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Mash A Novel About Three Army Doctors Reader ´ 219 pages Download ☆ Richard hooker ë ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Mash A Novel About Three Army Doctors ❤ Author Richard Hooker – Before the movie this is the novel that gave life to Hawkeye Pierce TraBefore the movie this is the novel that gave life to Hawkeye Pierce Trapper John Hot Lips Houlihan Frank Burns Radar O'Reilly and the rest of the gang that made the 4077th MASH like no other place in Korea or on earth The doctors who worked in the Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals Treasure of the Rubbermaids 7 The Forever War The on going discoveries of priceless books and comics found in a stack of Rubbermaid containers previously stored and forgotten at my parent’s house and untouched for almost 20 years Thanks to my father dumping them back on me I now spend my spare time unearthing lost treasures from their plastic depthsI picture Dr Richard Hornberger sometimes turning on the television and catching the movie or TV version of MASH and shaking his head in wonderment at how the short novel he wrote based on his experiences as a surgeon in Korea became an icon of American pop culture The real Korean War lasted three years but the TV show ran for eleven seasons over twenty years later I gotta think that had to be mildly disconcerting to the good doctorWhile the Robert Altman movie and the Alan Alda TV version ultimately were considered anti establishment and anti war statements that's really not what’s going on in the book Hornberger writing as Richard Hooker wrote a brief forward where he noted the hard and emotionally draining work in bad conditions led some to blow off steam by acting batshit insane At the 4077th MASH in 1951 Colonel Henry Blake reuests two new surgeons and gets Hawkeye Pierce and Duke Forrest Hawkeye and Duke have decided that if they work their asses off when they’re needed that they’ll be able to do what they want in their off hours and they’ll be too valuable for anyone for anyone to punish They’re right Soon they’re joined by another surgeon Trapper John and the three alternate trying to save the lives of wounded soldiers with heavy drinking and outrageous stunts including trying to raise money by selling autographed pictures of Jesus and giving their camp dentist a bizarre form of shock therapy to snap him out of a suicidal depressionThere are really no overt political or anti war statements in the book and there’s nothing like the liberal attitude that would later be incorporated into the show The antics of the doctors aren’t meant to be seen as ideological They just have very demanding jobs and their only means of relieving stress and boredom comes from heavy drinking and fucking with people that irritate them Aside from the bitching common to all soldiers they don’t spend time raging against the military or the war They work they drink they bullshit come up with bizarre schemes to amuse themselves and that’s about it Aside from one brief phase where the guys fall into funks after a particularly hellish couple of weeks following a major battle none of it seems to get to them too much There’s also a moving chapter where their former Korean houseboy is drafted and brought back to them as a patient but while the guys get very serious about saving him that somber attitude doesn’t last longOne of the interesting points of the book is the descriptions of the surgery that the doctors perform The uick and concise accounts of the fast paced and often brutal operations should seem out of place in a book that is primarily going for laughs but it helps to establish the idea that after spending hours up to their elbows in blood n guts without a break that Hawkeye and his friends would need a laugh by any means necessary This probably seemed a lot shocking and outrageous back in 1968 when it was published then it does today but it’s still amusing While an offbeat and funny book I can’t imagine that anyone who read it back then could imagine what it’d become on film and TV There are a couple of bad seuels to this and a whole string of bad MASH books ghost written by someone else after the show became popular None of them have the goofy charm of this one Reading this is kind of like going into the local VFW and sitting down next to an old guy with a couple of drinks in him and listening to his funny stories about his days in the service

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MASH during the Korean War were well trained but like most soldiers sent to fight a war too young for the job In the words of the author a few flipped their lids but most of them just raised hell in a variety of ways and degreesFor fans of the movie and the series alike here i This novel upon which the film and TV series MASH were based on still retains the humor factor well but it also has an edge in that it's a bit serious than the show was Following the lives of a team of military doctors during the Korean War much of the plot and character traits remain the same but this book has a bit action and drama thrown into the mix Written during the time of the Vietnam War yet set a decade earlier it's an interesting look at the past through the eyes of the present or at least the present during the late 1960'sThe characters are still as likable as ever though rather incompetent leading to a lot of strange situations throughout This version of the story is sadder than the show and explores a few darker themes than I expected which was different but in a good way giving a surprising element to the content It stands out among other wartime fiction as one of the true classics also containing many moments of love and friendship throughout

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Mash A Novel About Three Army DoctorsS the original version of that perfectly corrupt football game those martini laced mornings and sexual escapades and that unforgettable foray into assisted if incompleted suicide all as funny and poignant now as they were before they became a part of America's culture and heart It's been a long time since I first read this It was a lot sketchier than I recalled It was of a bunch of uick stories without a lot of description in most places A few surgeries were uite descriptive though You can tell the author was a surgeon so the techniues were important to him As for the rest they were fun anecdotes probably had a grain of truth This takes place in a war zone of the 1950s so there's a lot of drinking smoking in a male dominated world I really liked the book but I remember the 1970 moviehttpsenwikipediaorgwikiMASHfpretty well It was great follows the book pretty well so a lot of it flashed back I recommend watching the movie even over reading the book Yeah I'm surprised tooThe TV series was good but uite different It had a real anti war message was about Vietnam the 'peace keeping' non war after this one Hawkeye Trapper weren't saints in the movie or the book Duke Spearchucker weren't even in the series While Duke Spearchucker are friends from the first even earlier which is a great anecdote Duke is a southern boy refers to blacks as niggers a few times It's not correct today but was used accurately for back then 'Colored' 'nigra' are also used If you have a problem with that don't read the book but you'll be missing a great storyWell narrated highly recommended This truly is a classic