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review 明暗 author Natsume Sōseki ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ ➺ 明暗 Download ➽ Author Natsume Sōseki – Published in 1917 Light and Dark is unlike any of Natsume Soseki's previous works and uniue in Japanese fiction of the period What distinguishes the novel as modern is itThe manipulative Madam Yoshikawa his boss's wife These exchanges explode into moments of intense jealousy rancor and recrimination that will surprise English speaking readers who expect indirectness delicacy and reticence in Japanese relations Echoing the work of Jane Austen and Henry James Soseki's novel achieves maximal drama with minimal action and symbolizes a tectonic shift in literary fo. The Lotus of Truth Grows from the Muck of Daily LifeNo doubt some novels are much difficult to translate than others but the problem is usually that the translator must transform the scintillating language of the original into eually attractive language in the translation Works like The Master and Margarita Bulgakov or The Devil to Pay in the Backlands Guimaraes Rosa come to mind What to do though when the original consists of purposely vague and banal conversation for hundreds of pages This is the problem faced by translators of LIGHT AND DARKNESS Natsume Soseki's last work Soseki's concern with human psychology the minutiae of daily life and Buddhist philosophy create a novel that is structurally deep and subtle but boring in form Soseki focusses on contradictions in human nature love vs self centeredness honesty vs falsity egoism vs selflessness for some examples His five main characters show varied combinations of positions on these continuums and the novel may have been meant to show their transformation towards enlightened states Their progress is slow almost imperceptible There is a soap opera ish uality introduced by the fact that it was serialized in a newspaper in 1916 over 188 days They engage in endless conversations of extreme mediocrity the dialogue is nothing if not wooden in English but I wonder if it could be exciting in Japanese Perhaps it would only seem naturalTsuda goes to the hospital for a minor operation O Nobu his wife visits him visits her relatives and gets some extra money which the couple needs because they are rather extravagant Kobayashi a poor unemployed former friend visits Tsuda and advises him to change his attitudes vaguely threatens to reveal his not so colorful past to O Nobu Kobayashi visits O Nobu too but nothing happens Tsuda's sister tries to get him to realize his obligations towards his parents Mrs Yoshikawa the wife of Tsuda's boss and a meddler tries to get Tsuda to change his ways too sending him to a hot spring resort where at last he meets Kiyoko a former love of pure heart now married to another man That is the entire story The reader must concentrate on attitudes and psychology because action is nearly nil conversations banal Soseki's ability to probe each character's psyche both male and female is at its brilliant height We don't learn the conclusion because Soseki died before the novel was finished While Buddhist philosophy and stories planned on a vast scale may appeal to some I would have to disagree with the translator's comments in my edition LIGHT AND DARKNESS is neither the best modern Japanese novel nor Soseki's masterpiece It is atypical I am glad that I read it but that is because I wanted to know Soseki's work Put it down to curiosity if you will If your taste runs to philosophically complex and extremely insightful literature you may find this a wonderful novel It is certainly original However even though LIGHT AND DARKNESS is widely praised in Japan I have to look at it from the point of view of potential readers in other countries I would not recommend it to people looking for a good novel in a standard sense or for an idea about Japanese literature in general

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Apanese fictionO Nobu is uick witted and cunning a snob and narcissist no less than her husband passionate arrogant spoiled insecure naive yet above all gallant Under Soseki's scrutiny she emerges as a flesh and blood heroine with a palpable reality dueling with her husband his troublemaking friend Kobayashi and her sister in law O Hid Tsuda undertakes his own battles with Kobayashi O Hid and. I should know better to read an unfinished novel but I couldn't resist a little upheaval and mystery in my reading life The writing is one of the deepest most intense reading and yet at the same time ambiguous and sublime There were whole sections that I have to re read and then go back to read a third time I like the inner workings of the mind and exploring deep psychological meaning in day to day life Even better is finding a writer who explores this to the depth that I enjoy I feel that this last novel of Natsume dares to walk boldly into all those levels and taking it a step further into the spiritual At some point it created a claustrophic reaction that reminded me of the British show Prisoner It would have been interesting to see how Natsume would have worked out the ending on this very beautiful uniue story

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明暗 author Natsume SōsePublished inLight and Dark is unlike any of Natsume Soseki's previous works and uniue in Japanese fiction of the period What distinguishes the novel as modern is its remarkable representation of interiority The protagonists Tsuda Yoshio thirty and his wife O Nobu twenty three exhibit a gratifying complexity that ualifies them as some of the earliest examples of three dimensional characters in J. Tokyo second decade of the twentieth century The middle class get about in rickshaws or on the trolley; they send the maid out to make calls on the public telephone; they visit one another on a whim and talk for hours It took a while to adjust myself to this slower world that Natsume Sōseki depicts And as the translator John Nathan admits in his very necessary introduction The plot of Light and Dark is a paltry matter its 700 languorous pages proceed in an atmosphere of insistently uotidian if highly charged stasis p 6 Nonetheless the cumulative effect is powerful even Jamesian The translation too is ravishing not a false note throughout