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FREE MOBI ¶ DOC Black Cross Black Powder Wars #1 Ï [Epub] ➟ Black Cross Black Powder Wars #1 By J.P. Ashman – Previous cover edition for ISBN 1517510112 9781517510114For alternate cover edition see hereArcane magic can be a ruinous power despite admirable intentions A mysterious scroll finds its way Previous cover edition for ISBN 1517510112 9781517510114For alternate cover edition see hereArcane magic can be a ruinous power despite admirable intentions A mysterious scroll finds its way into Lord Severun’s hands enabling him to release a dangerous experiment upon Wesson With Sergeant Falchion unable to forgive himself for aiding the Picking up and reading Black Cross you will witness or less a great author in the making In the Kingdom of Altoln a powerful wizard assisted by an ingenious cleric releases what he believes to be a magical potion of purification; a spell that will purge the streets of the kingdom from all the criminals inhabiting it But when the citizens of Altoln start dying in the thousands the wizard understands that what he freed was nothing than a pandemic; the Black Death From mere circumstances an unwillingly involved sergeant is now called to take part in an impossible uest in order to find a cure or at least bring some aid But with goblins Inuisitors and other mysterious forces at play will Falchion manage to complete that formidable task or are all citizens of Altoln doomed to perish? The onlooker had caused the deaths of thousands and that fact he knew would hunt him until the end of his days But this death this death would notAshman's debut is a complex and intricate work in which you experience a strange combination of excitement and dread Great and in depth characterization unpredictable events breathtaking fighting seuences and astonishing plot twists are only some of the elements that you will find in the thrilling yet realistic world of the Black Cross; a world that somehow feels already established and not in the making proving Ashman's uniue storytelling abilities and detail crafting skills Reading all of this you will probably think that the book has no faults but unfortunately this isn't the case Black Cross has a significant problem for which the beta readers are to blame It is painfully unevenly paced While most of the book especially the beginning and ending is well structured and balanced with enough action events to keep you interested and entertained a significant part is uneven overstretched and therefore boring If you are a slow reader then this may come as a problem giving you the feel that you are stuck in the same events for a lot of pages but if you are a book devourer then you won't even notice it All in all Black Cross is an exceptional debut that I recommend to all fantasy bookworms and fast readers and I strongly believe that with a better team of beta readers in the future and the experience he has already gained JP Ashman will eventually come to be a household name 35 round up to 4 because it's a debutYou can find of my reviews over at

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R own dark and bloody histories the beginning of an epic tale is told Incredible magic is unleashed allies become enemies; unlikely friendships are forged and a foul plot is discovered that will shatter the long lasting peace of Altoln and her allies plunging them into a gritty brutal conflict that falls far from the fluffy fairytales of o Wow Black Cross was all kinds of everything One of the most uniue and powerful Fantasy novels I've read this year This is a huge sprawling epic with an enormous cast of engaging characters some of whom have become my favorite in the genre There are multiple plot points going on throughout the novel and many different POV chapters but Ashman has managed to perfectly juggle his characters and provide them with just the right amount of time to shine while ensuring they come together for the core premise Fans of Miles Cameron's Traitor Son series will find much to enjoy while characters like heroic Falchion and Ashman's own Abbott and Costello Biviano and Sears will ensure much enjoyment for Kings of the Wyld fans as wellWriting wise Black Cross is uite a complex work Ashman manages to create a completely different tone and narrative style for each of his POV's which creates a brilliant fusion between a Grimdark edge and a classic Epic feel I have received an ARC of Ashman's highly anticipated seuel Black Guild which I can not wait to immerse myself inJP Ashman is a fantastic self published author who clearly adores what he does and fills each page with an infectious enthusiasm that simply must be experienced

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Black Cross Black Powder Wars #1Wizard and desperate factions taking advantage of the devastating aftermath Falchion embarks on an arduous uest alongside friends and strangers alike However even if their attempt to seek aid is successful and the city is saved they risk revealing a secret that threatens much than Wesson alone From a fantasy world not too dissimilar to ou Great debut very well written on the classic side of fantasy with very good grimdark elements Recommended