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Read & Download ☆ Leave It to Cleavage õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Â ➵ [Reading] ➷ Leave It to Cleavage By Wendy Wax ➪ – Miranda Smith isn't surprised to discover a cache of racy photographs in her husband's desk after all he is the president of Ballantyne BrasEgins Miranda's hilarious frantic scramble to unravel the mystery behind her husband's disappearance illegal accounting practices and penchant for wearing silky teddies and kitten hee. I picked this book up from the bookstore because it looked and sounded like fun; I wasn't familiar with the author befor reading itI'm not sure I'd read another book by Wendy Wax but it wasn't till I finished reading that I took a peek at the publication date This book is nearly 15 years old So who knows she might have progressed and developed in all this time This is one of those books that probably wouldn't exist if the main character Miranda Smith had just shared her problems Talking has always been overrated in books it seems and this one is definitely lacking in the talking department Miranda Smith is only looking for a stamp so she'll at least have stuck out one of her new year resolutions when she finds her husband's racy photographs Not of other women in skimpy lingerie but of himself with another woman's hand on his butt If that wasn't bad enough the cross dressing in ladies' underwear and cheating but she finds out he's been committing fraud with her family's company He's driven them down the brink before skipping town and Miranda takes it upon herself to save not just the company but the whole town who depends on Ballantyne for their jobs and livelihoodsWell she gets right on that after she's done crying her eyes out about her husband deserting her the company and the town In her attempt to keep everything under wraps as uestions are piling up about her husband's absence Miranda is trying to stay afloat and make sure the company doesn't sink She's distracted though when police officer Blake Summers starts snooping around being alerted about possible foul play by the woman who'd been having an affair with Miranda's husbandMiranda Smith hasn't been interested in running her family's company for years instead keeping herself busy with charity events and pageant business She reminds Blake of his own mother who ran out on him and his father when he was just a kid It's bad enough that his own wife didn't want to move with him to Truro to take care of his elderly grandfather leaving him a divorced father of a teenaged daughterAndie is everything he could ask for in a daughter; tall and athletic she's on the fast track to a basketball scholarship He definitely does not want her to realize she's in fact a girl or to fancy boys he doesn't know he's already too lateMiranda wants to avoid the sheriff and his uestions but at the same time can't deny the attraction she feels towards him Her husband is missing and left her anyway so what's messing around with a guy who's into her Of course she forgot the part where he's investigating her husband's disappearance and therefore her when she got involvedThe story became a bit too convoluted and unnecessarily long and complicated near the end and I was sort of tired of it It was a good read though relatively fast paced and a fun premise But if only Miranda had gone to the police instead of carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders and wanting to do it alone I might have respected her a bit

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S buff burly body encased in the red satin bustier and matching Leave It PDF or bikini pantiesand he's nowhere to be found Neither is their life savings nor the company coffers Thus b. I am somewhere between it was okay and liked it I have LOVED all the other Wendy Wax books I read This one took me some time to get into and in the end I did enjoy it but not as much as her others She is always a fun read I have one or two of hers to read until she comes out with

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Leave It to CleavageMiranda Smith isn't surprised to discover a cache of racy photographs in her husband's desk after all he is the president of Ballantyne Bras But she's than shocked to realize it's hi. I just chanced upon this novel by a less known author Wendy Wax I read it just not to judge the book by its cover But due to obvious reasons any girl will know it would be a full blast Chic Lit How could Miranda Ballantyne know searching for a roll of stamps could be catastrophic and change her life as she knows it Miranda's new year resolution was to stock a good amount stamps and she had failed to live to it She has nearly upturned the whole house and the only thing left was her husband's study When she forced open a draw all the photos in it scattered across the room She was delighted to see all the super models in different lingerie in her husband's draw because her husband is the president and CEO of the Ballantyne Bra's a family business passed down for a whole century But one photo which drew her attention was the one in which her husband was dressed in Ballantyne's best sellers Even worse was a hand with freshly manicured french nails on his rear A cloud of suspicion started but she dismissed them by simply throwing all the stuff in the trash When she retrieved those photos again she saw words of shredder paper that registered a big shock in her A missing husband was worse enough but to add to things she had just discovered that he likes to dress up in women's lingerie and probably has a mistress he had let down their family business which is in serious trouble now and had disappeared with all her money leaving a note Dear Miranda that he was never coming backBallantyne has been her family business thriving for a 100 years It has been Truro's biggest employer and if she shares this truth with anyone it would only leaves hundreds jobless So bearing the burden on her shoulder she takes up charge on the pretense that Tom her husband is away to China to look for business She discovers talents and new ways to enrich her business Through her beauty pageant connections she finds a way to take her business national Meanwhile she falls for Blake Summers the police chief who is investigating Tom's disappearance after an anonymous phone call When she finally figures her life and gets a hold of it once again bad news comes along her way The last few pages of the book covers her dilemmas confusions and her achievements and how she takes her stand for everythingWendy Wax's style of writing is very fluid and makes us turn pages with ease She mixes humor and romance and yet glues the reader with suspense A very apt Chic lit with every thing from the women's world starting from lingerie to beauty pageants One line though seems too funny can be related with lifeAnd now I know that a good bra is like a good relationship It lifts you up and helps you stand on your own And it’s right there in your drawer when you need it”