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Lavender MistletoeThis Christmas small town Blue Hollow Falls will work big holiday magic for two people who have researched everything but love   Avery Kent needs a project The busy brain that earned her two PhDs before the age of eighteen is fascinated by the home she’s created with her three friends in Blue Hollow Falls but the farm and the tearoom are running like clockwork now As the holiday season approaches it’s time for Avery to dive into one of her last uncharted research topics love. 45 The Vet The Goat and The Brain StarsIt’s becoming a bit of a tradition that Donna Kauffman starts off my seasonal reading each year and 2019 is no exception Lavender Mistletoe is a triple joy for me though because not only is it full of snowy goodness we return to Blue Hollow Falls and this novella gives us Avery Kent’s story She was so completely and perfectly off centre and uniue I have been intrigued by Avery since we were introduced to her the youngest of the four women who turned up and took over the running and restoration of Lavender Blue Her high intelligence and analytical thought process leaves her feeling a little to the left of everyone else a lot of the time there is no doubt her circle of friends who are also her family love her uirks and all but since relocating to the Falls they have all found their ‘thing’ and she’s still struggling to find something that fits rather than just ‘fitting in’ Are you curious about me because I’m a curiosity Or because you want to know me betterThat is until a chance meeting with locum Veterinarian; Ben Campbell and their subseuent bonding over a pygmy goat shows a kindred spirit someone who understands her and knows what it is like to live in the world of high I’s and photographic memories Their chemistry is instant attraction mutual and what better time than at Christmas to explore their blossoming feelings for each other Only problem being that Ben is a wanderer and Avery has found the place where she wants to settle for goodIt’s about chemistry not methodIt’s no secret I love Donna’s books particularly in the places she creates and the people she introduces me to the added bonus of Christmas just makes them all the special to me they may only be fictional characters but in reading their stories I get to enjoy the season over and over again and through some pretty awesome people’s eyes My days are better now because you’re in themAnother winner I hope Chey is due for her story to be told at some point soon because as a secondary character in this one she leaves you as the reader interested in finding out about her and I’d love to see her get her HEA as wellARC generously provided by the author in exchange for the above honest review

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CHARACTERS Ë Lavender Mistletoe É ❴EPUB❵ ✷ Lavender Mistletoe Author Donna Kauffman – This Christmas small town Blue Hollow Falls will work big holiday magic for two people who have researched everything but love   Avery Kent needs a project The busy brain that earned her two PhDs bef This Christmas small Ess her friends can help Ben convince her that romance is magic than science and that a good old fashioned kiss under the mistletoe is the perfect way to open her heart to the possibility of the greatest gift of all     Praise for Donna Kauffman   “Charming characters emotion galore a small town you’re going to love Donna Kauffman” Lori Foster    “We all know where there's Donna Kauffman there's a rollicking sexy read chock‑full of charm and sparkle” USATodayco. Lavender Mistletoe by Donna KauffmanBlue Hollow Falls 35Loving and lovely this was the perfect novella length holiday romance for me to read today Avery Kent is a genius who is comfortable for the most part in her skin When Avery meets Dr Ben Campbell veterinarian subbing for the local animal doctor her logical mind takes a back seat to chemistry and as the feeling is mutuala delightful romance begins I loved this couple and the way they flowed effortlessly toward their HEA They were so smart that they knew almost immediately they had met their fated mates and it was a joy to see where they would end up because it was a no brainer that they would end up together somewhere in the world Did I like this book Oh myYESWould I read in this series Without a doubtAm I looking forward to Chey’s story Can’t wait Blue Hollow Falls is a delightful place with wonderful people I eagerly look forward to each book that appears and can’t wait to read the next one Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books Zebra for the ARC – This is my honest review 5 Stars

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Not for herself of course for her friend Chey But a closer look at the handsome young veterinarian Avery has chosen for this romantic euation has her wishing for gifts she never thought she wanted   Another former child prodigy Ben Chandler is like Avery than she ever imagined His intellect is a perfect match for hers and everything else about him attracts her in ways that send delicious tingles down her spine But a relationship That’s something Avery will need to analyze unl. I love Short stories and especially where there's an animal that's being rescued A lavender farm where soaps and many other things are being made friendship are very closeDonna writes so many books that are awesome and this one was just another one of those great books I recommend this book 2 anyone who loves animals friendships and sweet stories