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FREE PDF Ñ BOOK Lovestruck Love Mo Siya Sure Ka Ba ✓ GWAIRSOFT ↠ ❰KINDLE❯ ❄ Lovestruck Love Mo Siya Sure Ka Ba? Author Ronald Molmisa – Kendisbilab?Yan ang lagi mong tinatanong sa sarili mo Every time you feel yourself falling for someone you always wonder if itD take some time to read this book Walang guarantee na mapapansin ka na niya pero malalaman mo kung pwede na bang i level up ang friendship ninyo I was reluctant to read this when I first saw this on PCBS I was sure to myself I wont read this and after several years here I am sharing my experience with the bookThe book discussed about infatuation and defined as Infatuation is an INTENSE SHORT LIVED and IRRATIONAL passion for somebodyand the author further discussed it and along the way said that Ang mga infatuated kapag hindi na nagi enjoy unti unting mawawala ang interes sa relasyon and ”Infatuation can make a person disorganized distracted and ineffective Sabog ang isip mo”It teaches and emphasizes that having a committed relationship is a big responsibility and another point to be taken seriously hindi porket may nararamdaman ka ay dapat mo nang PATULAN; at nasagot din ang tanong na When can I date?Answer When you've already learned to delight in the LordMost of the books I read about love and relationships told me that most ng problems ng relationships are being self centered and it all boils to one thing Loving yourself first is not the magic formula It is Loving God Firstfor the conclusion it is like Tagalized and summarized ng with some additional na sakto sa Pinoy culture Lalo na dun sa parental blessings at paki elam ng magulang Very Filipino likeSo before considering someone for marriage ask yourself this Mamahalin ko pa ba siya kahit mukang pasas na ang ala ubas niang muka? If you want your lovelife to be truly good and worry free you must fins yourself LOVESTRUCK with the Lord

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Kendisbilab?Yan ang lagi mong tinatanong sa sarili mo Every time you feel yourself falling for someone you always wonder if it's the real thing P With this book Ronald Molmisa is like a voice in the wilderness Casual sex is now a common practice and youth with their raging hormones often gets wrong notions about sex and their sexuality Media is not much of help Just look at the hidden sexual contents of the TV ads shows songs etc The other popular books that our Filipino youth don't help too Prof Eros Atalia's characters Intoy and Jenny have sex like they share a takeout lunch Lualhati Bautista's Lea Bustamante gets sex outside marriage and says that it is because she is a feminist ie what men can I can do too Even the girl characters of Mina V Esguerra go to bed without marrying firstAnd those are the books that Filipino youth reads uite alarming Especially for a father like me who has a 17 year old daughterI bought this book because of Jhive and Cary Two of my young friends I used to ignore this book because it along with other ones by Molmisa is intended for youth However parents of teenagers should read this too Molmisa says what parents should say to their teenage kids We well intentioned parents say that we maintain an open communication with our children However we are not always by their side We also don't know when they are ready to talk about something We say that we are open to discuss sex with them but sometimes when we want to talk about it they are not So chances are our message does not sink in or worse after sometime forgottenMolmisa puts in writing the words that should come out from our mouths as parents For this reason I advice parents to read this book Make it available around the house Don't shove it to your children if they are not the reading type Leave it lying around or put it in the bathroom As it is an easy read there is a big chance that some of the messages will speak to them and be their guiding lights in this time of rampant promiscuity and moral decadenceI thank God for bringing Molmisa to this world and helping youth to take the right path And assisting parents as well in good parentingKudos to Ronald Molmisa Thank you to my young friends Jhive and Cary for making me aware of this book's existence May your tribe increase

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Lovestruck Love Mo Siya Sure Ka Ba Aano nga ba malalaman kung siya ang the one?Kung lovestruck ka take it slow Hindi naman siguro mag e end of the world if you pause for a while an Straight simple but well meaning There are points that could lead to a debate because the author bravely talked about sensitive society 'issues' However his views are caring and honest For a Christian this is a good book especially for youth RecommendedLove God above all else Only God can satisfy you ÜÜ