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MOBI ↠ DOC Lucas Preston Brothers #1 9781539524960 FREE ´ GWAIRSOFT ì ➾ [Download] ➻ Lucas Preston Brothers #1 By Jay McLean ➷ – In a sprint every millisecond counts  When you’re waiting for love those milliseconds can feel like eons  High school senior Who became his best friend his confidant his courage  It took only sixteen clicks and eight seconds for Lucas to realize that his like for Laney had turned into love   Eight life changing seconds  It’s also the exact length of time it took to lose her Jay McLean wrote us another wonderful story Beautiful touching funny and complex If you have not read this author yet be sure to catch up It will be for you a magnificent journey through all kinds of emotionsLucas and Lois met when they were eleven That's when started their great friendship They spent time together when could and over the years their bond was only stronger They were for each other in the best and worst moments of their lives Somewhere in the meantime they developed feelings to which no one have the courage to confessThis is it in short without revealing much because it's probably one of the complex plot you can now read They just grow up make mistakes and learn from them in a hard way And they need to gain experience to be able to find their time and expand feelings for each other “Friends” I say “Friends?” she asks I shrug “For now” It is really 100% Jay McLean in the best shape All you have to read is one chapter of any of her books and you'll love it I have read the More Than series years ago and still remember those stories They stay in your head and you can always pull something out of them for yourself She has a way of writing it is amazing and you walk into it completely Her stories are sweet and emotional and funny and move you to tears The author does not treat us gently but in return gives an unforgettable storyLucas book is the story of young people their failures successes and first love They learn to live with lightest and darkest shades of life In the back they have an amazing family and friends You can not fail to mention this because it is a huge part of the story I can go on and on how amazing it is but there is this uote that really could not be perfect to describe this book “It was heartbreaking breathtaking and in a way it was kind of beautiful” ARC kindly provided for an honest review Thank you

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In a sprint every millisecond counts  When you’re waiting for love those milliseconds can feel like eons  High school senior Lucas Preston has it all star of the track team a scholarship waiting for him an apartment to himself and a revolving door of gi 5 stars There is this feeling I get when I read a Jay McLean book I can’t explain it It’s a magical all consuming feeling I feel like every time I have a ‘favorite book’ by her I read her newest release and think this is my new favorite Lucas is tied with Kick Push as my favorite Jay McLean book And that’s some really high praises from me because I legit LOVE all her books Lucas can most definitely be read as a stand alone but if you’ve read the More Than series you already know who Lucas Preston is He’s the oldest of Lucy’s younger brothers If you haven’t read the More Than seres trust me get on that ASAP There are some really nice cameo’s and mayhem from some of our favorite More Than characters But back to LucasLucas Preston is the oldest son and a senior in high school He’s dependable and since the Preston’s lost their mother he’s been the glue that holds their family together in many ways He has one thing better yet one person who holds him together His best friend Lois ‘Lane’ or Laney He and Laney met when they're eleven years old and became best friends straight away They have a special relationship Lane is everything to him Laney is always there for her best friend no matter what But the feelings she has for Lucas are than just friendship She’s been holding them back for so long waiting for a sign that he feels the same but no matter what she’ll always be there for him Even if friendship is all she has with him she’ll be the best friend ever She proves that over and over again Lucas and Lane’s story is complex I won’t go into detail about what happens but there were moments that made me smile made me cry like a baby a few OMG moments and I could not flip the pages fast enough Once I was in this book I found myself unable to stop reading This is the kind of book that will make you take excessive bathroom breaks at work just so you can get a few chapters in here and there McLean has this way of making you feel when you read but what makes her books so special and different than all those other books that make you feel is that she makes you laugh She makes you smile and makes you fall in love with her characters After reading this book all I can think of is that I need books on ALL the Preston brothers This is one of my favorite fictional families I loved their dynamic Lucas isn’t a perfect guy He is a teenager He screws up and makes mistakes But he is one of my favorite characters Jay has written The fact that he takes care of his family the way that he does makes me love him so much He is a guy so there are moments he’s a bit oblivious to his choices but he really does come around and becomes the perfect ‘More Man’ Lane is a character I loved right away The Preston family becomes her own and she’s always there for them She always has Luke’s back even when he doesn’t deserve it Not only is she a fantastic heroine she’s a great friend This is a story of friendship of family and of falling in love If you’re looking for an emotional read that’s full of laughs this is the book for you I loved it so much It gets 5 stars from me and is going on my favorites list for 2016 beta copy provided by author

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Lucas Preston Brothers #1Rlfriends He also has an older sister five younger brothers and a father who relies on him to make sure those brothers don’t kill each other  His saving grace? Lois “Laney” Sanders a girl he started to fall in like with when he was just eleven A girl “You impress people with your mind With your kind heart and humble attitude And while you’re a beautiful girl your looks or the way you dress shouldn’t be the reason people are impressed by you” Words of wisdom right here peopleLucas is the oldest brother in the Preston family who we're introduced to in Jay McLeans 'More than this' series but this book can be read as a stand alone which is what it is for me since this is the first book by McLean I've picked up Lucas and Lois became best friends from the moment they met as eleven year old children Now years later they're seniors at the same high school preparing to go to the same college and enjoying their final year Although they both have feelings for each other their friendship has always been platonic until one night changes everything Trigger warnings view spoiler Domestic violence cheating hide spoiler