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Light My Fire Loveswept Book ¹ 240 pages ☆ ➹ [Download] ➵ Light My Fire Loveswept By Donna Kauffman ➼ – In a sizzling romance that’s both suspenseful and deeply moving Donna Kauffman fans the flames of passion into an inferno of uncontrollable desire   Wearing jeans boots and a reckless knowiTo rescue a wayward hiker it’s TJ who needs a helping hand He falls hard for a gorgeous goddess named Jenna whose strength and fierce determination matches his own   Tormented by the demons of her past Jenna King once called herself an elite firefighter She’s nobody’s damsel in distress but now survival means joining forces with T Wow What a great book When reading the premise of this book I thought Eh sounds okay but nothing to get overly excited about I'll give it a read and see I had no idea how much I would enjoy it I can't say enough about it I loved it Jenna King is living her personal hell everyday Losing her brother at the young age of 11 to fire Jenna becomes a smoke jumper to make up for the past History has repeated itself Caught in a bad situation while fighting a fire Jenna's partner saves her life but dies himself Trying to outrun her nightmares her past and the guilt Jenna decides she is done with rehab and she is leaving her own way With nothing than the clothes on her back a couple outfits stuffed in a back pack made out of a pillow case and some determination she heads out through the hills and mountains to hike home Underestimating her healing she loses her footing and falls down a hill and puts herself in a really bad situation Along comes TJ Delahaye to the rescue TJ Delahaye rescues people for a living So when he comes across Jenna King injured at the bottom of a hill and a storm coming he can't just leave her Recovering from an injury himself TJ knows the best thing to do is go for help but he just can't make himself go In an attempt to save her he ends up falling further down the hill than she did and injures himself further in the process Now they have to help each other if they want to make it out alive Throw in a baby llama that has gotten caught up in the storm and some undeniable attraction and TJ has his hands full This story has great banter The characters relate to each other so well The baby llama angle just cracks me up The love scenes were hot and sexy I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting a fun hot romance Great job Ms KauffmanThis book was provided by NetGalley for my honest reviewhttptinar1121blogspotcom

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J and soon sparks are flying between them Though Jenna has known as many wild men as wildfires this maverick just may be the one to heal her heart and teach her the dark secret thrill of surrenderIncludes a special message from the editor as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles Deep Autumn Heat Callie’s Cowboy and About Last Nig Really you all if you love romance you've got to read some of the Loveswept reissues this will be digital 92012 it rocks really 'He was 6'7 of pure danger in jeans boots and a reckless knowing grin ' woot Enjoy

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Light My Fire LovesweptIn a sizzling romance that’s both suspenseful and deeply moving Donna Kauffman fans the flames of passion into an inferno of uncontrollable desire   Wearing jeans boots and a reckless knowing grin T J Delahaye is six feet and seven inches of pure danger As a covert agent T J saves people for a living But when he tumbles down a mountain Thanks to the publisher Random House Publishing Group and NetGalley for the chance to read thisThis is the third book in the romantic suspense Delgado’s Dirty Dozen series by Donna Kauffman Light My Fire A Loveswept Classic Romance is a re issue of a Loveswept Classic Romance #857 originally published in 997 Delgado’s Dirty Dozen #3 T J Delahaye’s story It is a stand alone story but you will enjoy the others books in the seriesT J Delahaye is a member of an elite tactical suad Delgado’s Dirty Dozen He is currently on medical leave for a knee injury He is headed to his final session with his physiotherapist at Paradise Canyon Rehabilitation Ranch when he takes a detour; following a trail of unmentionable through the Siskiyou Mountains The unmentionables belong to Jenna King another patient from PCRC She had packed up her belongs in a makeshift backpack and went AWOL against doctor’s orders; not telling a sole where she was headedwhich was apparently straight into a ravine A storm was coming and her options were uickly dwindling; until help arrived And boy did he arriveas he joins her at the bottom of the ravine – unconscious The ravine is uickly filling with water both are injured – they must work together to overcome the insurmountable odds and surviveA heartwarming read filled with humor vulnerability and faith that good karma will eventually befall the characters Something needs to make up for the bad crap that the author puts the characters through Other Installments#1 Diego Santerra’s story Santerra's Sin A Loveswept Classic Romance#2 John McShane’s story Silent Warrior A Loveswept Classic Romance#4 Scottie Giardi’s story Dark Knight A Loveswept Romance Classic