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Absolute Perfection review ä eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ [Reading] ➵ Absolute Perfection ➼ Stephanie Burke – Gwairsoft.co.uk When Prince Taza flees two female sea horses trying to impregnate him he's chased by a human who plans to gain immortality by eating him When Astika the Naga god saves him Taza does the only smE might as well see what it's like with a sea horse Together out of the wildest circumstances imaginable the two lovers find and build Absolute Perfection. Yes Absolutely Perfection is just as wild crazy and eccentrically beautiful as the book blurb makes it sound The book starts out on a dark note with a bar interrogation scene that could be taken from any prime time drama except for the fact that the bartender is a vampire and his interrogator is a Hindu snake god in human guise The banter is very well done and the introduction of the vampire's family provides our first glimpse of the surreal elements that drive the story along When Taza comes barelling into the bar fleeing a human who has mistaken the seahorse for a mermaid and deemed him lunch the story launches into full on camp absurdityWhat develops from there is a fairly standard romantic comedy involving unwilling partners who despite their intentions fall deeply madly and passionately in love Of course as much as the plot device is standard the characters certainly are not With Tika and Taza we have to non humans taking on human guises that are bordering between cute twink and effeminate boy To confuse matters further both are capable of bearing young and are eually certain that the other will fulfill that role in their relationshipThe book's one minor failing is that it's so frantic and so deep with the alien biology of mythological creatures that the reader can get lost at times The sex scenes are particularly confusing especially when Tika is wavering between his natural serpent self and his human guise In the end though the love story is so strong and so rewarding that the reader is than happy to take the time to go back and reread a few paragraphsUltimately this is a story unlike any other you're likely to read this year Novelty aside it's also wonderfull written which characters you will almost immediately become invested in

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When Prince Taza flees two female sea horses trying to impregnate him he's chased by a human who plans to gain immortality by eating him When Astika the. There is one word that truly describes this book uniue This will be something you have never read beforeBy a twist of fate royal naga Astika saves the little sea horse Taza when he is being followed by a crazy human who believes that eating a sea horse will give him immortality And everyone knows that's just a fairy tale right Anyhow by saving Taza's life Astika is bound to him forever They are destined to be mates for life Astika's dreams of having a naga mate to lay a clutch for him to protect and look over are instantly destroyed But even his divine parents cannot help him in this matter He will have to make the best out of itI have never read any story about paranormal sea creatures before and after Absolute Perfection I can certainly say I'm a fan It's amazing to read a story that is so different from all the standard paranormal literature out there to have a completely new lore to dig in and new creatures to get to know The downside of this is that because I had never heard about all these deities before it was hard to keep track of them all The author has included a summary of them but I didn't really feel like looking them up while reading because that would take the pace out of the story It would be nice if there had been time to get to know them From what we can see in Absolute Perfection those gods seem like an interesting bunchEven though you cannot relate to the main characters at all their story is incredibly touching It's really cute how they get attached to each other and find out that their fate isn't that bad at all I fell in love with the tiny sea horse immediately and found his view on humans hilarious I laughed out loud when he was telling about his adventures in trying to fit in into human culture Absolute Perfection has a nice balance between touching and emotional scenes and light funny scenariosThere is also a small amount of extra plot building around their blooming relationship I thought this was done nicely the plot enhancing their bond and giving them a reason to grow together It gave the story a comfortable pace making you want to keep on reading without giving it a rushed feelingBasically this is a malemale romance story With the accessory sex And some scales sea foam and split tongues thrown in This sounds like an awful and incredibly gross combination but in this book it actually works It was uite sexy Of course this is only for the open minded among us But if you are open minded and you let the story unfold you can see the brilliance of it The scales and long blue hairstyles almost make sense and you can enjoy the refreshingly different love scenes They are a little bit silly at times but still remain a certain amount of credibility and also very important a certain hotnessThis book is not for you if you are looking for a serious book You need to have a liking for this kind of weirdness that makes this book so good If you cannot enjoy this you will not be able make sense of it and you will probably hate it If you think the idea of a sea horse paired up with a naga is awesome you will thoroughly enjoy Absolute PerfectionThis book was reviewed for The Romance Reviews

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Absolute PerfectionNaga god saves him Taza does the only smart thing and pledges himself to the Naga For life Since they're stuck with each other Astika eventually decides h. 2014 Re readI seem to be in the vast minority here again but to me this mix of myth and parody and romance is just lovely And fun and touching at the same time Raunchy in all the right ways too XDI think I was much elouent on the subject the last time I read this and I really wonder why it took me so long to repeat the experienceI’ll admit that the writing has its issues There’s definitely bad editing grammar and homophonesAnd something that irked me a little are the messy viewpoints I just didn’t get an omniscient vibe from the narrative until later in the story otherwise it would have made sense that we randomly dive into the thoughts of the other protagonist while the first one is the main focusWith the way this is written it sometimes because really difficult to tell whose head we’re in and the owners of possessive pronouns are often not clearIn the grand scheme of things there’s a lot that could be worse Still this seemed worth mentioningMaybe another rather pertinent uestion came up Why exactly is Astika so devastated over being mated to a male and the implied lack of offspring when view spoilerit later turns out he can get pregnant by a male himself Huh hide spoiler