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Married One Night Fairhope Alabama #2 Free read À PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ½ ❮Reading❯ ➷ Married One Night Fairhope Alabama #2 Author Amber Leigh Williams – What happened in Vegasfollowed her home Olivia Lewis is not the marrying type So when a wild weekend in VeWhat happened Night Fairhope Epub #220 in Vegasfollowed her home Olivia Lewis is not the marrying type So when a wild weekend in Vegas leaves her with a surprise husband she's happy to sign anything to erase her. The best things in life can happen on a spur of the moment decisionNeither Olivia or Gerald were looking for love while in Vegas Olivia was there to celebrate her friend's bachelorette party and Gerald was there to do some thinking Attraction a dance and too much teuila finds them married by morning and going their separate ways as wellWell Olivia's determined to go her separate way Gerald Not so much grins If the man's lovely accent didn't win her over his tenacity would He's not aggressive in his tactics but he is consistent and persistent Olivia touches a part of him he hadn't known existed made him want out of life than just a writing career Not to say she wasn't affected by Gerald because she was but Olivia was stubborn with a capital S There were moments I wanted to throttle her others where I was completely bewildered by her behavior and even some where I sighed and shook my head Her fear of having her heart broken precious organ that it is was a little overwhelming at timesBut Gerald hung in there getting to know her by spending time with her her friends and her family His willingness to do all of that despite his new bride's aversion to their marriage had me rooting for him all the I wanted him to succeed to prove love was a risk worth taking if it was the right person And Gerald was definitely the right person for her to take that chance onA warm story that touched on some nerves good and bad Marriage might not have been in the cards for these two when they first met but it turned out to be the best thing either of them could have expected in that moment in their individual lives Love found its way into their hearts and relationship because it happened over time Getting to know each other was extremely helpful for them and for me as I gained insight into their thoughts behaviors and how those things changed as the story progressed Definitely a romance perfect for those lazy Saturday evenings when the day is done the chaos has settled and you're looking for a way to relax Ms Williams didn't disappointReceived from Amber Leigh Williams via Pump Up Your Book for an honest review

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Mistake even if that mistake is handsome charming and comes with an English accent Fortunately her groom has other plans Bestselling author Gerald Leighton knows he can make his new bride fall in love with him he. Ever heard of what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas Well not in this case One drunken night Olivia Lewis marries author Gerald Leighton but remembers little of it except snatches of their wedding night in the Bellagio honeymoon suite Well at least if she was going to do it she celebrated in style RightExcept she's allergic to marriage The next morning she leaves as uickly as she can bra stuffed in purse But who should show up at her bar back home but Gerald himself looking for his wife Ack To get him out of her hair and away from her bed and heart Olivia agrees to give him three weeks to prove that she loves him as he loves herWhat follows is a series of mini adventures that culminate in a crisis of nearly epic proportions when his brother the Earl yes he's a titled Brit shows up and shares a few choice secrets about Gerald that Olivia never guessed You'll have to read for yourself what happens next

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Married One Night Fairhope Alabama #2Just needs time In exchange for a uickie divorce Olivia grudgingly gives him a few Married One PDF weeks to attempt to woo her And whether Olivia likes it or not Gerald plans on using every second to win her hea. Are you in the mood for a sweet romance Give Married One Night a try I really enjoyed this super cute story about two people who find love in a one night stand Olivia and Gerald meet in Las Vegas and end up married in a drunken haze They part ways but Gerald can't forget his bride He has three weeks to convince her that they have something worth fighting for I loved watching Gerald set about wooing Olivia To her dismay he manages to win the hearts of her friends and family She just needs to let go of her fear of love in order to give them a chance Even though I knew I would get a HEA I was rooting for them the whole way There are some other characters that round out the story nicely With a little research I found that some of them are featured in previous books I definitely want to seek them out The book is a pretty uick read and one I definitely recommend