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From basic techniues to advanced topics in a logical concise and clear progression In it they'll find concrete examples and exercises that open up the world of functional programmingPurchase of the print book comes with an offer of a free PDF ePub and Kindle eBook from Manning Also available is all code from the boo. Great book that will bring you up to speed with modern functional programming Knowing Scala is useful but not reuired All important concepts like monads applicative functors and traverses are introduced in natural way as useful solution for common problems Exercises are well formulated and extremely helpfulImportant note this is NOT the book to learn Scala as language It's just giving you bare minimum to understand the concepts not the full power of language

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Functional Programming in ScalaFunctional programming FP is a programming style emphasizing functions that return consistent and predictable results regardless of a program's state As a result functional code is easier to test and reuse simpler to parallelize and less prone Functional Programming Epubto bugs Scala is an emerging JVM language that. This book should be reuired reading for anyone wanting to really learn and understand Scala It's not that the book will necessarily give you mastery of the language only time and experience gained through writing lots of code can do that though they help by giving the reader lots of good exercises But it will alter your view of the language and very likely teach you a new way of approaching problems The authors are both expert Scala engineers with deep understanding of the principles of functional programming Their approach is illuminating in particular in showing how you can apply the type system and referential transparency to solve problems using very generalizable patterns Addendum to my earlier posting of this initially very brief reviewFirst it's worth noting that this book in no way reuires you to learn or use Scalaz though both authors are contributors to that library It will teach you what you need to better understand Scalaz but it also leaves a lot out For example the current pre release draft of the book doesn't even mention type classes In my opinion this is a good thing There are other books such as Joshua Suereth's fantastic Scala in Depth that do a very good job of this already And covering this material here would only take away from the core of what this book attempts to teach Finally I should note that I was both a technical reviewer of earlier drafts and did the final technical proofreading So hold me responsible for any errors that slipped through Well not really ; I was well will be compensated for both of these a free book in the first case and a small monetary amount in the second but I can tell you truthfully that in no way did this influence my review of this book If anything my experience proofreading this gave me an interesting insight into the book Having tech reviewed and proofread many other books I was floored by how few technical errors remember I was not reviewing their language or grammar I was able to find I personally believe this may demonstrate something interesting about the diligent effort the authors put into this book Additional notesThis book is a good one to work through with others particularly given the exercise driven nature of it At Janrain where I am currently employed we started a study group to work through it We initially planned a week per chapter but found even this was overly aggressive at times It's best to find the rate that works for the group and adjust as neededAs I mention in one of my comments below to my friend and coworker Sean this is probably nto the best book to use as an introduction to Scala The authors do a good job of introducing the features you need to work through the book though I did see a few places where they leave the reader to find on her own it won't give you the breadth you really need to become proficient That said if you do choose to pick up a book such as Scala for the Impatient you can certainly work through both in tandem if you're really in a hurry

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Functional Programming in Scala Read Û 108 Í [Reading] ➸ Functional Programming in Scala By Rúnar Bjarnason – Functional programming FP is a programming style emphasizing functions that return consistent and predictable results regardless of a program's state As a result functional code is easier to test and Offers strong support for FP Its familiar syntax and transparent interoperability with existing Java libraries make Scala a great place to start learning FP Functional Programming in Scala is a serious tutorial for programmers looking to learn FP and apply it to the everyday business of coding The book guides readers. Possibly one of the best book on functional programming for the practitioners