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Tales of Ten Worlds Read ´ 8 ¶ ☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Tales of Ten Worlds By Arthur C. Clarke ✓ – Gwairsoft.co.uk Fifteen stories by our ablest practitioner of science fiction ranging from the sinister rescue of a Sputnik and the Pacific to startling and amusing adventures on the moon in a comet's tail on Mars an Fifteen stories by oThe long concluding story The Road to Tales of Epubthe Sea is set thousands of years in the future when men have ventured beyond our solar system and the last civilizations on earth are being evacuatedContains the following short storiesI Remember Babylon • Summertime on Icarus • Out of the Cra. This is a collection of short stories from the master storyteller himself The stories are varied and different and of course with the sparkle of brilliance that you can expect from Arthur C Clarke A good read for anyone and a must read for sifi fans

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Dle Endlessly Orbiting • Who's There • Hate • Into the Comet • An Ape About the House • Saturn Rising • Let There Be Light • Tales from the White Hart • Death and the Senator • Trouble With Time • Before Eden • A Slight Case of Sunstroke • Dog Star • The Road to the Sea •. My first taste of hard science fiction Of course after that I was hooked for life I think I was about 11 when I bought it That was around 1973 I didn't know anything about Arthur C Clarke The title intrigued me wow 10 worlds for 75 cents and I liked the cover It showed space suited figures floating in a pink void What happened to all that great cover art Anyway even though many of the short stories were too mature for me I still got a foothold into the genre and I'm still a fan 40 years later

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Tales of Ten WorldsFifteen stories by our ablest practitioner of science fiction ranging from the sinister rescue of a Sputnik and the Pacific to startling and amusing adventures on the moon in a comet's tail on Mars and Venus and the rings of Saturn and on the asteroid Icarus only seventeen million miles from the sun. This is a collection of 15 short stories well the last one is really a novelette ranging from humorous to thought provoking to melancholy What comes out clearly in this collection is the breadth of Clarke's story telling ability his uniue way of pulling you into each tale Most people who are not sci fi readers only know Clarke by 2001 A Space Odyssey but he is so much than thatI enjoyed every story but the following stand outSummertime on Icarus Clarke's description of the intense sunrise on the asteroid our protagonist is stuck on is so vivid I felt like I was sweating as I read itWho's There Because I like cats and it is a clever very short story with a feel good endingHate This is a particularly chilling tale of how hatred can make a man do something that he will regret the rest of his life The shock ending came out of nowhere and it is probably the best story in the bookSaturn Rising This story is about a visionary man who sees what can be done and is patient enough to wait After reading it you may want to look up what Bigelow is doing on space habitats Death and the Senator This story examines the issues of choice and mortality and age The ending is satisfying even though it is not a surpriseOddly the story I liked the least was the long final story The Road to the Sea It is well written and is interesting but I felt the ending just wasn't there I wanted after the long build up and it wasn't there But that said it is still a good story This is the one of the few collections I have read where I liked every story but that is not surprising since if I like an author most of his or her work will appeal to me Where I get disappointed is with anthologies since many of the authors included write in a style that I don’t like and thus their stories fall flatAs you can see from the copyrights this is an old book but probably still has it and of course there is always E bay