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The Snow Leopard ProjectAnd preserve and protect Afghanistan's uniue and extraordinary environment which had been decimated after decades of warConservation it turned out provided a common bond between Alex's team and the people of Afghanistan His international team worked unarmed in some of the most dangerous places in the country places so remote that winding roads would abruptly disappear and travel was on foot yak or mule In The Am actually not done but up to chapter 5 so have read 98 pages Sadly it is written with all the earnestness of a government report The topic is interesting so I will come back to finish it but right now I have other ebooks expiring soon that I want to get to Did finish later in November; it was a good chapter at a time type book

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Download The Snow Leopard Project Ebook ↠ 288 pages ↠ Gwairsoft ¹ [KINDLE] ❆ The Snow Leopard Project ❥ Alex Dehgan – The remarkable story of the heroic effort to save and preserve Afghanistan's wildlife and a culture that derives immense pride and a sense of nationaSnow Leopard Project Dehgan takes readers along with him on his adventure as his team helps create the country's first national park completes the some of the first extensive wildlife surveys in thirty years and works to stop the poaching of the country's iconic endangered animals including the elusive snow leopard In doing so they help restore a part of Afghan identity that is ineffably tied to the land itsel Although it suffers in places for a lack of cohesive vision—is this a political report justifying further spending on a program? A journalistic narrative of life in Afghanistan? A précis sketch of the biodiversity and ecology of the Pamir region? Dehgan seems to attempt all of these and succeed only in being slightly muddled— The Snow Leopard Project is nevertheless a thoroughly enjoyable book The conservation elements of the story are not its strong points often seeming to play second fiddle in Dehgan's interests as well as his writing The dominant theme is the writer's respect awe and pride in Afghanistan and the Afghan people When he turns to describing Afghanistan's landscape—Bamiyan Band e Amir Nuristan Wakhan—Dehgan's prose soars lucid and lyrical He doesn't deal so impressively with the mundanities of life as an NGO officer in Kabul although he makes an effort to spice those passages with jokes and anecdotesDehgan's admiration for the Afghans is clear and unfeigned but comes hand in hand with an American solipsism that's hard to ignore There is not one line in the entire book when the author reflects on why exactly he not to mention the thousands of the US soldiers and military contractors he engages with is present in a country on the opposite side of the planet to their homes among people who don't want them there In one scene Dehgan when an Afghan security officer points an AK 47 at him knocks the man down turns the gun on him and screams is this how you treat people who are helping you? Had he put some thought into that anecdote and examined his position vis a vis being an American in Afghanistan and how much unreuested help America has brought that unhappy country the book could have been elevated from interesting to important A similar scene occurs when Dehgan is approached and uestioned about where he comes from by a group of Afghan children His fear and insecurity are well expressed but there is no effort—not even a hint of understanding why we might expect an effort—to delve deeper into why they might feel hostile toward AmericansThis was a fun and occasionally especially where it touches on Afghans' own pride in and desire to protect their natural environment inspiring read but fails to reach—fails in fact even to reach for—transcendence from enjoyable to powerful

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The remarkable story of the heroic effort to save and preserve Afghanistan's wildlife and a culture that derives immense pride and a sense of national identity from its natural landscapePostwar Afghanistan is fragile volatile and perilous It is also a place of extraordinary beauty Evolutionary biologist Alex Dehgan arrived in the country in 2006 to build the Wildlife Conservation Society's Afghanistan Program Ah there is so much to say about this bookIn a single sentence I would just say READ THIS BOOKIf I am allowed to be verbose which I always am even when not allowed I would sayRead this book if you want to learn about Conservation in war post war zones and making an impact without the power of authority but the power of education and convictionRead it if you want to laugh – Alex’s humorous story telling makes you laugh even about mis adventures and close encounters that could have ended uite seriousRead it to get a glimpse of a majestic places in Afghanistan where you probably will never go and wonderful beautiful warm people that you will probably never meet but we all shouldRead it to understand that conservation can only be done in tight collaboration with locals and nothing less but high respect and care for their culture religion way of livingRead it if you want to witness a mastery of fine balanced diplomacy crucial to success and winning the minds and hearts of those who rule or have the power to make important decisionsRead about the Asiatic cheetah about the Musk Deer the Snow Leopard about colorful markets aromatic foods and the mastery of survival in the chaos of a confused post war societyMost importantly Read Alex’s story to get inspired by seeing what a ‘Life worth living’ looks likedamn I so much wish to have been part of that teamAlex Dehgan Thank you for sharing these rare life moments with the world Your care knowledge experience and infectious drive and passion paint each and every page What an inspiration and hope for solving some tough challenges aheadAll GIFT this book I already gifted 5 copies and plan to do Gift it to those who have curious minds those who care about the well being of the planet people animals nature; Gift it to young people – who knows? You just might inspire a next ‘Alex’