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characters The Chocolate Heart Amour et Chocolat #5 ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❮Read❯ ➵ The Chocolate Heart Amour et Chocolat #5 ➹ Author Laura Florand – No one hates Paris—except Summer Corey The moody winters The artists and their ennui The inMe the king of his city and he has no patience for this spoiled princess even if she does now own his restaurant Who cares if she smiles with all the warmth of July She doesn't eat dessertThere is only one way to tempt her A perfect impossibly sweet seducti. reviewed from an e arc provided by NetGalley A long time ago Better late than neverIf you've read other books in the Amour et Chocolat series this is in some ways a familiar dance an American heiress in Paris and the French patissier who woos her with unbelievable desserts But there's a bit of a twist here Summer Corey's childhood love for both Paris and desserts have been twisted into hate Rather than Florand's usual fairy tale source this story draws on Greek mythology with Paris as Summer's HadesSummer and Luc Leroi basically fall in love at first sight each seeing warmth and comfort in the other But their public images and private pasts work against them and they constantly misunderstand each other Both were deprived of love as children but while Luc aims for constant perfection Summer wears her spoiled bad girl rep as a shield Come to think of it they are interesting representatives of two classic aspects of a dysfunctional family The Hero and The Scapegoat Every time Luc unwittingly hurts her she tries even harder to live down to his expectationsAs you might expect from the inspiration this is dark in tone not because anything overtly awful happens though Summer has had ugly experiences than the world would guess but because both characters have so much pain in their lives The story does a beautiful job of showing how two people who seem to have it all can still be so lost and justifiably unhappy They're perfect for each other because at heart they have the same need to give love to someone who needs them and would never let them goThere was a bit too much repetition of phrases but the prose is gorgeous I love the way Florand extends the metaphor beyond its original inspirationThat's what makes it so incredible What you do You're just a man A human mortal man And you do what you doThere was a long silence Merci soleil he said softly After all those people who call me a god I never realized you could give me a promotionI also liked the realism in the baby epilogue Neither character is completely fixed by true love and their happy ending reuires commitment and care There's also a seuel Shadowed Heart A Luc and Summer Novel which expands on thisYou don't have to have read any of the previous books to enjoy this one although several characters do recur Just open your heart to a prickly couple who need love and some astonishing desserts that need to be eaten

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Into brooding gorgeous chef pâtissier Luc Leroi Chocolate Heart Amour et Chocolat Epuband indecently propositions the hero of French cuisineLuc has Chocolate Heart Amour et Chocolat Epubscrambled up from a childhood panhandling in the Paris Métro to beco. This is finely written angsty romance where two fairly tortured souls fall in love The baggage each of the them carries is weighty and Florand does a lovely job allowing the heroine and the hero to remain themselves as they fall in love The second half of the book is very fulfilling and there is a simply divine and heartfelt epilogue Again I am always impressed by the lilting psychology of this series and the romance tucked into the very realism of what it means to be human and what love really is Oh and Paris chocolate and sexy chefs The first part of the book hurts a bit in both good and bad ways Luc and Summer have a terrible time really seeing each It is hard to believe in the love at first sight that is part and parcel of this series because of the blindness that goes on for far too many chapters They are both cruel to each other and themselves There are well founded reasons for how each of them behaves but I would have liked true seeing than we get or at least an obsession that didn't seem just physical at first All the details of who they each are captivate but there are several threads left dangling for me that I would have liked traced out his father her mother in detail the nanny the seducer However the book swings up and up and up until its wonderful closing making it a very good read May I say one time Yea Epilogue

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The Chocolate Heart Amour et Chocolat #5Heart Amour PDF #10003 No one hates Paris except Summer Corey The moody winters The artists and their ennui The The Chocolate PDF or inescapable shadow of the Tour Eiffel But things go from bad to worse when Summer stumbles Chocolate Heart Amour Kindle #180. Happy sigha wonderful readCover Art looks like Florand has been screwed again by the Bad Cover Art FairyBTW Publishers and Cover Artists Any 'hero' on the cover who immediately makes me think of Nicolas Sarkozy makes me go 'Bletch and Glrgh' NOT 'Yum' I don't think that was your intention