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FREE DOWNLOAD Ã On Edge By Kim Congram ↠ [PDF] ✎ On Edge Author Kim Congram – Jetta Oliver was finally taking control of her own life Daughter of rock legends who’d passed former guardian of her now pop princess sister – Jet could now focus on living only for herself She su Jetta Oliver was finally taking contJetta Oliver was finally taking control of her own life Daughter of rock legends who’d passed former guardian of her now pop princess sister – Jet could now focus on living only for herself She sure as hell never expected a drug lord to emerge demanding a figure she had no way of paying Swallowing her prid. 35 StarsA second chance romance with a little suspense and a lot of drama On Edge follows Jetta Oliver daughter of deceased rock legends the Olivers Ten years after their death they are still rock legends their fans still mourn them Their younger daughter Jetta's sister Courtney has taken their place and is living the same rock'n'roll lifestyle that their parents led drugs and alcohol included Jetta prefers to stay out of the limelight but when the past discretions of her parents come to haunt them Jetta has no choice but to seek out assistance from the one man she's only ever loved Paxton Elliott's one regret is Jetta Oliver he left her the day she buried her parents he abandoned the one person he truly loved for the Army For years Jet wrote to him and he never wrote back convinced she was better off without him After he was honourably discharged following a bullet wound he started building a life a life filled with bad dreams and regrets in the hope that one day he would be worthy of her When Jetta seeks him out asking for help he knows he will do anything to keep her safe even if it means pushing her away A light read with some highly emotional moments Pax was a true hero I loved him

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Radio silence from the girl he loved no matter the reason Yet the moment Jetta walks back into his life Pax knows he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her thereBut intentions are one thing actions another Gun fights drug lords and secrets are just the start And their chemistryIt’s enough to put anyone On Edg. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the next books in the series I figured going in this would be the typical alpha males saves broken girl but it really wasn't Jetta has been through way in life than people 3 times her age yet she's smart talented and above all strong Paxton has seen and done things no one should have to do to survive and it's broken him but in finding love again he see's that he can get past it and live a good healthy life I enjoyed how Kim developed the characters with current and past events and that it wasn't solely just about Pax and Jet and I can't wait to find out about the others in upcoming books All in all this was a well written and very enjoyable read

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On Edge By Kim CongrE Jet is forced to reach out to the one man who might be able to help her The man who left her behindPaxton Elliot left Afghanistan broken Years in the army had taken its toll leaving Pax struggling to readjust His hardest struggle was with the knowledge of what he’d missed Ten years was a long time to keep. This series is freaking epic What a start to a new seriesI absolutely loved Jetta and can completely relate to her Having a relatable character is so freaking key in not only romance books but books in general I understand her reactions which could be a little much sometimes LOL but saw behind the meaning and honestly I probably would have reacted a lot in the same10 years have gone by since Jetta has seen her HS sweetheart Paxton He left right after her parents died to join the military and even though she faithfully wrote and sent him packages she has not heard from him since her parent's funeral Then something happens which sends her running to his aid which she hates by the way she is super independent Paxton now runs his father's security business and can help her with her issuesThe real uestion is though can she trust the feelings that have always been between them It has been 10 freaking years and they are both different people All I can say is that this is a great story45 outta 5 from me