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REVIEW ´ The Food Explorer The True Adventures of the Globe Trotting Botanist Who Transformed the American Dinner Table ¾ [Epub] ➜ The Food Explorer The True Adventures of the Globe Trotting Botanist Who Transformed the American Dinner Table ➝ DanieAriety of cotton that revolutionized an industry and via Japan he introduced the cherry blossom tree forever brightening America's Food Explorer The Epub #225 capital Along the way he was arrested caught diseases and bargained with island tribes But his culinary ambition came during a formative era and through him America transformed into the most diverse food system ever create. Wow I am not normally a voracious page turner of non fiction but this one did it for meThis is the true story of David Fairchild a man who was responsible for immeasurably enriching America's agriculture Does that sound dull It's not If you're like me you love food If you're like me you maybe also consider yourself fairly willing to try new things and food of different ethnicities BUT none of us can escape that we are probably pretty complacent about the foods we have grown up with the foods we assume belong to our people and our lifestyle These foods somehow seem to just naturally have pride of place on our menu and that's just the way it is and they're normal and everything else while interesting and maybe delicious is slightly exotic and outsideWrongWhen I learned from this book how much painstaking work and passion went into importing new plants into America plants that produce food we now take for granted I was in awe When I realized what an absolute lottery of chance it was that certain plants found success in the United States and other plants never uite got a proper opportunity due to accident or poor timing I was confounded My exciting profound takeaway from this book is that there is SO MUCH food out there and given a slight alteration in history or policy ALL of it could have been MY normal If this doesn't change the way you look at food and enhance your willingness to try all types then nothing willThis book was extremely well written Usually when I read non fiction I set myself goals of a certain number of pages per time When I was at about 70% towards the end I intended to stop for a bit but I just kept on going I wanted to know what happened to David Fairchild to his star explorer Frank Meyer SO tragic and when I use Meyer lemons from now on I will contemplate his life with the proper gravitas and to the edge of your seat battle between the plant importers and the pest preventersThis is a tale of a little espionage a little diplomacy a little bureaucracy a little romance a lot of friendship and a driving curiosity about the good stuff on the planet Here are a few choice uotesFairchild used to say 'Never be satisfied with what you know only with what you can find outFairchild liked the idea of espionage but he was as skilled at covert action as he was at ballroom dancing having done neitherFor a botanist the first taste of a new plant was like meeting a new person and recalling it flooded the mind with memories of where it had happened what the tongue expected and what it found instead Wasn't it strange Fairchild observed man's propensity to be satisfied with so little when so much was available YES I think so tooA glass ceiling could be shattered once; after that latecomers could only break the pieces into smaller and smaller shardsHis cynicism about people's stubborn tastes had grown strong I know there are many people who will shy at the idea of even tasting the leaves of the papaya Fairchild wroteBut as they shake their heads they will reach for a cigaretteI first learned about this book from a Smithsonian podcast called Side Door and NetGalley kindly gave me access to a digital review copy

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The true adventures of David Fairchild a late Explorer The Epub #223 nineteenth century food explorer who traveled the globe and introduced diverse crops like avocados mangoes seedless grapes and thousands to the American plateIn the nineteenth century American meals were about subsistence not enjoyment But as a new century approached appetites broadened and David Fairchild a yo. The true story of David Fairchild 1869 1954 a botanist who traveled the world looking for new and better food crops for American farmers It’s not a full biography because it focuses mainly on the 20 years or so that he was actively overseas collecting new seeds cuttings and sproutsFairchild collected specimens until his late 30’s This was the 1880’s – 1890’s and much of South America Africa India and China were wild primitive dangerous places He had great adventures being arrested and almost dying at various times from typhoid fever and mules losing their footing on a precipice while crossing the Andes Although most of the time he worked for the US Department of Agriculture a lot of the expense was financed by his millionaire companion Barbour Lathrop who accompanied him on many trips In his youth Fairchild lived the life of a gay man closeted in those days He and Barbour were members of a “Bohemian Club” In his late 30’s Fairchild switched his lifestyle and married Alexander Graham Bell’s daughter Marian The fruits and plants Fairfield was always looking for new and better fruits Often poor specimens were already grown somewhere in the country but they lacked appeal or had one or of a myriad of marketing or growing problems too thin skinned to ship; don’t ripen all at once; not tasty; pest and disease problems; can’t be irrigated; etc So Fairchild brought us the ancestors of seedless grapes and seedless raisins; mangoes avocados papayas nectarines cashews dates lemons nectarines and many others I say ancestors because all crops have changed dramatically by cross breeding and hybridization since those early days Not all were fruits He brought us hops that finally let the US produce European uality beer; Egyptian cotton and Japanese cherry trees Each plant has its own interesting story whether Fairchild was the collector or not We learn that the great expositions of the time especially the World’s Fairs in the days before TV and the web were how people learned about new foods So the first bananas in the US were popularized at the 1876 Philadelphia World’s Fair They were served peeled and wrapped in foil so their shape wouldn’t offend anyone and eaten with a knife and fork The 1893 Chicago Fair and the 1901 Pan Am Expo in Buffalo at which McKinley was assassinated were all big food emporiums Another interesting story is the zucchini from Italy They were tastiest when tiny as the “ini” implies The Italians picked them before they flowered Now of course we buy gigantic tasteless ones and make cookies from them My wife says “Why don’t they give that vegetable a rest”In his later career when he became a stay at home bureaucrat he sent younger men out to collect But the fun was over His legacy was under attack for having incidentally introduced various pests and plant diseases A uarantine Act was passed that made the introduction of new plant a process that took years He and his wife had children and in retirement they summered in Nova Scotia and wintered in Coconut Grove Florida His estate in Florida named Kampong after a site in Java where he collected specimens became one of the National Tropical Botanical Gardens A wealthy Floridian created an 80 acre botanical garden in Coral Gables named in Fairchild's honor A good read that kept my interest Fairchild's photo from Wikipedia


The Food Explorer The True Adventures of the Globe Trotting Botanist Who Transformed the American Dinner TableUng botanist with an insatiable lust to explore and experience the world set The Food Epubout in search of foods that would enrich the American farmer and enchant the American eaterKale from Croatia mangoes from India and hops from Bavaria Peaches from China avocados from Chile and pomegranates from Malta Fairchild's finds weren't just limited to food From Egypt he sent back a v. Book DescriptionThe true adventures of David Fairchild a late nineteenth century food explorer who traveled the globe and introduced diverse crops like avocados mangoes seedless grapes and thousands to the American plateMy ThoughtsIn the 19th century preparing meals and eating was solely viewed as necessary for survival People didn't go on culinary adventures or look for exotic ingredients to create flavor combinations to delight the palate Enter David Fairchild a botanist who traveled the globe in search of food items that American farmers could grow that would then provide choices to the American eaterDaniel Stone has written an incredibly detailed and insightful book based on David Fairchild's journeys Love kale mangos avocados pomegranates and hundreds of other crops You can thank Mr Fairchild Mr Stone used MrFairchild's extensive notes to bring his journeys in the 19th and 20th centuries to life World travel was much complex than what we are used to today and David had many epic adventures In addition he had to fight our government's reluctance to bring non native plants to America There are so many interesting stories about the foods we as a country were eating and how Fairchild was so instrumental in shaping our culinary canvasI read this from beginning to end in one book binge As someone who considers herself a foodie I am amazed that I wasn't familiar with all that David Fairchild accomplished I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in food It was enlightening and enjoyableThank you Daniel Stone Penguin Group Dutton and NetGalley for the digital ARC Winning a contest is always good but winning an outstanding book is even better