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The Garden of Burning SandOf Burning eBook #8608 Lusaka Zambia Zoe Fleming is a young idealistic American lawyer working with an NGO devoted to combatting the epidemic of child sexual assault in southern Africa Zoe’s organization is called in to help when an adolescent girl is brutally assaulted The girl’s identity is a mystery The Garden PDF Where did she come from Was the a. After reading all the glowing reviews given to this book I have to admit that I found it a disappointing read I am not disputing in any way that AIDS is not a major problem in Africa but so is malaria and other endemic diseases such as Ebola which has caused so many deaths in the past monthsI grew up in Zambia and have many fond memories of a beautiful country populated with some very wonderful people I also spent many years living in South Africa and herein is the problem with a book of this type Unless you have actually lived in Africa and discovered for yourself the continent and its people writing a book after a visit gives readers a rather false impression of the realities of every day life thereA small point perhaps is that I found the writer's description of taking this exit number from this motorway to get from A to B rather like a travel journal and somewhat irrelevant Not what I expect to read in a well written book As one of the main characters Zoe is the typical archetype rich woman who thinks that she has an answer to all of the problems in Africa without understanding the cultural identity of its people I do have to wonder why such people do not look into the problems in their own countries of which there are many before even trying to change the rest of the worldAfrica does have problems with corruption greed etc but when reading the daily press it is not difficult to realise that this is the case in many countries including those in the so called first worldFinally I have just read an excellent uote from Fuse ODF an English musician of Ghanaian descent'I like many others am sick of the whole concept of Africa – a resource rich continent with unbridled potential – always being seen as diseased infested and poverty stricken In fact seven out of 10 of the world’s fastest growing economies are in Africa'I could not have worded it any better

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Roughest neighbourhoods to the wild waters of Victoria Falls from the AIDS stricken streets of Johannesburg to the matchless splendour of Cape TownAs the investigation builds to a climax threatening to send shockwaves through Zambian society Zoe is forced to radically reshape her assumptions about love loyalty family and especially the meaning of justic. If this story had centered on Africa it would have been a good crime investigation law court story of justice as well as a story of a nation at the brink of change Within are the people customs society and traditions of Zambia in the modern world However it is told through the eyes of a privileged North AmericanZoe Fleming is a whiny rich woe is me American and her story interferes with the story of Zuyeya and Africa She gets in the way As the story progresses it becomes about Zoe and her issues with her past and less about justice in Africa

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Summary Æ The Garden of Burning Sand É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free · [Read] ➳ The Garden of Burning Sand By Corban Addison – Lusaka Zambia Zoe Fleming is a young idealistic American lawyer working with an NGO devoted to combatting the epidemic of chilTtack a random street crime or a premeditated actA betrayal in her past gives the girl’s plight a special resonance for Zoe and she is determined to find the perpetrator She slowly forms a working relationship and then a surprising Garden of Burning Epub #226 friendship with Joseph Kabuta a Zambian police officer Their search takes them from Lusaka’s. I feel bad giving this book only two stars because I think that Corban Addison can write really well and there were some very good sections The problems came with the main character Zoe She was annoying beyond belief professed to love Africa so much yet was constantly sneering and rolling her eyes at things that weren't Western and of course she had to be beautiful rich and a senator's daughter I didn't understand why her African boyfriend would bother with her or vice versa They didn't even seem to like each other that muchThe author excelled at writing about Africa and the problems facing its people If he had written a novel with Africans as the main characters this could have been an excellent book He needs to trust that people will still read a book that is not about Americans The same flaw afflicted his first novel as well For some reason his writing is much effective when he is not writing about his own country Maybe he is trying so hard to make a point that the characters come off as whiny and obnoxiousSome of the best writing came from the girl's mother's diary recounting the events that led her to prostitution I would like to have read of that and less of the whiny Zoe's unresolved angst Zoe didn't like her father Zoe hated her stepmother Zoe had issues from when she was 17really We all have issues from when we were 17 and most of us aren't cushioned by trust funds and houses on the Vineyard Time to grow up ZoeLet the story tell the story and make the point and eliminate the do gooder American with the unresolved conflict in the next novel please They add nothing and really distract from the main storyline