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Shackled Free read ☆ 100 Ç ➽ [Reading] ➿ Shackled By Angela Carling ➲ – After shy uiet Lucy and her family move from their small hometown in Minnesota to Seattle Washington she is surprised when Ryan the most popular boy at school asks her out Soon she is swept up in a wh After shy uiet Lucy and her family moveEnt of her new relationship leaving her blinded to the warning signs of danger ahead Can her fairy tale romance last or will she find that her prince charming is like a wolf in sheeps clothin. If you know a young lady please buy this book and give it to her – no matter if she’s 14 or 34 This is a story she needs to hearmaybe a story she’s finding herself living in or suspect’s a friend is living inCarling writes a crystal clear picture of a controlling abusive relationship when young Lucy and her family move to Washington Ryan is a pretty rich boy who takes an instant liking to Lucy but things soon start becoming too much Ryan cuts Lucy off from his friends isolates her and performs damage control when he’s on the verge When her parents announce they are going to Mexico for spring break Lucy’s wolf in sheep’s clothing starts shedding his wool and she realizes she’s living in a private hellThis novel is very well written told in first person by Lucy There are alternating chapters between Lucy Ryan and Mason for the most part Lucy’s character development is very real – scarily real This topic hit close to home for Carling with a loved one experiencing this kind of relationship for years Carling admits in a note following the last chapter that she felt she had to write Lucy’s story and at times she was so sickened she had to walk away from her writing Carling has superbly written a story about abusive controlling relationships that rings with a sad truth women beautiful successful women of all ages all over are living through their own personal hells – maybe sometimes through self creation – and they are too fearful and intimidated to follow the steps that will lead to their freedomI cannot express enough how much Carling’s story of Lucy and Ryan resonated with me and how much I want to share this novel Maybe it’s because I was Lucy a few years ago I had a friend who was Lucy at the same time It was scary to see my thoughts from a short time ago reflected back at me in these pages the thoughts I had as a friend of Lucy about my friend’s suddenly possessive and obsessive relationshipI have shared a few of Lucy’s thoughts below If any of the bolded terms strike you about a friend please reach out to them proper groups that can provided help and support or local law enforcement There is a way out a light at the end of the tunnel

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P in a whirlwind romance and her naive and trusting nature allows her to fall head over heels in love with her too good to be true suitor Suddenly Lucy finds herself enraptured by the excitem. This was a powerful novel At the end of the book the author wrote a note describing how abuse affected her And basically her sister was abused and she mentioned a time that he beat her That one incident she mentioned made me cry Cry with pain at what I avoided and many other women didn't Raw and intenseHere's the full review To be honest when I picked up Shackled I wasn't sure what to expect But I really enjoyed this story This book puts a shine on domestic abuse Any kind of abuse is always a touchy subject for anyone And Angela wrote her story without holding anything back The reality is abuse is something that most victims probably wouldn't recognize it at first I know that probably doesn't make sense But most victims probably make excuses such as SHe had a bit too much to drink or SHe's just so stressed Well basically that's what Angela showed us in her novel How easy someone can miss the signs of abuse Lucy was unaware of what was happening before her eyes This story was so heartbreaking and realistic Angela's protagonist Lucy was a young girl new to a school when she meets Ryan hottest boy in school and was swept her off her feet He showered her with attention and affection and her parents loved him Most likely you probably will too He was the perfect boyfriend So basically Lucy counting her lucky stars That is until he starts showing his repelling side His insecurities got the best of him and his abusive side surfaced That's when everything went down a spiral slide I must say that Ryan was pretty smooth with his antics Even I would have been smitten by him So I can see how Lucy was fooled by him But what was once a cute jealously act was now something much dangerous Shackled gives you an insider look at how domestic abuse develops and how frighten a victim can gets I enjoyed this novel very much but when Ryan started acting abusive I found myself hoping that this book doesn't end tragically I recommend this book to mothers daughters and every single female in your family It can be an eye opener There is one little complaint and that is the cover of this book In my opinion it honestly doesn't do the book justice And as much as we say Don't judge a book by it's cover this cover doesn't scream pick me up This book deserves a better fitting cover I give Shackled a 5 starts and a definitely Good Choice for Readinghttpwwwgoodchoicereadingcom2012

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ShackledAfter shy uiet Lucy and her family move from their small hometown in Minnesota to Seattle Washington she is surprised when Ryan the most popular boy at school asks her out Soon she is swept u. 8 13 13 Currently99cents on link Free Review45 STARSGenre YA Mature Romance SuspenseDisturbing Creepy and ScaryHave you ever seen Sleeping with the Enemy Well this book is a teenage up to date version ' As i focus on taking one Breath at a time the pounding of our footsteps on the damp pavement reminds me of a wildly beating heart and I find myself comimg back again and again to one thought How did I get in this mess Then with sickening clarity i remeber Oh yeah i was the new kidShackled has a young girl falling in love with the wrong guyLucy Taylor has just relocated to Seattle Washington with her family Leaving behind the only home and friends she has ever known in Minnesota On Lucy's first day she meets Ryan Hillstead Ryan is the elected school counsel rep who was assigned to show her around the school Lucy is attracted to Ryan and she suspects that he is popular Her suspicions are confirmed after she overhears girls gossiping about him On Friday night Lucy is up in her room when the doorbell rings She knows it is not for her since she has yet to make friends at her new school So when Lucy hears the familiar deep male voice speaking to her mother she is SHOCKED Ryan Ryan came by to see if Lucy wants to join him and his friends at the beach for a bonfire She gladly acceptsThings move fast Lucy finds herself spending and time with Ryan The two become a couple Slowly Lucy starts to see another side of Ryan A colder side All to late she realizes Ryan is not the sweet loving well put together boyfriend she thought he was NO He is controlling Possessive and manipulative He is also out to keep Lucy all to himself In ShackledThoughtsBone Chilling This book is told in multiple pov's Although you mainly get Lucy's pov throughout most of the book The author also provides a whole lot of inner monologue But i did not mind one bit because it allows you to see the characters emotions and how they face internal battles of right vs wrong I think everyone should read this book Mother Father Sons Daughters Sisters and brothers Because Abuse and Domestic Violence can effect everyoneCharactersLucy Sweet and naiveBrecken An awesome friend the small glipmses we get she proves to be a good friend to LucyMason Love him His love for Lucy proves to be the motivation she needs to fightRyan Controlling and super possessive Not at all whom he betrays to beMy RatingsCharacters LikeableWriting Style Honest Compelling and at times creepyPlotStoryline GoodSteam Factor Low very Pg 13Overall I Loved it Read It