250 page read Every chapter is so uniuely informative that months after you finish the book you’ll be well served by having it on your desk as a referenceAmong the foundations of this book and by extension the self described “Decker Method”1 Business communication is a learned skill as opposed to a natural predisposition Good for me; I'm a terrible public speaker2 People at least in modern western culture respond better to being inspired into action as opposed to ordered to do things or passively informed3 It’s possible to become an inspirational communicator but it takes a lot of work tooTo the third point each chapter ends with exercises that will make you uncomfortable Like taking a video of yourself speaking which I presume is 10x worse than listening to a recording of yourself A full 20% of the book is spent on having you identify nervous behaviors to purge and replacing them with sympathetic behaviors like focusing on people for 7 10 seconds at a time 5 seconds if in large groupsEasy to write Hard to do unless practicedLike any good business book there are many acronyms to help interalize the lessons; unlike most business books I’ve read this year there is a metaphorical silver bullet “The Decker Grid” but one that actually looks like it will help you get your job done You just have to define your message not wing it and practiceThis book gives you the tools you need to communicate your vision with co workers peers and others throughout your organization and community It’s a fantastic resource and one I would definitely recommend to others

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Communicate to InfluenceNications experience falls within the Communication uadrant framework Are you informing or leading? If you're leading is it by authority or influence? You can then tailor your communications to establish trust and drive real chang To gain attention and be heard combine inspiring content with authenticity Logic makes us think but a well told story can make us feel Deliver one brief statement that sums up the entire message and provides obvious reason for the audience to do something Record yourself to see how you can improve Speak from your diaphragm not your throat