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The Drowning City doc ë Paperback Ñ amanda downum Ñ ❴Reading❵ ➽ The Drowning City Author Amanda Downum – Symir the Drowning City home to exiles and expatriates pirates and smugglers And violent revolutionaries who will stop at nothing to overthrow the corrupt Imperial governmenThe brewing revolution is a chance to prove herself to her crown All she has to do is find and finance the revolutionaries and help topple the palaces of Symir But she is torn between her new friends and her duties I forgot exactly how I first came across The Drowning City by Amanda Downum but I’m sure it was from browsing online rather than in a brick mortar bookstore I might have been checking out Orbit’s the publisher website Either way the cover art was attractive and what immediately grabbed me was that it promised an Eastern setting No offense to the 90% of fantasy that isn’t of the urban subgenre but I tire of stories taking place in medieval Europe no offense to Europe either The prospect of something different shot this book up to the top of my list The fact that it was a debut novel didn’t deter me With the string of pretty decent debuts fantasy fiction has been getting lately I actually jump at themSettingAs mentioned the setting isn’t the standard fantasy backdrop It feels very South Asian in all respects landscape clothing food names of places people and even greetings What I enjoyed most about the setting was that it really came alive; there was a good deal of personification used to describe aspects of the environment There were always vivid enough descriptions of the environment to maintain the cultural feel and a good general sense of place and time And the author did this without slowing down the pace So I’d say all bases were covered as far as setting is concernedMagic SystemAfter Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn spoiled me I’ve been picky about magic systems Anything that doesn’t seem original enough or doesn’t have logical rules turns me off So I wasn’t too excited about the fact that certain tropes like necromancers ghosts etc were used However the execution of these things was nicely doneThe author never got into the science of how things worked like Sanderson does and the range of what is possible in the magic system was wider than I would have preferred but it wasn’t as loose or underdeveloped as some fantasy I’ve read I suppose one could say it was closer to the way superhero abilities work where characters specialize in a singular realm of abilities rather than the Gandalf anything goes type of magicCharacters The characters were pretty dynamic They spoke differently acted in different ways felt differently about issues disagreed with one another lied to each other Each of the viewpoint characters was likable and I could understand their decisions even when I disagreed with them The latter part applies to non viewpoint characters as well There were some who were dislikable but still understandableWhat I found in this novel were antagonists rather than villains What I mean is there is no character that I really hated or was annoyed with ie no conventional madman villain who kills arbitrarily However I would have liked to have had a character that I was really afraid of That to me makes a good “villain” I suppose the trade off for the author of offering both sides to a conflict and making disparate viewpoints understandable or relatable is a reduction in the antagonists’ intimidation factorOn another note from what I can remember all—if not just the major—viewpoint characters were female Each voice was distinct and each journey intriguing but I’d like to see the author delve into male viewpoint character writing in a subseuent novel Not that the story suffered from a lack of it; just for my own curiosity of the author’s courage and skill and my preference for mixed viewpoints This story was written well enough that I think she could do it Amanda Downum may have written short stories with male viewpoints but I don’t venture into that format very often to be honestPlot ConflictAs mentioned before no conv

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And the longer she stays in this monsoon drenched city the intrigue she uncovers even the dead are plotting As the waters rise and the dams crack Isyllt must choose between her mission and the city she came to sav Again I wish Goodreads had a slightly granular rating system because this novel is a very solid 35Amanada Downum's debut is of everything than I was honestly expecting strongly executed vividly described willing to blow anything and everything sky high in a startling climax Not many first time novelists are willing to smash an intricate setting but Downum fuses confidence with unpredictability and goes for the gusto in her last act The Drowning City is an intriguing blend of espionage murder mystery culture clash and colonial criticism Some of the moral argument loses its tension when one of the story's factions drops all pretense of restraint and goes on a kill crazy rampage but as far as first novel problems go that's a mild blemish This is a brisk well calculated and atmospheric novel; I wish I'd read it sooner

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The Drowning CitySymir the Drowning City home to exiles and expatriates pirates and smugglers And violent revolutionaries who will stop at nothing to overthrow the corrupt Imperial governmentFor Isyllt Iskaldur necromancer and spy well it started okay this review will be rather short and lame because honestly the good parts of the novel were fairly short and the rest was rather lame the first third starts out well and i was willing to suspend any criticism of the surprisingly weepy protagonist because the atmosphere was wonderfully evoked and the protagonist's profession a necromancer who is also a rebellion fomenting spy is fascinating The Drowning City itself is an absorbing place and the freuent use of magic was well done learned magic is separated into various arts and seem to also be based around various elements as well as charms that non mages can use; the supernatural is also present in a wide variety of beasties spirits and ghosts especially ghosts the confusion and irritation started coming during the second section where the mishmash of cultures rather stereotypical depictions of 'oriental' culture that are coming into conflict with a rather less stereotypical depiction of an imperialistic 'arab' culture began to seriously annoy me the coincidences also began to arrive to eye rolling effect and finally the third portion far too rushed far too sentimental far too clichéd in the end the overall feeling i was left with was exasperation instead of the curiousity i should have had for further adventures still the use of magic was plentiful and enjoyable so if that is what you are looking for this novel will not disappoint in that regard