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The Railway doc ´ Paperback Read à Hamid Ismailov ¼ [Reading] ➶ The Railway ➽ Hamid Ismailov – Set mainly in Uzbekistan between 1900 and 1980 this compelling novel introduces to us the inhabitants of the small town of Gilas on the ancient Silk Route Among those whose stories we heaSet mainly in Uzbekistan betweenand  this compelling novel introduces to us the inhabitants of the small town of Gilas on the ancient Silk Route Among those whose stories we hear are Mefody Jurisprudence the town's alcoholic intellectual Father Ioann a Russian priest Kara Musayev the Younger the chie Rounded up to 4 stars There's a lot to like and a lot to labouriously chew and ultimately give up on digesting People without some connection or experience of ex Soviet countries will have a hard time reading this The final interview between author and translator will shed a lot of light on why the book is the way that it is The ideal novel for me at that time was a novel that was free a novel that could be understood only by myself and that was therefore not serving anyoneAlso why do men authors so often feel the need to inject the ludicrous concept of casual sexual violence sprouting from random circumstantial unarrestable needs for release I don't care that your characters are uneducated simple rural or whatever it's uninspired and tiresome to make them engage in casual sexual assault and I don't understand why other men judge it a bold or in any way beneficial choice in manuscripts if it doesn't serve the plot in any way which it most often doesn't But this is a product of the 80s90s so I guess it is not that surprising I didn't detract any starts for it

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F of police and Umarali Moneybags the old moneylender Their colorful lives offer a uniue and comic picture of a little known land populated by outgoing Mullahs incoming Bolsheviks and a plethora of Uzbeks Russians Persians Jews Koreans Tatars and Gypsies At the heart of both the town and the novel sta This one started out confusing mostly because of the vast number of characters and the seemingly unrelated stories but grew on me It is probably harder to follow if you know less about Muslim cultures and Russian Soviet culture yet its a delightfully weird book

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The RailwayNds the railway station a source of income and influence and a connection to the greater world beyond the town Rich and picaresue The Railway is highly sophisticated yet contains a naive delight in its storytelling chronicling the dramatic changes felt throughout Central Asia in the early th century I wanted to like this book a lot than I did The novel takes place in Uzbekistan and features a huge diverse cast of characters representatives from the many ethnic groups in the area I found the first part to be funny and poignant with a meandering but engaging voice Each of the characters has a nickname reflective of a defining characteristic such as Opok Lovely or Umarali Moneybags which definitely helped with remembering them also useful is an appendix at the end of the book listing all the characters Unfortunately as the novel progressed it got increasingly dark and violent and the main story arc if there was one seemed to get lost in the wandering voice I'm sure my unfamiliarity with the area also affected my ability to understand the nuances of the story