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EBOOK ß EPUB A Little Hatred ä 9780316187169 FREE ´ GWAIRSOFT ✓ ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ A Little Hatred By Joe Abercrombie ✩ – Gwairsoft.co.uk The chimneys of industry rise over Adua and the world seethes with new opportunities But old scores run deep as everOn the blood soaked The chimneys of industry rise over Adua and the world seethes with new opportunities But old scores run deep as everOn the blood soaked borders of Angland Leo dan Brock struggles to win fame on the battlefield and defeat the marauding armies of Stour Nightfall He hopes for help from the crown But King Jezal's son the f First the usual caveats I received an advance copy of this book free from the publishers And I consider Joe Abercrombie a friend I do not think that affects my review of this bookJoe Abercrombie continues to do what he does best He sets up a very large chess board with multiple pieces Often several pieces are in motion at the same time and as always the pieces are all the same color It is truly up to the reader to decide which faction they will cheer for as the characters continue to defy the 'good' or 'bad' labels This is a tale of brute force and subtle magic set in a world on the cusp of an industrial revolution Buckle your seat belts for this oneA few things I will tell you up front If you've never read any of Abercrombie's books you can still jump right into his world with this one There is just enough back story for each setting to make it real; never a mind numbing re chewing of events from a previous book There are numerous characters Some get a chance to reveal their point of view Others keep their thoughts to themselves and let us judge for ourselves what they are pondering Now if you have read Joe's other books set in this world you are in for a richer experience as familiar names rivalries hatreds and alliances are renewed evolve and dissolve in this volume The characters are memorable Even with a large cast I never had to fumble back to recall who was who and what was going on A Little Hatred is not a gentle book Characters are shown at their best and their worst and the full spectrum of what some are capable of can be appalling This is a vivid and jolting tale The fantasy elements of the book are subtle the magic scarce and yet utterly essential to the plot

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Ge of the machine dawns but the age of magic refuses to die With the help of the mad hillwoman Isern i Phail Rikke struggles to control the blessing or the curse of the Long Eye Glimpsing the future is one thing but with the guiding hand of the First of the Magi still pulling the strings changing it will be uite anothe 1010For those who hold Joe Abercrombie's First Law trilogy in the utmost esteem like I do you will be very pleased to know that this book is the start of a new series set in that same world In fact some of the main characters in A LITTLE HATRED are the children or other family members of characters from First Law The setting is also a very familiar one with the action taking place some years after the turbulent events of the first series All of this makes for a wonderful transition and extension of that particular story arc while giving us something very new to chew onWelcome back to Angland where much has changed in the past 30 or so years and yet in some cases much has not changed The Union still struggles to maintain stability in a land where marauders and enemy armies continually nip at its heels and test its tenuous rule There's also uite a bit of back biting and double dealing from within which doesn't help matters This is a land where power speaks and the best way to gain power is by eliminating your enemies possibly using underhanded methods if necessary As with the previous series there are threats to The Union from outside its borders the only thing different is the leaders who have now taken up the mantle The population is growing increasingly bitter and discontented as refugees fleeing from other lands flood into Union territory seeking a reprieve from the corruption and brutality of their own feckless rulersUltimately the refugee infusion causes an untenable situation as extreme resentment creeps in and very disparate cultures are forced into a situation where they are competing for the already limited resources provided by an uncaring government only concerned with its own greed and power The Union faces potential invasion as a growing army masses to the north and is preparing for war Can The Union prevail when forces from both outside and inside its ranks are slowly eating away at it like a parasite? Or will the past few decades of relative peace result in it being too soft and ill prepared for the onslaught that may be about to be unleashed from the north?A LITTLE HATRED has all of the violence brutality world building and witty humor that we have come to expect from the Lord of Grimdark himself Joe Abercrombie I'm avoiding spoilers here for those who haven't read the First Law trilogy but if you haven't read those yet what is wrong with you? What I will say is that for those who may have been afraid that Abercrombie was getting a little soft after releasing a YA series a few years ago rest assured that the master is back and better than everWhat I found especially gratifying in this book is the way that we were allowed to be connected again to some very familiar characters through their children For instance there's Savine dan Glokta daughter of my favorite character in any Fantasy series hated torturer and inuisitor Sand dan Glokta Savine has all of the guile and wit of her father but with a tenacity and cunning of her own that makes her a very worthy adversary