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The Undercover Scoundrel The Hope Diamond Trilogy #3 review È eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ [BOOKS] ✪ The Undercover Scoundrel The Hope Diamond Trilogy #3 By Jessica Peterson – The author of The Millionaire Rogue returns to her dazzling series about a bygone era filled with romSing romantic entanglement forced her into a loveless marriage and early widowhood she learned to never trust in desire especially when it comes to the man who once broke her heart Only despite Undercover Scoundrel The PDFEPUB #236 her good sense she finds Henry impossible to resist even when he once again places her in deathly dang. Actual Rating 45 Stars

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Decorated spies But when a mission to find the legendary French Blue diamond brings him back to London and The Undercover PDF face to face with a beautiful noblewoman he once loved it’s his own hidden passions that are uncovered Lady Caroline dowager Duchess of Berry knows better than to lose her head over a man After an embarras. review to come with blog tour UpdatedOh the feel of historical romance It makes me want to take tea and dress in well never mind actually their clothes sound uncomfortable But the speech the setting the rules of society all lead us as readers into such a world beyond our own that we are truly able to escape in a way that contemporary romance just cannot provideHenry and Caroline are an amazing couple that have been through and go through so much you just cannot help but fall hopelessly in love with them Their connection is as true and strong as it was 12 years ago but will that be enough I'm not tellingThe supporting characters were incredible They provide so much color as a reader you are not only drawn in but you want to know about them and the conseuences of their actions Pain loyalty betrayal love; all of the facets that make for an amazing tale are provided by every characterWhat I will tell you is that the twists and turns throughout the book keep you on your toes and while you may think that you know what is going to happen you don't Just accept it and go along for a lovely carriage ride if by lovely you take that to mean filled with suspense acrobats possible death and thieves through the English countrysideI give The Undercover Scoundrel 4 cups and recommend it for your next historical read

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The Undercover Scoundrel The Hope Diamond Trilogy #3The author of The Millionaire Scoundrel The ePUB #10003 Rogue returns to her dazzling series about a bygone era filled with romance espionage and one dangerously seductive diamond Mr Henry Lake spent the past twelve years uncovering the most scandalous secrets of Europe’s wealthy and powerful serving as one of His Majesty’s most. I suppose if I had my druthers it would be to have a series start out interesting continue to get better and end strong This trio of stories did just that This was a uniue trio in that these are parallel story lines that intersect much of the time offer a different aspect and also a few new scenes uniue to the main characters involved I will advise folks that though each of these can probably survive as standalones because of the way they are written the clarity of the over all story will be so much better if the reader starts at the beginning There is an assumption that the reader already read the others so that set up is minimal by this point but the other story lines that cross this one make better sense and this one's ending is a spoiler for the other two when it comes to the diamondWith the understanding that this story is on familiar ground all but a couple characters including the hero and heroine are familiar from the first book If I were to pick out a character from book one that I just had to get his or her story it would be Henry Lake the hero of this story Oh I thought Lady Caroline was fun but it was Henry that captured my interest That all went to the side once I got the prologue and realized just how much deeply emotional this story was going to be than the others Henry and Caroline have a history a tragic one This book has its light moments but it is not frivolous like the others These are two hurting people who lost many years due to Henry's duty to the Crown and his great love that kept him away from Caroline to keep her safe She never knew what happened to him for twelve agonizing years and had to assume all the worst while carrying on aloneThe French Blue aka Hope Diamond is what brings all the players from the past and new players from the present together Henry and Caroline meet and their encounters are charged with emotion and the need to both understand the past move on from it and in moving on know that it wouldn't be together Excitement swirls around them as Henry's mission is to procure the diamond and he uses his old friend Hope to do it Unfortunately an unforeseen player in the form of a bored aristocrat messes up their plans and lands everyone involved into the path of danger and danger of destitution as the curse of the diamond rains down on them Henry now has the job of reacuiring the diamond sparing with an old enemy and holding off the French agents set on the gem all while saving Hope Violet and her family keeping Caroline's brother out of trouble and gaining redemption against his past dealings with Caroline All in a days work rightCaroline was nearly destroyed when Henry left her and she thought he was dead She doesn't dare allow for a new chance because he is still duty bound to the same mission that took him from her before She does want to understand and know all that she didn't before and she has secrets of her own that she wants Henry to know before they part on better terms this time Hopefully However a wayward brother an evil man set on revenge a cast of colorful exciting characters and a diamond all take her life in a direction she never anticipated and maybe in the end the diamond will bless and not curse an already cursed lifeAlright So a famous cursed diamond a spy a caper a lovely widow a vengeful enemy a tragic love affair and high stakes set against an England at war was the stuff of historical romance lovers dreams here I picked this up and read it intently in three settings I choked back emotion a few times and really pulled for this pair to get their happily ever after This was a very engaging story that kept me hooked Just one lag moment near the three uarter mark where I felt the pace forward was stalled but the pace picked up before it got much beyond noticeableThe background of the diamond was exciting and intriguing particularly when I wondered how they would pull everything off with so many enemies and issues stacked against them But honestly it was like a buzzing fly at times because I was so engrossed in Henry and Caroline's love story I loved how the author developed the plot on this Henry's actions as good intentioned and heroic as they were broke them both The author let them not only gradually clear the air but addressed all their emotions honestly Caroline was hurt betrayed and angry for twelve years That doesn't just go away even in the face of finally getting the truth The genuine emotions and development were done so well I can't praise her enough Now was I impatient for things to get past all that Sure After all the pain I wanted them to have happiness And seriously these two still had that spark of attraction that flamed to life even twelve years later There's something to be said for two older mature adults than two young virgin loversAfter all the escapades that jewel went on through the first two stories I thought I wouldn't be surprised any Wrong The jewel had a few intriguing adventures in this one and its final hiding place after disappearing a few times is also finally made known with the surprising end to this story I laughed at the author's sense of humor with where she left the diamondSo this was the final story in a fun trilogy of stories The madcapness of the first the light and easy romantic adventure of the second gave way to this solid intrigue filled adventure romance that definitely saved the best for last I heartily recommend this one to Historical Romance loversMy thanks to Penguin Group for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review thoughts