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All the Light We Cannot See Book Þ 578 pages ì Gwairsoft õ [Download] ➵ All the Light We Cannot See By Anthony Doerr – Premio Pulitzer de Ficción 2015 Un corazón puro puede brillar aun en la noche más oscura Y en el más terrible de los tiemposMarie Laure vive con su padre en ParíPremio Pulitzer de Ficción 2015 Un corazón puro puede brillar aun en la noche más oscura Y en el más terrible de los tiemposMarie Laure vive con su padre en París cerca del Museo de Historia Natural donde él trabaja como responsable de sus mil cerraduras Cuando siendo muy niña Marie Laure se ueda ciega su padre le construye una perfecta miniatura de su barrio para ue pueda memorizarla g This is a carefully constructed book which is bound to captivate a large audience and become very popular and be blessed with many warm reviews it was chosen by Goodreads members as the best historical fiction of 2014 and shortlisted for the National Book Award There are multiple reasons for its success but they are also the same reasons as to why I didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped I wouldAnthony Doerr's All The Light We Cannot See follows the parallel lives of two protagonists Marie Laure a French girl and daughter of a master locksmith at the Natural History Museum in Paris; the other character is Werner Pfenning a German boy growing up in the mining town of Zollverein Their lives are drawn against the brewing conflict which will soon engulf not only France and Germany but most of the world the second World WarBoth Marie and Werner are sympathetic character for whom the reader can root for the author has made sure of that Marie Laure goes literally blind in the first or second chapter and spends the beginning of the book becoming used to her new condition mostly the help of her father who designs elaborate puzzles for her to solve Werner grows up in an industrial town hit by the depression amidst the rise of the brownshirts; his only real companion is his sister Jutta and his only solace the radio which Werner knows how to operate and fix instinctively and to which they both listen at nightThe Nazis eventually come to power and invade France forcing Marie Laure and her father to flee to the northern coastal town of Saint Malo an ancient walled city which provides picturesue setting for much of the book In Germany Werner's skill with the radio catches the eye of a Nazi official who sends him to the breeding ground for Nazi youth where he will be trained to become a member of the military and eventually sent to the front At the same time a much older Nazi official searches all over France for an almost mythical diamond all over France and is dedicated to finding it Doerr's chapters are short and readable and often contain pleasant nuggets of prose which was obviously carefully thought out To maintain suspense he switches both between perspectives and time periods various parts of the book are set in different years mostly non chronologically and are comprised of chapters alternating between different characters The trouble with the book is that it's not very compelling surprising or illuminating With Doerr's outline for the story three characters three different viewpoints we know that their stories will eventually collide but when they finally do it happens in a uick unsatisfying way Doerr's characters lack moral complexity which would make them properly engaging Marie Laure spends most of the book in hiding which is understandable but which also stops her from being forced to make important moral and ethical choices regarding her own survival Werner is even troubling while he is troubled by brutality he witnesses at the Nazi school he seems resigned to it Werner neither openly embraces Nazism nor condemns it he's indifferent to the whole experience and role he plays It's as if Doerr never gave Werner the opportunity to grow up choosing instead to preserve the young boy fascinated by radio which goes contrary to what boys and children in general experience in any war which instantly strips them of their childhoods forever The subplot featuring Von Rumpel the old Nazi who searches for the mystical diamond seems to be attached to the rest of the book for no reason except to move the plot forward there's no complexity to his character at all and develops exactly as expectedThis is a book which looks as if it was designed to be read by younger readers it's colorful setting short chapters switching points of narration will satisfy those with short attention spans who reuire their story to be told uickly engagingly and not too demanding I think all swearwords used in the book can be counted on the fingers of one hand; its language is very mellow and mild on obscenities For a novel set during World War 2 it is a surprisingly tame book murder and death cannot be escaped but is downplayed as much as possible One horrible instance of violence which could have very well changed a character's perception on things occurs essentially off screen lowering possible impact it could have had on said character This is World War 2 PG 13 All The Light We Cannot See is a carefully crafted and constructed book which for me remains its greatest flaw I could never stop seeing the author's own hand behind the scenes which made characters act out events in certain way obviously planned well ahead It's a fantasy world populated with unreal people who engage in a fantasy war and is bound to appeal to hundreds of readers because this is what they want and appreciate Popular for one season or two but unlikely to be remembered in a decade or

