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Legends of Ahn Kings Dark Tidings #3 doc ï 777 pages Ù Kel Kade Ù ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Legends of Ahn Kings Dark Tidings #3 ✍ Author Kel Kade – Gwairsoft.co.uk Rezkin is an elite warrior who aims to restore order in Ashai after Caydean’s attack on the King’s Tournament transfoGgest challenge If he fails the kingdom will be ripped apart and Rezkin will have violated Rule 1 to protect and honor his friends leaving him without country purpose or honor I finished this book yesterday afternoon and I'm honestly still trying to wrap my head around it I absolutely loved book one and two of this series but this book disappointed me a bit I feel like there are so many characters that I came to adore in the first two books that kind of just disappeared during this book Maybe this book was just meant to alienate Rezkin but I felt that none of his friends even tried I also think that the plot sort of jumped from place A to place with not a whole lot of informationdetail I guess it was just surprising that there was no mention in the first two books of Fae or demons and then they just kind of show up on top of the other chaos that is going on Idk Like I said still trying to wrap my head around this one

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H no army and only a ragtag group of refugees Rezkin must wrest control of the kingdom from the mad and powerful usurper who seems bent on destruction and this may not be the bi First I want to say that I Love this series and absolutely loved this book These books I just can't seem to put down and find that I am finished before I know itThis book was very different from the first two books of the series This book was a book of trials and tribulations as most every character faced major conflict which I think really adds to the series as a whole Really the first two books were basically Rez doing what he wants when he wanted and no one was going to stop him from doing it This book I think brought Rez down a few notches and really highlighted how much he is different from everyone else and in the end Rezkin really realized just how much I love how Rezkin's character went thru some difficulties in this book The first two books he was like a warrior god who was unbeatable I liked to see that he had some adversity in this book and actually showed some weakness and during those times of weakness we saw another glimpse into how he was raised effected himI found it very interesting how even the ever protective Frisha and the loyal Tam and the rest of Rez's friends were totally uestioning their thoughts and feelings towards Rez in this book I think the awe of him kind of took a backseat to how disconnected he was to all of them I think that the addition of Farson to the story also adds a uniue wrinkle that I think will be a huge part of the story going forward as he really is the only person who knows how brutal Rezkin's upbringing wasI think the addition of the Fae and the Ancients adds a lot of mystery and a huge plot twist thrown at us in fact I'm beginning to wonder how in the world Mr Kade is going to wrap all this up in just one novelOnce again very well done Mr Kade and now comes the long wait for book #4

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Legends of Ahn Kings Dark Tidings #3Rezkin is an elite warrior who aims to restore order in Ashai after Caydean’s attack on the King’s Tournament transformed former allies and trading partners into enemies Wit Very good idea improper executionI was left with a feeling of unrest by the time I finished the book During the first two books the goal is very defined and even though some decisions are made because of the plot it makes sense The path is clear and it is easy to see how the author planned everything On the 3rd installment of the series though it feels as if the book was written without forethought Ideas haphazardly thrown together and somehow linked to make a seuel The introduction of the fae was good Subtle and the hints were there uite liked it The subseuent explanation of the gods and planes was also good Then Things start to get disconnectedTieran's rise to organizer and leader of the ship was well thought out and expertly written It fits his character perfectly Tam's rise as a seneschal is much the same It happens naturally without force Once again perfect It repeats itself with Malcius and his uest for vengeancemuddled relationship with Rezkin Shiela's mood swings and the further development of Kai's excellent personality On the other side of the spectrum Frisha's character simply died All her depth her importance was thrown aside and covered up as a mere result of Rezkin's revelation of Dark Tidings Another sudden death was that of Raeylin's Another character that simply vanished Oh sure She is still there and makes an appearance or two but without any the detail and depth from the previous books It gives off a feeling of forced retirement as if she no longer had a role to play Maybe Kel Kade's intention was to give other characters depth and screen time and it succeeded at that at the expense of Frisha