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CHARACTERS Õ The Little Shop of Happy Ever After Ø ➺ The Little Shop of Happy Ever After Free ➰ Author Jenny Colgan – Nina Redmond is a librarian with a gift for finding the perfect book for her readers But can she write her own happy ever after In this valentine to readers librarians and book lovEach Street Bakery returns with a funny moving new novel for fans of Meg Donohue Sophie Kinsella and Nina George’s The Little Paris Bookshop. Oh dear oh dear oh dear I checked this book out from the library because it sounded kind of like my life For me everything changed when I had to leave my job at an independent bookstore and then when it closed down for good I had a great memory for where each book was often what it looked like who wrote it what series it was in what order the series went in authors' pseudonyms and what books people might like if they liked this book or that My favourite was giving recommendations helping people find just the right book for a friend in the hospital with depression or child about to become a big brother or sister When I left to give birth it was a huge adjustment to be home all of the time with a baby who wanted to eat nonstop and would only sleep in my arms My world shrunk by the day especially once we got down to one working car Now with my girl in Kindergarten I am being told by doctors that I will never work again So I thought this book might cheer me up give me some inspiration etcAnd it did at first I could identify with Nina from the beginning though not with her obsession with Heathcliffe and Christian Gray who I consider to be dangerous criminals in need of locking up not romantic heroes Despite apparently having been around the block a time or two and in her 30s Nina seems naive and childish than I was as a 23 year old virgin bride I completely understand her love of books and her huge hoard of them of course I have an entire room in my house dedicated to nothing else But she is somehow able to sell all of her books once she realizes there's a profit to be made What kind of real book fanatic could do that unless they were on the verge of starvation or somethingSo Nina loses her library job in Birmingham spends everything she's got to buy a van in Scotland and of course ends up moving there getting an amazingly designed perfect apartment in a barn for next to nothing Oh and it comes with a tall handsome Scotsman who has a sweet dog and adorable lambs But of course he's also a jerk who doesn't like books or English city girls and never fails to be gruff or downright rudeThe business takes off immediately because it's that kind of book despite the fact that Nina names her mobile bookshop The Little Shop of Happy Ever After which makes me want to puke and everything is just peachy except that Nina can't see the mysterious dark Latvian train engineer dude she's projected fictional characters onto often enough to suit her But her landlord calls her over to deliver stuck twin lambs because she is the only one around with small enough hands That just didn't seem likely to me I don't like you you're useless you're dangerous but come over here and soap up and shove your hands up inside my ewe RightBasically what I found annoying about this book is that no matter how awkward and idiotic Nina is everything she does always works out She loves literally everything about where she lives in Scotland sorry but there are down sides to everywhere Her book recommendations even when absurdly personal to the point of being potentially insulting all turn out better than normalit just goes on It was still a pleasant enough read though until about the last uarterSPOILERSNaturally there is something wrong with the handsome sad foreigner he already has a family back home You begin to realize this is a weird retelling of Pride and Prejudice and he was Mr Wickham Which makes the landlord Lennox Mr Darcy sigh There's even a bunch of stuff about dancing and not dancing and you also get to see that Lennox is nicer than he seems though he still talks in a pretty unfriendly wayWhen Lennox's ex shows up and demands the farm she is over the top completely silly and out of place even in this unrealistic book She even throws a rare priceless book of Nina's into the mud So Nina offers to give up her lovely apartment in the barn and move in with Lennox who she is now sleeping with nonstop By this point that is pretty much all she does They don't talk they have nothing in common to talk about but they don't need to talk because their connection is suddenly so deep Yeah bloody right To me this is the laziest trick in the book And it furthers what I think is a dangerous myth that sex is the same thing as true love Also the one that if someone is rude hurtful and has nothing in common with us they must be our soulmate We're supposed to be happy because Nina gets to constantly have sex with her grumpy boyfriend who only reads the occasional agriculture magazine Seriously how long is that going to work out It definitely doesn't seem like the kind of happy ever after Nina was looking forOh and Nina ends up getting a new copy of the rare and priceless book the ex destroyed And she loses the apartment but her best friend moves into it So absolutely nothing is lost or sacrificed unless you count a diseased tree Nothing whatever mars her happiness ever I am thoroughly disgusted

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Nina Redmond is a Shop of eBook #10003 librarian with a gift for finding the perfect book for her readers But can she write her own happy ever. Shout out to this fabulous book in my latest YouTube Video all about my favorite bookish books and while I attempt a little baking in the background Thanks for watching and happy readingThe Written ReviewThis book spoke to my soul Because every day with a book is slightly better than one without and I wish you nothing but the happiest of days Nina Redmond is my favorite kind of main character she feels like a best friend A very bookish best friend The best possible kind of best friendNina is was a librarian Her job was her everything She spent every waking moment caring for all of the little library books curling up with a new novel every night and most importantly helping people find the book that they needed the most Books were her everything for Nina whenever reality or the grimmer side of reality threatened to invade she always turned to a bookThey had mended her heart when it was broken and encouraged her to hope when she was down But all that vanished All that comfort and security from her library job snuffed out And Nina is just reeling and the midst of her panic she comes to a realization with the help of her friend Just do something You might make a mistake then you can fix it But if you do nothing you can't fix anything And your life might turn out full of regrets So armed with an unwieldy old van and far books than one can imagine Nina sets off to explore the countryside selling her books at farmers markets and festivals all the while blossoming from a shy timid librarian to the woman she was always meant to beI absolutely adored this story The romance was so well done it was one of those romances where you fall in love with the way they're falling in love And the books so many books just cinched the novel for me I want to go out and check out every last book from the library that Nina suggests As an aside I loved the way the author dedicated the book There is no dedication in this book because the entire book is dedicated to you the reader To all readersBecause this book is about reading and books and how these things can change your life always I would argue for the better The 2018 PopSugar Reading Challenge A book that involves a library or bookstoreAudiobook CommentsAn absolute pleasure to listen to thank you Lucy Price Lewis You are a fabulous reader The 2018 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge A book that involves a bookstore or libraryYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading


The Little Shop of Happy Ever AfterAfter In this valentine to readers librarians and book lovers the world over the New York The Little EpubTimes bestselling author of Little B. I as I have now extensively written about on this time sucking website am fixated on books about bookstoresThey’re not the only thing I read They’re not necessarily even my favorite thing to read about But I can’t stop thinking about them and I can’t stop picking them upSurprisingly or maybe not since it’s me this very rarely goes super wellThis was a pretty good caseI don’t tend to like books about bookstores that turn out to be about fluffy romance but this one struck the ratio very well Mostly because the romance didn’t really come into play until the very endThere were also bonus good things like all the beautiful Scotland scenery scenes of our protagonist decorating a van which fulfilled all my childhood Boxcar Children desires lots of delicious food descriptionsBut like the idea of the US government set forth in the Constitution and maybe not in execution life comes with checks and balances and there were also bonus bad thingssuch as a weird temporary love triangle or basically a beginning of the book romance that was very strangely and painfully tossed away when it could have simply not existed FAKE BOOKS THE BOOKS IN THIS BOOKSTORE DO NOT EXIST WHY WHAT IS THE POINTBut overall I’m just grateful this isn’t How to Find Love in a BookshopAnd that warrants three starsBottom line Sure fine whatever things i love books bookstores books about bookstores