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Gold Fame Citrus characters ✓ 107 ¹ ❴Download❵ ➺ Gold Fame Citrus Author Claire Vaye Watkins – In a parched southern California of the near future Luz once the poster child for the country’s conservation movement and Ray an army deserter turned surfer are suatting in a starlet’s abandoned m In a pIn a parched southern California of the near future Luz once the poster child for the country’s conservation movement and Ray an army deserter turned surfer are suatting in a starlet’s abandoned mansion Most “Mojavs” prevented by armed vigilantes from freely crossing borders to lusher regions have allowed thems. Nature had refused to offer herself to them The water the green the mammalian the tropicalthe semitropical the leafy the verdant the motherloving citrus all of it was denied themand had been denied them so long that with each day each project it became and impossible to conceive of a time when it had not been denied them The prospect ofMother Nature opening her legs and inviting Los Angeles back into her ripeness was like thedisks of water shimmering in the last foothill reservoirs patrolled by the National Guard evaporating dailyClaire Vaye Watkins writing is luscious and hypnotic as you might agree from the above uote There are many gorgeous sentences to relish appreciate and savoryet the story overall is not as strong as the prose itself Having read California by Edan Lepucki Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel and Water Knife by Paolo BacigalupiI figure I was well prepared for another near future dystopian novel Like in 'Water Knife' water is gravely insufficient yet I felt Water Knife had a stronger 'plot' often too grim and graphic but so powerful scary I've never fully shaken off the reality of the water wars presented Like in California the story begins in Los Angeleswith a couples story Luz and Ray atthe heart of this book Like in Station Eleven we read about a very creative dystopian world withelaborate descriptions Both books are well written with vivid images Gold Fame Citrus just might have the 'slight' edge over Station Eleven when it comes to lyrical lushness prose But I liked Station Eleven best of all these books Just a personal preference Some sentences felt like poetry credit WatkinsEach 'yes' a glowing thunderstorm cool jewels in the deep pit of the earth radiated with positive energy and though Luz knew each was empty she stuffed their hollow with straw and positivity and stacked these and with 'yes' she kept the bombs at bayI can't help but wonder if Watkins timing is 'off' or maybe it's me This story calls to be 'compared' with the other novels I've mentioned It was a little hard for me not to compare Overall Beautiful writing but at times I lost my 'heart spark' I found Luz the baby a little annoying and what's 'really' annoying is this makes two books in a row where characters in novels got on my nerves If this keeps happening I might need to enter reading re hab 35 I liked the writing and gorgeous sentences the the plot

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Child the thirst for a better future begins Immensely moving profoundly disuieting and mind blowingly original Watkins’s novel explores the myths we believe about others and tell about ourselves the double edged power of our most cherished relationships and the shape of hope in a precarious future that may be our own. They say the past always repeats itself and this was like a hallucinogenic history of California hence the title reorganised to take place in a dystopian future when climate change has done its worst and it’s stopped raining in California Most of its inhabitants have been evacuated east Luz and Ray like many other social misfits have stayed on Luz is a damaged former child star; her partner Ray is an eually damaged war veteran on the run from the authorities Luz reads biographies of the west’s founding fathers and experiments with the wardrobe of the film star former owner of the house where they are shacked up; Ray gets on with the practical stuff One night at an outdoor party they encounter a small child When they see the child seems to be the property of a gang of crackheads and is being subjected to abuse they decide to kidnap her Fearful the gang will come after them they decide to make for a vast sand dune sea where it’s rumoured there is a cult with a prophet who successfully dowses for water I read today that the author’s father was a member of the Charles Manson family and Levi the cult leader here is very much a Manson figure – a far convincing and sinisterly enigmatic character than Emma Cline came up with in her novel Gold Fame Citrus probably has as many flaws as it does ualities but the ualities are so fresh and bold that it’s well worth reading At times the narrative is genuinely nail biting; at other times it becomes wilfully digressive and overwritten and a bit pretentious It’s in the nature of young writers to be ambitious and Watkins experiments with various voices in a not entirely successful attempt to create a bigger picture There’s a documentary voice a choral voice and a cataloguing of faux fauna of the desert sea and while there’s some humour in these digressions Watkins chooses to freeze the dramatic tension to fit them in Personally I wished she had stayed with the central narrative voice What ultimately holds it together are the insightfully developed and compelling central characters There are some great insights into motherhood and sexual relationships This is definitely the most whacky novel I’ve read this year though at heart it’s actually a very straightforward love story No uestion the author had an awful lot of fun writing this It felt very personal very intimate Luz and Ray are memorable characters and the novel boasts some fabulous storytelling amidst all the bigger picture sideshows

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Gold Fame CitrusElves to be evacuated to encampments in the east Holdouts like Ray and Luz subsist on rationed cola and water and whatever they can loot scavenge and improviseFor the moment the couple’s fragile love which somehow blooms in this arid place seems enough But when they cross paths Gold Fame PDFEPUB or with a mysterious. Yikes I really didn't like this book which is a shame as unlike many of the reviewers here I paid for it In hardback Damn I feel like such a suckerThe plot is basically this a vapid couple roams the barren wasteland that used to be southern California Then a child changes everything as all parents learn and sets them on the run for a better safer life elsewhere Sounds intriguing right I plunked down my monies based on that description But despite the life and death struggles I found their story sadly uncompelling The biggest hindrance to my enjoyment The main character Luz a piece of fluff who drifts any way the wind blows She is wholly uninteresting and wholly dependent upon her man for survival Ray even calls her Babygirl for crying out loud Then there's the big turning point and view spoilerRay disappears hide spoiler