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Free download ï Untamed Heart 102 Â ❂ Untamed Heart kindle Epub ❆ Author Ally Blue – Revenge can't heal a wounded soul When Leon Fisher finds his lover butchered in their bed he does what any good assassin would do he gets revenge But killing the murderer doesn't make the pain go away Revenge can't heal a woundeLeon to sober up and regain his edge his mysterious employers known only as the organizationsend him to a private property in the wilds of Alaska In the lush and remote Tongass National Forest Leon encounters Grim a strange but alluring young man who saves Leon's life after a bear attack then brin. Okay this was a heavier read than I was expecting but I loved it How I could like Leon so much seeing as he's an assassin is a mystery but there you go He was so patient and kind to Grim that I just couldn't help myself We didn't see much of his life as an assassin it's just what he was Poor Grim living in the woods a broken young man in need of some serious reconditioning The things that boy went throughshudders Well told with some lovely smexing including a bit a felching which for some reason I find freaking hawt

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Revenge can't heal a wounded soul When Leon Fisher finds his lover butchered in their bed he does what any good assassin would do he gets revenge But killing the murderer doesn't make the pain go away Instead it sends him on a vicious downward spiral into alcoholism and depression In a bid to force. I was rather put off when Grim was described as a skinny kid Leon is 31 and he wasn't too happy when he was rescued by Grim then find himself attracted to him I went ugh but persisted and when the skinny wildboy of Alaska turned out to be 20 years old it was a little better Just a little though I'm really not a fan of men into boys type of stories Terribly double standardish I know when I have no probs with 35 year old men falling for 18 or 20 year old girls back in the days when I used to read historicalsAnyway I took to Grim and felt as protective about him as Leon did Some parts were a little overdone but overall I enjoyed the little bit of suspense and watching Leon overcome Grim's fears Though I don't like these May December or is it the other way around romances the age gap was necessary for the plot Even Grim being skinny was in keeping with the circumstances but after all's said and done I'll continue to avoid such pair upsdifficult since they seem common in gay romances I know I have a couple in my TBR listUpdate 18 months after I read this I now love May December romances and am able to not worry about the December dropping dead on May in the middle of wild animal sex

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Untamed HeartGs him to a cabin in the depths of the woods to recover Leon doesn't expect to fall in love with this odd subservient person yet he can't deny what he comes to feel for Grim But Grim has a past he doesn't talk about A past just as dark and ugly as Leon's And both pasts are about to catch up with th. OMG I loved this book I see the why of people who had issues I do But I just didn't The crazy mixed up mess it was all just so freaking mesmerizing to me I read straight through From the assassin to the seemingly innocent kid to all the backstorythese 2 are super f%ked up and pretty much perfect for each other Did I think it was realistic snort No But who cares I freakin enjoyed the heck out of myself It had this anticipatory sense to it from when Leon gets injured and Grim helps him through their time at the cabin through what happens next I felt edge of my seat I cannot say simply I liked the characters because I didn't at times I mean hell Leon is an assassin and Grim's not as innocent as he looks Neither is going for man of the year I'd of liked to know about the organization for sureAlso this books WINS WINS WINS for the Best Opening Chapter Ever I was spellbound S P E L L B O U N D How transfixing was that opener I'm not sure I've read this writer before but rest assuredly I will be picking up as many of her other books as I can I clicked dead bang on no pun with her style It's a little uirky sometimes jerky and slow and fast but it suits me just right Another reviewer said she liked it because this is not apologetic Leon and Grim they both have pasts Neither apologizes for it they move on as flawed humans