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PDF ↠ BOOK Homeport FREE ↠ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Homeport Author Nora Roberts – Gwairsoft.co.uk After an assault at her family home in Maine Dr Miranda Jones is determined to put the experience behind her Distraction comes when she is summoned to Italy—to verify the authenticity of a Renaissan After an assault at her family home in Maine Dr MirField the job nearly destroys it when her professional judgment is called into uestion Emotionally estranged from her mother with a brother immersed in his own troubles Miranda has no one to turn toexcept Ryan Boldari a seductive art thief whose own agenda forces them into a reluctant allianceNow it becomes clear that the incid Style and LanguageNora Roberts wrote with Homeport an enthralling and very absorbing novel that I count to one of her best works ever Miranda is an expert of art and has the once in a lifetime opportunity to examine a bronze nobody thought would really exist The family´s institute is famous and her mother very demanding when it comes to the institutes reputation Mother feelings aren´t on her list and so Miranda has to do her job with a than 1000% profession and leaving her feelings aside But she knows that her mother needs the best to do the job and Miranda is the best But her results don´t play along with the plans others have with her family or the institute and soon Miranda finds herself of her mother’s trust bereft ´cause another institute declared the bronze to be a fraud Something Miranda can´t believe Together with the thief Ryan she starts to search for answers and finds herself right in the middle of a deadly intrigue and a hunt and she has to discover that passion isn´t so bad after all CharactersParents without any loving feelings for their children a mother who hates her daughter than anything else and a long kept family secret turn the characters in this novel into figures that are eager to discover the truth Even when they have to change allegiance and one in particular has to see things from a different perspective All her life Miranda was taught that feelings aren´t necessary She never felt awkward that her mother wasn´t the caring and loving mother other children had She wondered sometimes yes but it was nothing out of the ordinary The reputation and heritage of the family was everything and had to be as clean as an operation room So as grownups Miranda and her brother believe their neither worth being loved nor that they´ ll ever find the real love – the one and onlyThe author created characters with style sensibility and a sense of humor Miranda does everything with dignity a clear view and has a lucid mind Work and feelings don´t go well together But when Ryan shows up at her office and turns her routine upside down she soon discovers that not everything is black and white and that´s when the real fun comes in ResultA beautiful novel with a fantastic story and some outstanding characters – you´ll be surprised A must read for every Nora Roberts fan and those who want to become one

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After an assault at her family home in Maine Dr Miranda Jones is determined to put the experience behind her Distraction comes when she is summoned to Italy to verify the authenticity of a Renaissance bronze of a Medici courtesan known as The Dark LadyBut instead of cementing Miranda’s reputation as the leading expert in the This book takes forever to get to the good stuff and once it gets there the stuff is only so so It doesn't help that Ryan the main guy is a jerk nor that I figured out the main villain from the first time we meet himherSo a thin plot and a main guy I didn't like coupled with a heroine who was than a little bland but with moments of truly stupid naiveté So yeah not my favoriteThat said I stayed up late to finish the book even if I can't really tell you why view spoilerParticularly to get to the ending where Ryan takes two weeks of no contact to come back to Miranda He knew the emotional trauma he was delivering He'd already done this before and realized he broke something precious he hadn't know he'd care about paraphrase but close enough Doing the same thing again was inexcusable and then putting his proposal in terms of a trade her love for the stolen artifact I don't care if he was joking it was completely ill conceived and showed exactly how much contempt he has for her that he'd dare He graduated from jerk to outright ass right there and Miranda is a fool to take him back hide spoiler

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HomeportEnt in Maine was not a simple mugging and that The Dark Lady may possess as many secrets as its beautiful namesake once did For Miranda forced to rely on herself and a partner who offers her both unnerving suspicion and intoxicating passion the only way home is filled with deception treachery and a danger that threatens them al I am not a romance fan but loved my first Nora Roberts novel that delved into the mystical Although “Homeport” turned out to be a crime mystery it kept planted in romance and like “The Reef”; demonstrates why I would rather stick to her ethereal fare You would also think a romance authoress would weave inspiring liaisons I was disgusted in both these 1998 novels that anyone would depict a woman accepting physical or verbal aggression Both of the male characters for whom she hoped readers would cheer had moments of unacceptable temper grasping angrily and threatening violence if the woman didn't comply Neither apologized or improved their character They predictably declared being in love with each story's heroine and she was pleasedAccepting flack from relatives was weak too Well before thirty most youths confront cold hearted “Bs” You don't loyally work with parents if you have no bond Loving your dependent has nothing to do with blood Ask adopters if they have trouble loving their children I could not respect or buy a parent being unable to love them especially kids who took after their interests and surpassed their expertise professionally and I cannot believe in a thirty year old allowing anyone to order her about It was an interesting touch that a thief introduced a fun gregarious family but being an open thief was sillySecrets connected to the Grandfather could be fantastic if only Nora had made a lovely revelation and reunion of it instead of the weak villainous motive it attempted The same goes with diminishing the exultant discovery of a new Michelangelo creation This in itself would be fascinating The forgery chase should have played second fiddle just as the protagonist's brother shouldn't have had a sex scene Most books should have one narrative for the protagonist