to those who would cross her Then there's Rikke daughter of the battle tested friend of Logen Ninefingers Dogman Rikke has the ability to see the future through a gift called The Long Eye What she sees in her latest visions are truly horrifying indeed and could have implications beyond imaginingThese characters plus a multitude of others really make up the strength of this phenomenal story Abercrombie has always been my favorite author when it comes to writing incredible dialogue and A LITTLE HATRED shows him in top form once again where that is concerned I mean the guy can flat out write brilliant dialogue and his characters are always fleshed out to an amazing degree I'm so glad that I was able to revisit this world again and get immersed in such a wonderful book that doesn't rehash any old ground but rather expands on the past history to give us an entirely new and engaging story to enjoy A LITTLE HATRED is a can't miss book filled with violence treachery suspense humor adventure and that special storytelling knack that can only come from one of the best writers in the genre If you want an amazing read that won't disappoint pick this one up and read it cover to cover The I read Joe Abercrombie's books the higher he moves up in the pantheon of the best of the best in Fantasy Well done Lord Grimdark If this first book is any indication of what is to come then I eagerly anticipate the next installment with much enthusiasm indeed Just a uick note if you are wondering whether you can jump right into this book without reading his First Law trilogy I would say yes and no Yes it is a totally self contained story and you can absolutely read this book and enjoy it on its own merits However if you truly want to get the best reading experience from A LITTLE HATRED I highly recommend reading the First Law trilogy It will give you a much deeper understanding of events and circumstances while also providing valuable insight into the characters

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A Little HatredEckless Prince Orso is a man who specializes in disappointmentsSavine dan Glokta socialite investor and daughter of the most feared man in the Union plans to claw her way to the top of the slag heap of society by any means necessary But the slums boil over with a rage that all the money in the world cannot controlThe a InstabilityJoe Abercrombie has written an outstanding earth shattering book A Little Hatred is the first book of his new trilogy The Age of Madness which is based in the world he created for The First Law trilogy The lands of The Union and its neighbouring empires reverberate with the past echoes of battles courageous exploits and heroic characters Characters such as Logan Ninefingers Dogman Black Dow The Feared Jezal dan Luther and Sand dan Glokta are still mentioned in revered tones and after 30 years some are still alive This is a novel that is structured along multiple threads and points of view which provide a wide variety of fascinating story arcs Abercrombie manages to create a new array of unforgettable characters who all eually contribute to an adventurous story He creates diverse complex characters where some you will favour but he doesn’t make it easy as each person conveys traits that portray what is good and bad in humanity what is virtuous and what is corruptThe Union has fought the toughest wars for years and it has cost a lot of money and even though there has been peace for a long time the debt of war is substantial In current times an industrial change is underway where machines have the capacity to outwork and outperform real people The nature of jobs will also change and we only have to reflect how our own industrial revolution affected the lives of so many With increased industrialisation comes the movement of people from rural areas to cities and for some comes increased wealth while for many others comes poverty hardship and resentment Something will give and society feels like a tinderbox waiting for the spark to ignite a revolution “ ‘Every man with a say in how he’s governed Every man with a vote’ ‘So no king?’ ‘Every man’ll be a king’ Broad might’ve called it treason once but his patriotic feelings had taken uite the kicking the last couple of years Now it just sounded like daydreams” With the cost of industrialisation innovation and serious debt the Union is ill euipped to fight another war Please let there be another warTo add to the precarious position of the Union the North under the leadership of Stour Nightfall the Great Wolf have started attacking the northern border of Angland A border defended by Lady Finree and her son Leo the Young Lion who may have the courage but not the wit to battle the seasoned warrior Nightfall Other characters providing a uniue POV and storyline include Dogman’s daughter Rikke gifted with the Long Eye Savine dan Glokta the highly intelligent and ruthless daughter of the chief inuisitor and Prince Orso heir to the throne of The Union’s empire Broad Clover and Vic It was wonderful to read each enthralling and entertaining narrative with eual fascination There is no reason why this book can’t be read without any previous experience of Joe Abercrombie’s First Law world However knowing how he writes his trilogies you need to start this trilogy with this book Also if you have the chance of reading the First Law trilogy before this take the opportunity – not only will you adore it but you’ll meet wonderful characters that only get a mention in this book I would highly recommend this book and this fantasy world and characters Joe Abercrombie has created stand with the best ever imagined I'd like to thank Orion Publishing Group and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC version in return for an honest review