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En l'an 1152 l'Angleterre est ébranlée par de violentes guerres civiles ui opposent le Roi Henri II et le Roi Stephen Une nuit Gwyn de l'A Just remember this is from a non lover of medieval romancesThis is an assured nicely written debut historical romance from Kris Kennedy However I got up to Chapter 12 and decided not to finish for several reasonsThe heroine was coming across as one of those type that always ran into trouble In the course of one night she was already abducted TWICE and threatened by yet another and the night was STILL not over when I left off The night never endedThe book was also starting to set up with lots of coincidences which didnt appeal to me The language is full of metaphors and a bit on the flowery side I was reminded a bit of Kathleen L Woodiwiss but without the extra slow pacing Example The large great room of the London apartment was growing dark but as the sun slowly set a pale rosy hue streamed through the unshuttered window beside her washing the room in a light reminiscent of fading roses and thinned bloodGwyn sloshed wine into her cup reflecting glumly on the sort of mind that went about creating gory metaphors of sunsetsOr this She wore a green gown Woven of rare and expensive silk it shimmered like an emerald waterfall The bodice hugged tight as did the sleeves until they opened wide at her elbows and fell in graceful folds of silk Ebony curls spilled down her back with loose sprays dancing by her cheeksI found I could deal with the language but then I came across the term rake as in lecher and this pulled me out of the story altogether because it seemed so incongruous in a novel set in 1152 AD Saviour is also an anachronism while I am at it And these are just the ones that a moron like me caught I shudder to think what someone who actually knows and likes the medieval period might findIf KK writes books in the future I wouldnt be adverse to trying her writing again because it was for the most part not badThe book was heading to B C range for me when I decided to stop

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The ConuerorMi la jeune comtesse d'Everoot fait la rencontre du ténébreux guerrier Griffyn Sauvage elle est immédiatement séduite Mais Griffyn est e This book really really worked for me Pagan is a hero to die for He falls and he falls hard for Gwyn but he has other duties and they are on opposite sides in a civil war He's brave beyond belief he's loyal he's honourable in short he's everything we want in a hero Even though circumstances are against them still he saves her again and again And well he should Gwyn makes for a wonderful heroine She's stubborn smart brave and funny as all get out It's not a laugh out loud kind of funny but a smile a lot funny The uips she and Pagan Griffyn exchange are delightful But he knows things about her that he doesn't tell her and she knows things she doesn't tell him Which considering they are on different sides as well as the fact that her father stole his fathers lands from him makes senseThe love they feel for each other is palpable and the choices difficult to say the least While reading this book I simply had to know about the history and spend some interesting time reading about Stephen and Matilda and her son Henry Fitz Empress I love it when a book has me digging into history

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read The Conueror epub Þ Mass Market Paperback Û ➻ [Download] ➸ The Conueror By Kris Kennedy ➺ – En l'an 1152 l'Angleterre est ébranlée par de violentes guerres civiles ui opposent le Roi Henri II et le Roi Stephen Une nuit Gwyn de l'Ami la jeune comtesse d'Everoot fait la rencontre du tN uête de vengeance et il n'a u'une idée récupérer les terres ui lui ont autrefois été volées et dont Gwyn est désormais l'héritiè Oh boy Looks like I saved the second to worst for the last We’re right back into two dimensional characters and a tangled unclear plot The whole “guardian of a treasure” subplot didn’t seem to serve any purpose but to make the novel longer Maybe there was a minimum page reuirement Kennedy had to meet Thank goodness I can get back to my regular reading now