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My Last Best FriendAs Ida May begins fourth grade she is determined never to make another best friend because her last best friend moved away This is a doable plan at first Thanks to bratty bossy Jenna Drews who hates Ida no one in class has ever really notic I enjoyed My Last Best Friend right from the startI'm Ida May and there's one thing I know Fourth grade isn't fourth at all Fourth means you've done something at least three times before But fourth grade is nothing like third grade Or second grade Or first gradeIn fourth grade there is no printing There is only cursive I hate cursiveIn fourth grade you are not allowed to add and subtract You are only allowed to multiply and divideIn fourth grade you're a baby if you still want to play with Barbies Or if the Tooth Fairy still comes to your house Or if you want your mother to walk you to the bus stop Third grade is the last grade you can get by with any of that Trust me 1Our narrator Ida May is great I found her voice to be believable And I cared for her almost immediately Ida May's problems are authentic ones Her best friend has moved away She's starting a new school year and she doesn't have make that doesn't want another best friend She's a bit intimidated by some of the other kids in her class Especially by the mean bully Jenna Drews And she just wishes it would all go away Her parents just don't understand As an adult I can see that they just want their child to be happy And sometimes to get to that happy place later further on in the future you've got to be pushed into doing some things you just don't like in the here and now But Ida May feels her parents are always pushing and prodding and picking on her when it comes to the friends issue They want her to have friends and to be popular and part of the crowd instead of isolated on her ownWhat she finds is a friend through a pen pal Stacey Merriweather is the new girl On the surface she's best pals with the evil Jenna Drews But Ida May feels that maybe just maybe Stacey isn't what she seems That beneath the surface there's someone there that would be her friend Ida knows Stacey is a liar That she's not telling the truth That she's keeping secrets And before Ida risks revealing herself she wants a few reassurances promises Thus a correspondence begins between Anastasia Stacey and Cordelia Ida She's able to be herself her true self on paper and really begins to open up again to the possibility of friendship and happinessLife School Friendship Bullies Family© Becky Laney of Becky's Book Reviews

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S without Ida ever having to reveal her real identity Until she has no choice And that's when the true friendship begins     Debut author Julie Bowe tells a charming story that will win the heart of any girl who's faced her fear sideway My Last Best Friend was a title picked by my daughters book club This was a super uick cute little story about a Ida a girl who's best friend moved away Jenna the bully and Stacy the new girl I like the lesson about how to be a good friend to people who deserve it And how to deal with mean girls I talk to my daughter about this topic a lot and this story reinforced these conversations

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My Last Best Friend Book á 160 pages Download ☆ Julie bowe Î [Reading] ➿ My Last Best Friend Author Julie Bowe – As Ida May begins fourth grade she is determined never to make another best friend because her last best friend moved away This is a doable plan at first Thanks to bEd her before       It's when the sparkly Stacey Merriweather comes to her school that her plan goes awry Ida reaches out despite her fear but doesn't say hello instead she writes Stacey anonymous notes Soon their friendship develop Great little book about the agonies of fitting in and finding that one true friend who makes surviving the difficulties of childhood so much easier Ida Mays' best friend has moved away never to be heard from again Ida vows never to make friends with anyone else so she doesn't have to endure the pain of loss again With braty bossy Jenna Drews running fourth grade that shouldn't be too hard Ida becomes the the target for all of Jenna's bullying meannessWhen the new girl moves to town Jenna draws her into her own crowd of friends but Ida can't help but be drawn in by Stacey's sparkling smile and winning ways But Stacey's smile hides a troubling secret and only Ida seems aware that there is to Stacey than meets the eye