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READ & DOWNLOAD Lone Wolf’s Captive Black Hills Pack #1 ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ì [Read] ➸ Lone Wolf’s Captive Black Hills Pack #1 ➵ Sherilee Gray – He let her father chase him off once but this time nothing is getting in his way Fletcher Stone was forcUrning to Wolf’s Captive Black Hills Pack PDFEPUB or the pack to claim Delaney the woman who Wolf’s Captive Black PDF #206 holds his heart But when a rival pack hires him to kidnap her Fletcher takes his chance Now he must convince her that he never wanted to leaveand reveal a betrayal that will Wolf’s Captive Black H. So much heat humour and heart wrenching story packed into this little novella I enjoyed every moment of ‘Lone Wolf’s Captive’ which sucked me into the paranormal world of rival shifter packs Sherilee has an incredibly compelling voice which manages to be both snarky and yet laden with genuine emotion The hero Fletch pauses to fan self was smoking hot and wow I wanted him for myself Delaney was fun and ballsy and I loved the contrast between her sweetness as a young woman and the kick ass heroine she grew into I can’t wait to see what this author produces nexthint More from the Black Hills world please

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Captive Black Kindle #214 He let her father chase him off once but this time nothing is getting in his way Fletcher Stone was forced out of the pack life and now he makes his living Lone Wolf’s Kindle as a hired thug living day to day without honour or commitments Shame over his choices and his lifestyle keep him from ret. Lone Wolf’s Captive is by Sherilee Gray This is not only the first book of hers I have read but also was her debut into the world of books The cover attracted me from the start and I just had a feeling I was going to love this book AndI did Don’t let the short length fool you there is a lot packed into these seventy pages This book was generously provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest reviewFletcher Stone and Delaney Jones met when Fletcher was fourteen years old He had been kicked out of his pack was alone and starved Delaney rescued him took him home and into her own pack They were inseparable ever since Until five years ago Fletcher just disappeared Delaney knew he must be dead There was no other reason he would have left her They were in love They were to be mates So she grieved for him but never really got over him Leaving Delaney was the hardest thing he had ever done But he had no choice Now is his chance to explain everything But what he has to tell her is going to break her heart Fletcher isn’t proud of what he has had to do in the past five years to survive of the man he has become But now Delaney is in danger This is the kick he has needed to finally explain everything So Fletcher kidnaps her He just has to get her to listen Once he tells her will she stay Delaney can’t believe it’s really him He’s alive But the joy uickly changes to anger Where has he been Why didn’t he let her know he was alright Why did he leave her Now she wants answers I absolutely loved this book It had everything I love beautiful wolf shifters love some steamy scenes and so much As I said before there is so much packed into this short book And I loved the epilogue If you enjoy this genre I hope you’ll give this one a try I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did I definitely will be reading by this author

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Lone Wolf’s Captive Black Hills Pack #1Ills Pack PDFEPUB or break her heartDelaney Jones has spent the last five years convinced the man she loves is dead Nothing else would keep him from her So when Fletcher shows up whole healthy and very much alive she’s devastated and pissed off He broke her heart once and he's never going to get close enough to do it agai. I would strongly recommend this book as I loved it The story and connection between Laney and Fletch is one that easily draws the reader in The agony from their past separation is an emotional roller coaster which both Laney and Fletch have to overcome with the only tool that they both still have which is their love for each other I would have loved for this book to have been a bit longer and was left with only one uestion Sherilee Gray when do we get another book I don't want to reveal any as I hope everyone will read this fangtastic book on the 1st MarchDisclaimer I have beta read this book in exchange for an honest review of it