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Love and Louis XIV The Women in the Life of the Sun KingS Louise de la Valliere who bore him several illegitimate children Athenais and Louis XIV The Women eBook #220 Maruise de Montespan who acted as unofficial ueen of Versailles until her involvement in the affair of poisons and of course Marie Therese his wife and Madame de Maintenon governess to the ill. I don't know that I am totally unbiased in my review of this book as just from a glance it held many of my favorite things history courtly drama France clever women in high places gorgeous color photo sections and Antonia Fraser I read her Marie Antoinette The Journey at the beginning of 2016 and was extremely impressed and I found my reaction to be the same here I was thoroughly entertained throughout

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Louis XIV PDFEPUB #190 The book centres around the Sun King and his relationship with numerous and fascinating women Naturally Love and Kindle dividing into five parts it will concentrate on the King's mother Anne of Austria to whom he and Louis XIV Kindle #212 was devoted his first important mistres. Busty young princess Marie Adélaïde set tongues and codpieces wagging today as she made her first appearance in court looking dressed to kill in a daring figure hugging gown The saucy Savoyarde 34 20 34 after corset was presented to future hubby the Dauphin – but onlookers said her Alpine attributes also had the King giving her the royal once over Official courtiers were unavailable for comment but sources close to Versailles told us ‘She may only be 11 but that's hardly likely to stop Louis Frankly if we didn't keep a steady supply of hos round here I honestly worry he'd start humping the furniture’ ‘House of Bourbon’ said another ‘House of Whore bon like’This book is essentially a Louis uatorzian tabloidThe problem I had with it was that it felt a bit too light to be valuable history but at the same time not uite salacious enough to be enjoyed as just good gossip Antonia Fraser's approach is to tell the story of Louis XIV's reign through the women that were close to him – from his mother Anne of Austria through his wifes and mistresses down to his beloved granddaughter in law Adelaide – but although it does contain uite a few fascinating anecdotes overall I felt I didn't finish the book much enlightened than before I startedIt does drive home to you uite how much Louis for want of a better word slutted it up at court The very fact that there was a semi official position for his maîtresse en titre complete with suite of royal apartments kind of amazes me – what on earth did the ueen think of it One of many fundamental uestions that this book doesn't really address They all lived in each other's pockets so nothing can have been a secret yet the fiction had to be maintained The ueen on one occasion actually walked right past the room where Louise La Vallière was going into labour with Louis's love child ‘Are you all right’ the ueen asked seeing this girl clearly in some pain Louise panicking called back ‘Colic Madame an attack of colic’My favourite mistress was Françoise Athénaïs aka Madame de Montespan – the only one who seems to be enjoying herself she had a famously sparkling line in conversation and also Fraser seems weirdly shocked by this liked sex a whole lot She's described as having long blonde hair a pouting mouth and eyes that were ‘huge blue and very slightly exophthalmic’ all of which makes me think casting directors should be calling up Amanda SeyfriedAthénaïs happened to be married already; her husband despite being advised that if your wife's cheating on you with the king you should probably just keep uiet kicked up a huge fuss about it and ended up getting exiled from court Back on his estate he pulled down the gates to his château telling everyone loudly that his cuckold's horns were now too big to fit through them Classy way to handle itDominating the latter parts of the book is Françoise d'Aubigné Madame de Maintenon who was older than Louis and clearly of an emotional support for him than a sexual fling Indeed she didn't really want to be a mistress as such preferring the role of religious advisor and loyal friend – but as Fraser puts it she ‘decided that a best friend's duty to Louis XIV did unfortunately include sleeping with him in order to prevent other frivolous less religiously focused people doing it without her own pure motives’ Louis probably married her in secret after his first ueen diedPerhaps my favourite character at court was not a mistress at all but Louis's sister in law – a German princess known as Liselotte She was rather overweight and hated almost everyone especially the royal bastards whom she referred to cheerfully as ‘the mouse droppings in the pepper’ While all around her were consumed with etiuette and courtesy she was scribbling happily during a particularly nasty cold that she probably looked like ‘a shat on carrot’ or enjoying impromptu farting competitions with her immediate family the winner could make ‘a noise like a flute’‘I shall look like a shat on carrot’Occasionally I uestioned Antonia Fraser's methods She has an admirable desire to make her story readable and compelling but sometimes she takes liberties to get the job done Consider this passageLouise flung herself trembling on the ground before him Only then did his glacial reception – she had defied his explicit orders to stay at Versailles – convince her of her terrible mistake ‘How much inuietude you might have spared me had you been as tepid in the first days of our acuaintance as you have seemed for some time past You gave me evidence of a great passion I was enchanted and I abandoned myself to loving you to distraction’ The poignant words were those of a young woman in the celebrated best seller of the time Letters of a Portuguese Nun They might have been spoken word for word by LouiseWha– You can't do that You can't just borrow lines from a novel and say ‘Wow historical figures might well have said something a bit similar’ – at least not without a lot of care and signposting This is not coolIf I look out of my kitchen window I can see the building where Louis XIV was born – now an overpriced hotel My daughter plays in the enormous gardens of what was once the royal château of Saint Germain en Laye So this is a place and period I am particularly interested in and this book does give you a few clues as to the ‘interesting mixture of sexuality reined in by religious fervour’ that prevailed at the Sun King's court But in the final analysis I find myself craving something a bit detailed and criticaltl;dr Phwoar what a scorcher

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Love and Louis XIV The Women in the Life of the Sun King Read ¶ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ç [EPUB] ✺ Love and Louis XIV The Women in the Life of the Sun King ✽ Antonia Fraser – The book centres around the Sun King and his relationship with numerous and fascEgitimate royal children The fifth part concentrates on his relations in old age with his daughters granddaughters and the wife of his grandson It will vividly bring to life the vast edifice of Louis XIV's court the magnificence artistic splendour elaborate ritual and in some cases absurdity and misery. As someone who loves his daughters and can't bear the thought of being away from them for very long it blows my mind how for hundreds of years the royalty of Europe sent their girls off to marry crowned douche bags in foreign countries fully knowing that they would almost certainly never see them again They were ostensibly doing this to ensure peace with marriage alliances but IT ALMOST NEVER WORKED In fact as Love and Louis XIV shows these marriages were at least as likely to bring war as they were to bring peace because every time country A would send a princess to country B they would essentially be giving country B a claim to the throne of country A It was an insane stupid and cruel way to conduct foreign policyI don't like Louis XIV From the very first time I learned about the way he ran his court I realized here's a man I wouldn't want to have to talk to at a neighborhood barbecue But his constant self aggrandizing wars were worse The thought of this pompous garbage golem in silk tights bringing his wife and mistresses along with him to live in splendor on campaign while he spread death and misery all over Europe with his armies the financing of which caused a great deal of misery back in France makes me want to push the man down the stairsOne of France's best kings Henri IV had ended the wars of religion in France almost a century earlier with the Edict of Nantes and Louis XIV threw this document out the window so he could persecute the Huguenots spreading miseryAnd then there was his massive hypocrisy in matters of sex and religion which is the focus of this particular book Women were important to Louis not just as wives and mistresses but as friends In Love and Louis XIV Antonia Fraser one of our best writers of popular history brings the soap opera that was Louis's court to life She makes sense of the relationships untangles the intrigue and tells the story with sympathy for its characters The result is a very good book