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Las constelaciones oscuras review ´ 3 Ú ❰Download❯ ➵ Las constelaciones oscuras Author Pola Oloixarac – Antiguos exploradores y nerds del siglo XXI Biólogos y hackers Todos tienen un códice por escribir Todos disfrutan la sensación de control sobre otros seres humanosDespués de Las teorías salvajOs seres humanosDespués de Las teorías salvajes Pola Oloixarac reafirma con esta novela ue su literatura va mucho más allá de narrar una historia de forma bella y efectiva Cada. What creates space for meaning isn’t the bright dots or the presence of light–for dark constellations the light is the noise What matters is the darknessThis is the strange slightly pale sibling to Savage Theories which I liked than this one There is a mesh of measured similarities but this Dark Constellations offers bluntly a thesis ontology as code hence the primacy of the hacker Oloixarac explores the conseuences of when actors or entities intrude upon one another this violation whether sexualized imperialistic or simply respiratory has conseuences which can be measured predicted and even altered It is a mental miscegenation

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Instante y detalle multiplican su significado con la observación de la autora más singular y talentosa de la narrativa argentina una antropóloga de las letras y de nuestro tiem. I keep falling for these beautiful covers

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Las constelaciones oscurasAntiguos exploradores y nerds del siglo XXI Biólogos y hackers Todos tienen un códice por escribir Todos disfrutan la sensación de control sobre Las constelaciones MOBI #234 otr. This is a difficult review to write because I am not sure where to begin Before I continue with this review I would like to add a disclaimer I don’t think I fully “got” this book I think I missed something crucial or maybe I am just in too much of a cultural bubble to have been able to understand But I did not enjoy this book The concept intrigued me The novel centers around the “uest for knowledge and control” It covers themes of privacy mass surveillance and evolutionary concepts The story is supposed to connect three different stories one of a 19th century plant biologist one of a boy named Cassio who grows up in the 90s and becomes a talented hacker and one of a researcher named Peira who works on a research group with Cassio in 2024 The result of these three stories is a project that allows the Argentinian government to track all of its citizens using censors that identify their DNAThe problem I have with this novel is in the disjointed narrative It is just so hard to follow The three stories are supposed to be interconnected but it just doesn’t end up reading that way It leaves the readeror at least this reader bewildered and confused Another issue is in the flowery and overly sexual and descriptive narrative The plot and message gets lost in the details of description as well as the informational overload I felt like I needed to have a than mediocre understanding of anthropology and politics to be able to follow this novel It seemed like it was written for a very specific reader and I’m just not sure I was that reader I recognize that this is a novel in translation and perhaps some of the nuances were lost in the process of that translation; either that or perhaps I am just too culturally sheltered to be able to understandI struggled to finish this book I mean I really slogged through it I think that may have just been due to my own inability to understand but if I had that problem I imagine others will as well I would like to thank NetGalley for sending me an advance copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review