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CHARACTERS Learning to Swim 107 Û [EPUB] ✼ Learning to Swim By Clare Chambers – Abigail Jex never expected to see any of the Radley household again In dramatic contrast to her own conventional family the Radleys were extraordinary captivating creatures transplanted from a bohemia Abigail Jex never expected to see any of the RadleAbigail Jex never expected to see any of the Radley household again In dramatic contrast to her own conventional family the Radleys were extraordinary captivating creatures transplanted from a bohemian corner of North L. Fab fab fab Such a lovely well written witty story And so far not available in the US Order it from the UK If you like Barbara Trapido or Kate Atkison you'll like this This is one of my all time favorite novels and I can't say enough good things about itCheck out the raves on here

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Ondon to outer suburbia and the young Abigail found herself drawn into their magic circle the eccentric Frances her new best friend Frances' mother the liberated headstrong Lexi and of course the brilliant beautiful Rad. 4 review uirky book follows a formula I have seen before shy uiet lonely person gets drawn into a colourful family and eventually they are treated as a member of the family before some tragedy results in their total ejection and rejection But does it well and the ending whilst unlikely satisfiesThank you to Nicki for the loan of the bookActually on reflection I am downgrading the book to 3 Annoying things are surfacing SPOILER ALERT My mind is whispering to me are you kidding Frances moons over Nicky enough she gets him Lawrence moons over Lexi enough he gets her and Abigail moons over Rad enough and gets him ReallyAnd the I think about Rad the I dislike him Pressuring his girlfriend to sleep with him when she is clearly not ready Chucking her in such a violently aggressive way Supposedly regretful he keeps away when her sister dies with no consideration at all for her feelings just his own and he hides from her that he is returning to oh wherever it was Risking breaking her heart all over again He is a shit really

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Learning to SwimAbigail thought she'd banished the ghost of her life with them and the catastrophe that ended it but thirteen years later a chance Learning to PDFEPUBencounter forces her to acknowledge that the spell is far from broken. I really enjoyed reading this I wasn't glued to the book wanting to know what would happen next; instead I read it slowly as though savouring a good wine Clare Chambers's writing reads so effortlessly it's like you're reading something you wrote yourself as she adds some thoughts about life that you'll probably identify with I found a lot of parallels with In a good light the 1st novel I read from this writer It starts with a present situation and then goes back in time for most of the book until everything is explained and you get back to where you started The themes are also similar growing up eccentric hippy parents an older brother and some tragic events One thing I didn't love was the excessive dramatism and tragedy; I know what their goal was but I don't think it was necessary to go to such lengths Of course this probably made the book romantic but I think it could have been just as good as story with less extraordinary drama Spoilers alertSometimes I wondered why Abigail was so drawn to the Radley family They didn't seem that interesting to me and they kept making her feel uncomfortable The fact that they completely contrasted with her own family is a factor but it doesn't seem enough But most of all I wasn't particularly captivated by the Birdie story The character wasn't very developed so I didn't feel like I got to know her at all And I found it strange that she started spending all her time with the Radleys not to mention the fact that she never spoke to Abigail again after she was broken hearted and instead started going out with Rad all by herself What kind of a sister does that sigh Despite the rant I really enjoyed the book it's a 45