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Gone AUTHOR Mo Hayder Read ✓ 104 É ★ Gone PDF / Epub ✪ Author Mo Hayder – Gwairsoft.co.uk In Bristol wordt met bruut geweld een auto gestolen een dief met een kerstmannenmasker slaat de bestuurster neer en scheurt hard weg Met haar vierjarige dochtertje op de achterbankRechercheur Jack Caf In Bristol wordt met bruut geweld eeIn Bristol wordt met bruut geweld een auto gestolen een dief met een kerstmannenmasker slaat de bestuurster neer en scheurt hard weg Met haar vierjarige dochtertje op de achterbankRechercheur Jack Caffery ma. This is the fifth installment in the Jack Caffrey crime series and the focus is directed away from that of the previous three novels This unlike the others feels like of a standalone story and is only briefly linked to its predecessors It is extremely plot driven and feels like a straight up crime story rather than focusing on Caffrey's past and personal life as much as is experienced before I feel this story called for a divorce from his personal life as the focus of the crimes being on children led to this being one of the most heart wrenching story lines Police diver Flea Marley who also appeared in the previous books is assigned a large portion of the story and I enjoyed seeing both her and Caffrey struggling to solve the crime in their own distinct ways This novel has only lost a star as I stumbled upon whodunnit early on in the novel For a portion of time Hayder put me off the scent but it turns out my theories were correct and so I smugly finished this novel knowing I had been right all along This while inflating my ego led to the shocking big reveal not actually being that shocking at all That isn't to say that this story wasn't shocking because it most certainly was child abductions chilling messages underground travels and an abundance of false clues and dead ends aboundThere may be a lot of triggers in this story for those of a sensitive nature but if dark shocking and thrilling fiction is your thing then I can think of no finer example

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Dat er zo meerdere meisjes zijn ontvoerdPolitieduiker Flea Marley heeft zo haar eigen geheimen diep onder de grond begraven Jack lijkt haar niet meer te vertrouwen Flea heeft zich nog nooit zo alleen gevoel. he watches he waits he takes what isn't his jack cafferty is called to interview a victim of a car jacking her daughter is in the back seat this is linked to a previous case and then the jacker starts to communicate with the police he is always one step ahead and cafferty is certain it will not be long before he strikes again who is he and why is he choosing these targets most important of all can he find the missing children before it is too late once again flea is involved very deeply as she never gives up and trusts on her instincts a welll thought out plot that will leave u guessing though i had my suspicions great characterisation and a particularly potent blend of horror and terror just a couple of points the author got it wrong about the blunt's yaris being searched for dna their car wad never found also found it difficult to accept what flea and cafferty did with the body of misty what about her family 45 stars bev

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Gone AUTHOR Mo HaydAkt zich niet al te druk het gebeurt zo vaak dat een autodief per ongeluk een kind ontvoert Het kind duikt altijd op in tegenstelling tot de auto Maar dit kind duikt niet op Dus Jack speurt verder En ontdekt. What is it about crime writers that they just do not seem to be able to keep me the reader entertained for the complete read I have read all Mo Hayder's books and even enjoyed the stand alone's ie Pig Islandbut here in this read we have a real dilemma The first 300 pages is enjoyable and the plotstoryline is a little differentand our two heroes Caffery and Flea are once again on the case I particularly enjoy The Walking Man which in essence is a sounding board for Caffery a man who lives by his wits under the skys and although he and Caffery share a relatedsad past for the most part The Walking Man is a way for Caffery to take stock and introduces a nice touch for the readerwe should all have a walking man to bounce our ideas off Living in Bristol I enjoy the setting for this series with the mystical surroundings of Somerset playing a major parthowever this all falls apart if the story becomes somewhat pedestrian and predictable Someone is kidnapping young childrenwhywhen it becomes known the answer is somewhat bizarrewho is doing thissomeone with insider informationany amateur readerdetective will soon have worked the solution out by page 300and then there is the uestion of Flea What exactly is her role in this story she is a police diver by tradeand well does what she is best atehdivingwhynot sure She's gets into a little trouble and blow me down the killer tracks her downwill our hero Caffery rescue in time Of course he will this is a series and so we plod along for some 200 pageskiller diesFlea liveswhat a surprise Dear author please try not to bore us the reader this book was too long by some 200 pages fine if the story merits it but if not it is a real struggle to finishbut finish I did I started off giving this latest Hayder book 5 starsbut it became so utterly predictable by the final page I was tempted to award one starhowever on reflection and given that I have great respect for the author I decided to award two starsbut come on Miss Hayder if there is no further life in this series and the storylines become even boring and bizarreperhaps it is time for Caffery and Flea to do themselves a favour and both retire