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Was every bit as reckless as the slave's bravery and in all probability just as doomed No matter the cost she would never be at the mercy of anyone's will again They were worlds apart And anything between them was forbidd. slow moving at first but overall good i dont read many books set in this time period so i enjoyed that part of it

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ForbiddenEngland a time of power and passion corruption courage violence and vengeance He was for sale a slave forced to do the bidding of others Dangerous and fascinating but no than a thrall in chains She was a lady a woman bent. 35 starsFor comments and uotes Buddy Read Forbidden The marks that are on me will be there all my life not to be hidden by overlong hair or by clothing so that no one asks any awkward uestions They will always be there and even if they were not even if it were possible to be rid of them it would not matter Because they are nothing to what is on the inside Written in a different tone think languid poetic and atmospheric and voice think internalemotional this story felt uite uniue and unlike a lot of romance books I'm usually a fast reader but this story made me slow down and take breaks instead of my read in one to three sittings The tone can drag you down at times as a lot of the action takes place from our hero and heroine's internal thoughts but it ramps up the emotional aspects The writing style won't be for everyone but if you can let the characters and setting seep into you you'll enjoy and get lost in Rowena's struggle to survive as a woman in limited power and the thrall Wulf she buys to help her The author did a good job with the power dynamics Wulf is the slave but as a man and strength than Rowena he has his own sense of power Their relationship was slow burning and sparking at different turns and as most the story depends on them together their chemistry does not disappoint Rowena was a great heroine who acknowledges and uses what powers she has and while I liked Wulf I would have liked his backstory to have been revealed earlier would have filled out his character You will definitely enjoy the historical aspect of the story The author does an incredible job setting the time and place with harvest festivals mentioned terminology and even an inclusion of King Ines who I think gets overshadowed by Alfred the Great too often There's heat passion and betrayal in this one I enjoyed going to a different time and place and while the tone and slower pace may not be for everyone if you're looking to escape the typical romance this one would fit the bill

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Forbidden Free download ì 105 â [PDF / Epub] ★ Forbidden By Helen Kirkman – England 716 a time of power and passion corruption courage violence and vengeance He was for sale a slave forced to do the bidding of others Dangerous and fascinating but no than a thrall in chains Sh England a time of power and passion corruptionOn vengeance A woman in need of help Not the ordinary kind of help What she wanted to do what she had to do did not reuire commonplace skills It reuired courage that took no account of either the odds or the risks Her idea. Save your money and time There were the bones of a good story set in 8th century England BUT it's buried under meandering verbiage that confuses The heroine appears to have ADD Attention Deficit Disorder as she's all over the place That includes from Chapter 1 onward pawing a slave she's considering buying for all the world like a woman prodding and sniffing a melon at the market for ripeness Conduct silly and unbecoming for a so called noblewoman especially in front of the frenemy against whom she's plotting to use the slave Once she owns the merchandise her behavior only gets worse Between pawings she manages to get him injured in multiple ways with very slow first aid It's a wonder he doesn't die of blood poisoning If you want to read pages and pages describing the captured slave's hair nice pic on the cover and injuries while the h remains a relatively faceless but handsy cipher go ahead but it's hardly worth your while