characters The Throne of Caesar Roma Sub Rosa #13 109

characters The Throne of Caesar Roma Sub Rosa #13

characters The Throne of Caesar Roma Sub Rosa #13 109 å [EPUB] ✰ The Throne of Caesar Roma Sub Rosa #13 By Steven Saylor – In The Throne of Caesar award winning mystery author Steven Saylor turns to the most famous murder in history It’s Rome 44 BC and the Ides of March are approachingJulius Caesar has beenOne other important matter to discuss Gordianus’s adopted son Meto has long been one of Caesar’s closest confidants To honor Meto Caesar is going to make his father Gordianus a Senator when he attends the next session on the th of MarchWith only four days left before he’s made a Senator Gordianus must dust off Throne of Caesar Roma Sub PDF his old skills and see what conspiracy against Julius Caesar if any he can uncover Because the Ides of March are approachin. I've been reading the Roma Sub Rosa series for a long time and like Lindsay Davies Saylor has had to wrangle a key problem of both historical and detective procedural series how do you deal with the inevitable historical events and aging of your character and how do you take a scruffy outsider character into the heart of power because of his success with cases In this installment Saylor deals with the obviously not mystery of the assassination of Caesar by focusing on the murder of Cinna the poet purportedly mistaken for the conspirator and praetor Cinna Saylor pulls a neat trick of great contemporary relevance in presenting Poet Cinna as a great buddy right up until Gordianus realizes there was a really good reason the most powerful woman in Rome wanted him dead by Bacchanal frenzy

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Decades of investigating crimes and murders involving the powerful has set aside enough that he’s been raised to the Euestrian rank and has firmly and finally retired On the morning of March th though he’s first summoned to meet with Cicero and then with Caesar himself Both have the same reuest of Gordianus―keep your ear to the ground ask around and find out Throne of Caesar PDFEPUB #189 if there are any conspiracies against Caesar’s life Caesar however has. I came across Steven Saylor's work when my Kindle suggested Roman Blood I just finished Lindsey Davis' Falco at the time I delved right in and loved it This is the latest in the series though I hope not the lastWhat to ExpectThis is the latest Gordianus novel and it harkens back a lot over his career In a way providing a bit of closure though I certainly hope it's not the last novel in the series Events are set around the backdrop of teh Ides of March and Saylor deftly moves between the big personalities that dominated them to the lesser known people around themAlthough the murder of Caesar is not a surprise to any reader Saylor still manages to twist a captivating yarn by shifting his focus Besides an unexpected death not Caesar's a lot of the book centres on Latin poetry of the time of morals and politics as they would have appeared to someone watching from outside the inner circlesWhat I likedSaylor's writing is complex with many layers of meaning and allusions His knowledge of history and research into the specifics around each episode are beyond comapre On top of that Saylor has a great talent in bringing characters to life and a knack to present a highly plausible it could have been that way view of eventsWhat to be aware ofThis is the latest book in the series and the older Gordianus is in semi retirement It offers some closure with his first case with references to the story in Roman Blood You should start either with Roman Blood his first big case and the first one written or with The Seven Wonders which is choronologically the first with Gordianus' early life in AlexandriaSummaryThis series is an absolute pleasure to read and to learn from In the plethora of novels sets in first century BCE Rome these stand out The amazingly well researched background and the mysteries Saylor spins around them are some of the most enjoyable reading on the periodI do believe there will be novels of Gordianus in his younger days and maybe even of the elder Gordianus and I am certainly looking forward to them Assaph Mehr author of Murder In Absentia A story of Togas Daggers and Magic for lovers of Ancient Rome Murder Mysteries and Urban Fantasy