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Racias al tacto y encontrar el camino a casa A sus doce años los nazis ocupan París y padre e hija tienen ue huir a la ciudad amurallada de Saint Malo Con ellos se llevan la ue podría ser la más preciada y peligrosa joya del museoEn una ciudad minera de Alemania el joven huérfano Werner crece junto a su hermana peueña cautivado por una rudimentaria radio ue ambos encuentran Werner se con “So how children does the brain which lives without a spark of light build for us a world full of light?” I'm going to be honest love for this book didn't hit me straight away In fact my first attempt to read it last year ended with me putting it aside and going to find something easier lighter and less descriptive to read I know meh what a uitterBut this book is built on beautiful imagery Both in the literal sense the physical world of 1940s ParisGermany and the metaphorical It's woven with scientific and philosophical references to light to seeing and not seeing and the differences between the two It's a beautiful work of genius but it does get a little dense at times; the prose bloated by detailsHowever when we get into the meat of this WWII novel it's also the harrowing story of a childhood torn apart by war It's about Parisian Marie Laure who has been blind since she was six years old and a German orphan called Werner who finds himself at the centre of the Hitler Youth Both of their stories are told with sensitivity and sympathy each one forced down a path by their personal circumstances and by that destructive monster warI think this is the kind of book you will never appreciate if you stop too soon I learned that lesson From the first to last page there is a running theme of interconnectedness of invisible lines running parallel to one another and sometimes just sometimes crossing in the strangest of ways These two lives we are introduced to seem to be worlds apart and yet they come together and influence one another It was this than the predictably awful tale of war that made me feel uite emotionalAll the Light We Cannot See is haunting That's how I would describe it From the chillingly beautiful prose to the realization of what the title actually means that underneath the surface of history there is light and stories that have not been seen; that have gone untold Scientifically we only see a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum; historically we only see a small portion of the storyBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

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All the Light We Cannot SeeVierte en un experto en construir y reparar estos aparatos cruciales para los nuevos tiempos un talento ue no pasa desapercibido a las Juventudes HitlerianasSiguiendo al ejército alemán Werner deberá atravesar el corazón en guerra de Europa Hasta ue en la última noche antes de la liberación de Saint Malo los caminos de Werner y Marie Laure por fin se crucen Y sus vidas cambien para siemp I'm sure this is going to mark me as a literary dud but for all the brilliant reviews of this book? I couldn't really get into itThe book revolves around Marie Laure a blind girl who lives with her father Her father is the locksmith at the Paris Museum of Natural History and Marie is raised wholly in the museum and at home Marie has a semi idyllic childhood until the Nazi's invade Paris and she and her father have to flee to another city where a reclusive uncle lives Unknown to Marie her father is smuggling the world's most priceless jewel out of the city on behalf of the museum Unfortunately for them a German soldier is hot on the trail of the jewel and will go to extreme lengths to find itWerner is a German orphan who teaches himself everything to do with radios; after repairing a senior ranking German officer's radio he is given entry into a youth academy that trains young soldiers for Hitler's Army He is then drafted to utilize his skills to find resistance armies who are using the radio but Werner is no soldier and soon realizes the cost of his talentI found the book somewhat plodding; like you were waiting for something important to happenand waiting and waiting and waiting Eventually Marie and Werner's stories collide but only briefly and completely unsatisfactorily I'm sure that's the point that life is hardly satisfactory but still Parts of the book were very interesting the last third probably kept my attention best This wasn't a book that you can't put down though; very little tension at least for me