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The Lost World review ´ 109 ↠ ➤ [Epub] ➞ The Lost World By Arthur Conan Doyle ➮ – Journalist Ed Malone is looking for an adventure and that's exactly what he finds when he meets the eccentric Professor Challenger an adventure that leads Malone and his three companions deep into the Journalist Ed Malone is lookJournalist Ed Malone is looking for an adventure and that's exactly what he finds when he meets the eccentric Professor Challenger an adventure that leads Malone and his t. “If in 100 years I am only known as the man who invented Sherlock Holmes then I will have considered my life a failure” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle This review will contain minor spoilers Although Sherlock Holmes Dr John Watson Mycroft Holmes and Professor James Moriarty are Doyle's most known creations Professor Challenger the hot tempered scientist is another character that many readers will be familiar with This is the first of the Professor Challenger series and the only one that I had read previously I started reading religiously in 2012 and The Lost World was one of my favourite stories from my pre review era I decided to revisit this exuberant and vivacious science heavy adventure tale that features dinosaurs and I'm truly glad that I didThis narrative begins with journalist and international rugby player Edward Dunn Malone as he finally tells the love of his life Gladys about the emotions and feelings that he has been harbouring Unfortunately it is soon revealed that she doesn't share the sentiments that Malone has been feeling and therefore he remains in the 'friend zone' He just isn't exciting enough She wants an adventurer essentially so she can bask in the glory of her partner's deeds As the archetypal example of a member of the friendzone guild he doesn't even consider thinking that maybe she is a bad apple and not the right woman for him The antithesis is what he thinks Malone races down to the office of the Daily Gazette and begs his editor for an exciting dangerous assignment war correspondence perhaps His superior states that there is no task high risk or hazardous for a reporter than to interview the infamous scientist Professor Challenger After an eventful and volatile first meeting between the duo the emotions cool down and Edward ends up sharing a cigarette with the incredibly intelligent agog slightly unorthodox and idiosyncratic scientist I pictured him as being like an early 20th century Brian Blessed with the presented attitude extravagance and description He divulges information about a potential Lost World which he has visited and the last time he was there although only for a brief period he shot a pterodactyl and presents the wing to the journalist As the next few chapters progress it transpires that a team of three very different individuals will attempt to retrace Challenger's steps to visit this plateau that seems to have ignored the laws of science that the rest of the world's environments have adhered to In Sherlock Holmes the brilliant characters take the concepts from being good to often phenomenal The same is true here The trio attempting this escapade which has been mostly ridiculed by the science community as nothing but fancy and absurd are Malone adventurer and exploration expert Lord John Roxton and Challenger disparager and rival Professor Summerlee They also have Zambo who is described as a negro Hercules and he acts as their ian guide The beginning of the novel runs at a steady pace as the characters are introduced foundations are set and the plan is set in motion It really gets going when the ensemble reaches the infamous plateau If I had to summarise this tale in a few words it would be a gripping and rip roaring adventure It features suspense betrayals surprising revelations horror and elements of mystery Add into the mix a plethora of dinosaurs including Iguanadons Allosaurus' Plesiosaurus' amongst many other assumed extinct species Doyle must have done an immense amount of research for The Lost World regarding the science of the Jurassic period and also of his current day Throughout the story never comes across as if it was a dull science text Complex discussions about plants creatures and the environment are often humorous as Professor Challenger and Professor Summerlee debate the facts very rarely agreeing with each other's hypothesis The players also end up in the middle of a war fought between ape people and the indigenous tribes of this raised island The novel also features amazing set pieces that appear as bewildering yet exhilarating for the characters to behold as they were for me to read There is always the nagging doubt in the back of the ensemble's minds about how on earth they are going to escape the plateau and if they are sitting on one of science's greatest ever discoveries that the world will be oblivious to if they don't succeed and return to London But surely no man had just such a day since the world began Simply put this is one of my favourite stories from when I started reading properly It will always have a special place in my heart and I'm sure I'll read it again in another seven years An absolute classicJames Tivendale

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He ape menSir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World was first published in and has since established itself as a classic adventure fantasy storyCover illustration by Alun Ho. I don't like to end the book so soon I really love this book although I expected something gorier like dinosaur killing the whole tribe or cannibals eat human flesh Still I did love this book in many ways and as long as I live I'll treasure this book forever Hey stop looking to me like that I can still remember all the things I read from the book AmenThe whole journey started when a Gazette Irish journalist named Malone went go straight to the house of notorious Professor Challenged claims that dinosaurs exist To give them proof the scientist sent away a team and of course himself to journey that they won't regret forever that talks about surviving extinction and friendship But when they went home a sudden change of fate is waiting for themThis is a good book and reminds me of The Time Machine It has the same narration with the book and the story was kind of documentation by letters of their journey through the land of extinction There are boring parts in the book and mostly those parts are in the beginning before they left Anyway I recommend this book to everyone who loves to read Arthur Conan Doyle's works and people who love prehistoric animalsAs a science student I have problem regarding the usage of a scientific name on chapter 8 About Nuttonia vexillaria said to be a rare plant and the second word must start in small letters to follow the rules regarding naming a plant But I'm not sure if the plant was in Latin because I did a research online and can't find the plantAnother unconditional moment on the book was the fight between the Indian tribe and the Ape men I was so shock that I can't stop reading that part that I want to know what happened to them and in the end my heart broke into pieces and nobody can help but to observe the real meaning of extinction It was a great example and I think most of the readers find it interesting since it has a symbol of how things extinct in real worldIf you don't like spoiler please don't continueI also find the naming of the Lake funny and what happened to him and to the girl in the near end I was so ashamed of him being too young minded bout love and so on Although romance did not emphasize in the book it happens that it was so funny that it keeps on popping in my head The right part they did not even proved everyone that dinosaurs exist and it was the best thing happened than killing extinct animals for selfish rightsWhen Lord Roxton mentioned the blue gay I have this feeling that diamonds exist from them It was simple I watch movies adopted from the book and they usually surrounded by blue clay or sand and same with the other books I read such as Sidney Sheldon's Master of the Game And why I mentioned it because everyone had their chance to make their dreams come true in the end After a cup of coffee or tea all their hard work payed in a very surprising wayReview posted on Old Fashioned ReaderRating The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle 4 SweetsChallenges Book #256 for 2011

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The Lost WorldHree companions deep into the jungle to a lost world where dinosaurs roam free and The Lost PDFEPUB or the natives fight out a murderous war with their fierce neighbours t. Silly bad A surprisingly dull updating of Journey to the centre of the Earth view spoiler or possibly the assuredly illegitimate offspring of Journey and King Somon's Minesor possibly the line of decent goes through both hide spoiler