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EPUB ↠ MOBI Hundraettåringen som tänkte att han tänkte för mycket í ✓ JONAS JONASSON ✓ [Download] ✤ Hundraettåringen som tänkte att han tänkte för mycket By Jonas Jonasson – Gwairsoft.co.uk The seuel to Jonas Jonasson’s international bestsThe seuel to Jonas Jonasson’s international bestseller The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared It all begins with a hot air balloon trip and three bottles of champagne Allan and Julius are ready for some I enjoyed Allan's adventures however this time the political background left me confused at times Still I needed a good chuckle and the duet Allan Julius did not fail

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Spectacular views but they’re not expecting to land in the sea and be rescued by a North Korean ship and they could never have imagined that the captain of the ship would be harbouring a suitcase full of contraband uranium on a nuclear This isn’t a good bookI loved the original story setting Allan the one hundred year old man accidentally at odds with a cash laden criminal whilst looking back over his past I’ve also enjoyed other books by the author and would recommend them Not the case here thoughThis is just too unbelievable Allan experiences as many countries and world leaders in what seems like a few weeks compared with his entire life in the first book He’s 101 not 31 I doubt he even had adapter plugs sockets for his iPad makes sense if you’ve read itThe character is no longer Allan anyway The author hints in the prologue that the world is changing so much that this character spoke to him and he decided to write about world events through Allan What this really meant was the author used the brand of the 100 year old man to sell books and express his political views most I agree with Bad form to do this to the readershipIt is funny and the first half is ok After that it gets very slow unbelievable and boring as a conseuenceIf the 102 year old man comes out I won’t buy it

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Hundraettåringen som tänkte att han tänkte för mycketWeapons mission for Kim Jong un Soon Allan and Julius are at the centre of a complex diplomatic crisis involving world figures from the Swedish foreign minister to Angela Merkel and President Trump Things are about to get very complicat Allan Karlsson is back His accidental further adventures begin on his 101st birthday when a balloon he and his pal Julian are on for his birthday celebration is inadvertently blown out to see In a another series of funny improbable events and circumstances he is once again involved with nuclear materials as well as world leaders a couple of neo Nazi terrorists and various and sundry other people as he travels to Asia North America Europe and Africa from he same place we left him at the end of the first bookWhile this wasn't uite as good as the first for me at times at others I was chuckling out loud and overall it deserves the four stars While it is NOT the same as the first book it is still Allen Karlsson being Allen Karlsson and the other characters are all well done even the ones based on real people but used completely fictionally in this tale