Raeylin and some othersOn to Serret His arrival on the city was good His invasions of the Councilors' estates and the manipulation of the councilors was what I saw on books 1 and 2 and was eually good and entertaining Passing of as a street rat and hiding on the brothel was yet another excellent demonstration of his powers and showed a lot of humor The palace invasion seemed too easy but saw a sudden turn of events that changed the whole game His internal struggle with his instincts meeting with the princess and the murder attempt revelation were also extremely well written The same good writing followed with the encounter with the King really enjoyed that encounter Up to this point the story feels good If you ignore the weird character developments this first part is what I was expecting New places new characters and the same Rezkin we love doing Rezkin stuff Moving on to the trip to Cael and subseuent events;Ilanet was a very good character She had depth a dangerous guardian in the Jeng'ris and way she was introduced led me to believe she would play a greater role going forward To my disappointment other than her relationship with Tam she also was laid to the side after a while It simply stopped and she too vanished What is it with KK and his apparent desire to hide half the cast?Xa was another incredible development A zealot following the Riel'gesh even though it meant being cast out His constant challenges were a welcome change of pace and tone Then there was the weird cat moment with Billior What was that? Rezkin suddely has a love for cats? The man couldn't muster deep feelings for Frisha even after all the development on books 1 and 2 but after a few nights with a cat sleeping on his head he suddenly loves the small pussy that slept on his chest? The moment where Rezkin has to breach the ward that was good His magic is starting to show of what it can do Expanding on what Billior said earlier Gives us the first inkling that Rez has elven magic Or something akin to it at least The opening of the 5 doors his fight of will and his dying were amazing Left me hanging And then it went to shit Even though the descriptions and presentation was superb the rest was simply Bland Rezkin suddenly can't think any affected by the fortress somehow then finds a stone that helps him thing and the whole thing doesn't come up again with one small exception No one uestions him when the dismisses the room at the end of the hall The spirits attack the mage that activated the stones but bow to Rezkin even though he is human maybe not? The rest of the exploration is boring They go here go there see this Rez finds something and then it stops and everyone started choosing homes No exploration no experimentation with anything other than the one defense mechanism on the seawall Farson's appearance was unexpected but nice overall Ah and then some people disappeared Rezkin is having weird headaches that suddenly go away after his throne room encounter He finds an evil ritual and the spirits say the passed a test The whole thing is just constricted and synthetic He delves into the crystal oh look Experimenting for once and problem solved They go in a uest to save the 6 victims save 4 of them and kill 2 A demon comes out of nowhere and tries to kill a few of characters back in the city only to be saved by Billior This was another nice development The Raven's plays back in Ashaii are excellent in contrast to Rezkin's playground in Cael Benni Adsden and the other thieves are somehow deeper and individual than the core group from the other books and the story there has the same captivating mystery the first two books had Fierdon's betrayal and the revelation that Marcum is in the unnamed fortress in the north were two masterful pieces in the story far better than most of the drama over in Cael And then the book stops It was a good place to stop by all means The story has developed a lot they are in an unsure position and the next step is clear It was very anti climatic and sudden but made sense Not a cliffhanger either so thanks for thatOverall the feeling was that the story took a sudden turn and the focus went from we have to stop the mad king to we have to save the world without any buildup So there's a demon invasion and we want you to make an army to stop it We'll give you a fortress in return And the answer Fae are tricky but I have no choice Deal weird wood creature And pronto they are now on a uest to save the world even though only Rezkin knows it Back to that lack of forethought comment it seems clear that less polishing and planning was made for pars of this book I loved that Rezkin's magic or will if you wish is being expanded the new races and creatures are a welcome refresh and some ploy threads are keep the high uality I was expecting Other look like the result of a wish to expand the story or add new levels to it with little success I hope Kel Kade will take time with the last book plan things properly and give a lot of thought and time to the ploy and plot threads Also give us back the character depth you had going on the first 2 books It feel simply lacking when all sidekicks are just cardboard characters