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Kiss KissIn these dark disturbing stories Roald Dahl explores the sinister side of human nature the cunning sly selfish part of each of us that leads into the territory of the unexpected and unsettlingOriginally published in Kiss Kiss brings together of Roald's macabre adult tales William and Mary wa. Finally a short story collection by Dahl that didn't send me running for the hillsTo put this into context I've already read The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More Switch Bitch and both were disturbing and misogynistic Kiss Kiss was marginally better Without further ado here is Dahl's most macabre collection of short storiesThe Landlady A young man excitedly moves to a new city for his job He finds a lovely little bed and breakfast run by a dotty old woman who dabbles in taxidermy I'm sure you can surmise what happened next Sometimes it is worth it to spend the extra uidWilliam and Mary Mary spent her entire married life belittled and bullied by her husband Every purchase was scrutinized and every decision even to turn on the telly was uestioned Her husband on his deathbed makes a rash decision and unfortunately lives to regret itThe Way Up to Heaven In a somewhat similar vein to the previous novel Mr Foster delighted in antagonizing his wife He deliberately made her late to every single occasion knowing how stressed and upset she would become simply because he liked to watch her suirm Let's just say that he will no be bothering his poor wife againParson's Pleasure Mr Boggis does what any self respecting antiue dealer does he dresses up as a parson to swindle poor farmers out of their ancient and expensive furniture He has it down to an absolute art This terrible fellow is about to get the shock of a lifetimeMrs Bixby and the Colonel's Coat Found the misogynistic one Mrs Bixby is one of many American females who have found a way to cheat the system by taking advantage of poor men they marry divorce and live on the alimony Robbing these men of the livelihoods and youth Sigh Anyway there's a mink coat involved and some rather dubious behavior on both sides of this marriageRoyal Jelly Found the disturbing one New parents Albert and Mabel worry over their little one She hasn't eaten nearly enough and her little ribs are sticking out Well Mabel worries and Albert blusters and bumbles about talking over and around her worries constantly He eventually 'solves' the problem but this leaves Mable absolutely horrifiedGeorgy Porgy Georgy always loved his mother A freak accident involving cannibalistic rabbits and a catastrophic car accident left Georgy with one very dead mother and one very large fear of women So he becomes a man of God only to discover that all the lascivious and horny women follow him everywhere At one point he pitted sex starved male rats and female rats against each other Genesis and Catastrophe A True Story Baby Hitler anyone Literally just a snippet of Hitler's momdad and his birth Marginally confused to the point of this oneEdward the Conueror Louisa found a stray cat who had a very peculiar reaction to music Upon a bit of testing she starts to believe that this cat contained to reincarnated soul of one of her favorite musicians Liszet Louisa's husband Edward finds this absolutely ridiculous and constantly berates his wife All it took was one late meal one meal in which Louisa is happily cooking up a treat for the cat rather than her husband for Edward to absolutely snapPig A boy tragically loses his parents and is raised by his Aunt Glosspan who despite being eccentric loves this child with all her heart The boy uickly excels under her homeschooling and rises with particular gusto under her cooking tutelage A firm animal lover Aunt Glosspan raises both of them to be vegetarian Upon her death the boy sets off to see the world and learns of long porkThe Champion of the World This is an earlier version of Danny the Champion of the World which I adore In this version we have a mechanic and his poaching friend While we still have the same main plot outlined the Danny version is so so much better The 2018 ABC Challenge K YouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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Free download ↠ Kiss Kiss È PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free î [Download] ➽ Kiss Kiss Author Roald Dahl – In these dark disturbing stories Roald Dahl explores the sinister side of human nature the cunning sly selfish part of each of us that leads into the territoryCome Danny's dad in Danny the Champion of the WorldThe stories featured in Kiss Kiss are The LandladyWilliam and MaryThe Way up to HeavenParson's PleasureMrs Bixby and the Colonel's CoatRoyal JellyGeorgy PorgyGenesis and CatastropheEdward the ConuerorPigThe Champion of the World roalddahlcom. Real Rating 275 of fiveA cruel and demanding husband or so his first wife Patricia Neal would have us know; a creepy old party as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory amply demonstrated with a great deal of disdain for Jewishness and gluttony and greed in general His adult fiction is largely out of print in the US and he was never really uite The Thing here as he was in Britain I suppose his light sneers at us so evident in his attitude towards the US's involvement in the Second World War prevented his eventual literary rise from gaining the same boost as it did among the countrymen who saw heard absorbed his flying prowess and spying nousI decided to read this collection for some reason or another maybe it was the 1960 Edgar winning story The Landlady I can't honestly recall why now I know that I began to regret my decision as early as William and Mary the second story wherein this is from the text of a letter written by Dahl as coming from beyond the grave of a man to his newly widowed wife of thirty yearsHe is a magnificent neurosurgeon one of the finest and recently he has been kind enough to let me study the results of some of his work especially the varying effects of prefrontal lobotomies upon different types of psychopathAnd then he goes on to give orders like don't get a TV and disconnect the phone because I don't need it any How appalling Sixty years ago when this collection was published that wasn't whole and entire a horrendous thing to say I'd say it was but I was a babe in arms at the time and have no direct knowledge of the way it would sound to the era's denizens I suspect it wouldn't have raised an eyebrow on either of my parents but they were right wingnuts and often didn't hear things that made and make my skin crawlAnd with this mordant but unamusing set of eleven weirdly unappealing tales Dahl leaves my readerly ken for fucking ever No No I refuse I liked three of the eleven stories enough to be glad that I'd read them and recognized one story from my long ago high school read of it in an anthology I had to buy for school but that's just not enough for me to want to know about what went on in Roald Dahl's head

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S later adapted for Roald's American television series 'Way Out and several of the stories appeared in British television adaptations for the series Tales of the Unexpected in the s Also included here is The Champion of the World the first time Roald wrote about the man who would go on to be. I don't remember exactly when I encountered Roald Dahl perhaps in my pre teens But I sure remember I did not encounter him in any story appropriate for children The Veld not included here and Pig included are two stories I remember vividly from those days both delightfully creepy yet weirder than the standard fare you get from horror story writersThis delightful little collection contains creepy gems such as The Landlady Pig Georgy Porgy and Royal Jelly; William and Mary The Way up to Heaven Edward the Conueror tales of marital revenge with a touch of the horrific; tales of mischief and just desserts Parson's Pleasure Mrs Bixby and the Colonel's Coat The Champion of the World and one uncharacterisable and weird little piece Genesis and Catastrophe A True Story If you are new to Dahl this book may be the ideal place to start