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The Throne of Caesar Roma Sub Rosa #13Of Caesar PDF #199 In The Throne of Caesar award winning mystery author Steven Saylor turns to the most famous murder in history It’s Rome BC and the Ides of March are approachingJulius Caesar has been appointed dictator for life by the Roman Senate Having pardoned his remaining enemies and rewarded his friends Throne of Caesar Roma Sub PDF Caesar is now preparing to leave Rome with his army to fight the Parthian EmpireGordianus The Throne Kindle the Finder after. This is for me a hard review Knowing most of the characters they are still in roles of much greater age than in the last few books of the series And of course now we are also at the Ides of March under the Dictator for Life Julius Caesar Within the first few chapters you have to read with strong context attention because you get the present now for all the family members Meto Eco and all the rest of the Bathesba and Gordianus clan Cicero and Tiro are prime too Tiro of course is a freedman and citizen now His short hand is used by Diana so its spreadingHow can I review this without giving spoilers Forgive me for the length of this because I have now read other reviews and find very few of them specific upon how his vastly differs from the other Gordianus novelsI will try to give no spoilersIt's long And it truly does NOT seem to me to be of a similar genre of the others prior books in the series Our Finder is 66 years old and drinking too much He takes afternoon naps with his cat Bas And his drinking companion at his favorite tavern is named Cinni Cinni is the most celebrated poet of the age What commences is a novel broken up into time periods of 1 day each It starts the week before the Ides and continues until than 2 weeks after that date Each day gets a lengthy section of copy nearly minute to minute minutia of telling And they are not at all cored upon the who dun it an investigation or just 1 set of players either In fact they are much broad in context subject matter than other Saylor's I've read them all Unlike the tone of other Saylor Gordianus the scope is deeperwider Even Cleopatra and Caesarion are on the scene For instance in copy count to story line plot per se we have the reciting of two long long poet tales staged and voiced like plays within two of those different days So great gobs of the book are classic musings or thoughts upon their composition and the ability of wordcraft itself Cicero's is one kind Cinni's uite another If you like books about writing by and with the thoughts of writers who are writing upon writing skills you will love that aspect I didn't and I don't And the classics stories both the originals and the poems written of their fates or encompassing the same characters fit into the whole novel #13 well but are also some of the least favorites of myth Greek or ancients that I have ever heard Continually centering on incest murder and women who are mad fiends cannibals to be frankRegardless the tension is done well as we draw to the Ides date And much conversation is with Julius Calpurnia and many of the other main characters you KNOW will be eventful to the betrayals But there is also a fine nuance in health and in relationship encompassed as well This was 4 star plus portrayal of the Julius cognition mindset goal condition of perception etc Well done Saylor All of the family of our hero and central figure who is tavern sitting or visiting or uesting for a new toga here's the surprise I will NOT tell you about than finding anything at all is well carved The women are prime in this hearsay context And his son in law is incredibly interesting as he hardly speaks but I found him a keen observer The other characters within the visits and in conversations are like think pieces than in a mystery or who dun it format For instance at the 6 person dinner of the eve of Ides there is a long and rather perversely set discussion of what deaths they all would prefer And for my reading of this book that is exactly the tone you grabbed during the majority of it Not only dire but at times absolutely macabre in its subject matter The joy you can find in this book could fit into a thimbleAfter I finished the book I took some time to refresh my thoughts upon it It's that kind of book In this genre completely rare for me to do so or think about the review that long What did I read Not at all what I expectedAfter some hours of pondering I have come to this conclusion This book centers on revenge And the spirits of human nature itself It's far far at the lowest ends of hope for better Much a treatise on pay back to hurt being repaid by elevated viscous and exceeding violence As a good and best way to proceed I almost thought I was reading about Sicilian ambiance for justice instead of ancient Roman This euates Mightily And not only upon the death of Caesar himself or the conspiracy or taking of spoils either But about the women The women are vitriol core served to those who they decree have cause to receive just desserts Similar to those harpies in the classics Or the other forms that made the harpies look like choir girl angels Similar to the women who killed all their men and ruled alone on their famous great isleI feel that Saylor makes this book the ending of our Finder's career as well And now insures that the duo of Diana and Davus daughter and son in law will take their places within his former profession His Gordianus is another role completely going forwardIt was well written The prose was 4 or 4 plus But the women's rites and the entire two week period after the Ides it was way way too stomach churning for me I've seen violence like that in my own life but even if I hadn't I don't think the realities for outcome in the tangent players' houses would sit well with me Or the scenes after Antony's speechifying The power and vitriol to torture and pay back becomes a virtue here And the women are centered on flinging out their own underground power in the most beastly ways possible while often retaining a supposedly tranuil or nurturing facade It's nearly the 180 degree opposite of innocence Innocence betrayed turns to a taste for gore I just don't see womanhood in that light as reflected and displayed here as actual So this for me is a 35 star Rounded down not up