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Crown of StarsNg against himThe Aoi are carrying out random attacks on the humans and implicating Sanglant as their leaderWhile Liath searching for forbidden magics is unexpectedly beset by enemies she may not be able to withstandStronghand is on a march of conuest that will inevitably lead into the heart of Sanglant’s realmAdelheid has made an unholy alliance with the trea Looks like I made it After many months of reading volume after volume I'm done with this series By the end it felt slightly bloated I wish some storylines had been cut and yet oddly enough the ending felt slightly rushed Still it was a fantastical journey a true epic and an amazing series full of characters I loved got annoyed by and hated I almost threw the book across the room than once in a good way mostly I developed in jokes with my SO about the book I'll miss having Kate Elliott fantasy to read When is the next novel???The ending was mostly satisfying and as sweeping as Elliott is capable of And yet I find myself frustrated by this book so much There are things that disappointed me so bad Knowing Kate Elliott's feminism from her other novels knowing how right she is in her meta on the subject of representation I was terribly disappointed on several counts Spoilers about these issues below the cutview spoilerThere was one implied lesbian character She died And there was a joke about her possibly raping womenThere was one two spirit trans woman character She was presented as not male or female for the purposes of a curse which was basically the only narrative reason for her appearance in the novel and guess what? She diedThere were several characters who are identifiably of colour The following list includes most of them One of them it turned out wasn't really a person of colour by human ancestry she was half white half daimonic One was forcibly married at a very young age and died on page One was brutally murdered on page And two were well rapists that's Conrad and Sorgatani by the wayI hated that the resolution to Hanna's storyline is her getting together with Ivar They apparently have some magical connection because she had many much nicer dudes hitting on her to no avail but she sees Ivar after ages and it's instant kissing Perhaps I'm forgetting something from book 1 that would make this match better but honestly I disliked Ivar and his privileged assholery all along and to have him be an Eagle doesn't suddenly redeem him Hanna's entire storyline was about wanting to see the world being traumatised by what she saw ending up getting together with a guy from her village Sure they'll travel together It doesn't make it any less disappointingAnd then there's Sorgatani who can't meet a guy who will love her enough to be her pura without it being terribly gross No instead she chooses to make Hugh her slave sex slave Because apparently two wrongs make a satisfying conclusion I'm not sure if I'm opposed to the notion that it's just desserts because he was a rapist and rapist's son or disgusted by the idea of him ever having relations of any type with Sorgatani She deserved better than to be his punishment and diminished by that function I still loved the books I loved them a lot But it wasn't right I know my frustration is not with Kate Elliott's novels only It's with how little representation lesbian women and women having sex with women and bi women get in fiction But all the same these books had several plotlines with gay guys There are Swordspoint novels and now a serial People swoon about Malec on TV And lesbians get to have one character who dies And I know there are ff plots in Black Wolves Guess what I didn't like them hide spoiler

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Read Crown of Stars eBook Ò Paperback ¼ Kate Elliott â ➽ [Download] ✤ Crown of Stars By Kate Elliott ➲ – Set in an alternate Europe where bloody conflicts rage the final book of the Crown of Stars epic fantasy series concludes the world shaking conflict for the survival of hCherous Antonia who with the deadly galla at her command is prepared to strike at Liath Sanglant or anyone who threatens her plansSabella and Duke Conrad have also marshaled their forces and are moving to seize the crown from SanglantAnd Alain must take his own stand against the Lady of Battles if he is to have any hope of redeeming this war and magic torn world This book achieved a rare feat in spite of being soooo slow it felt as though everything was cut short and not given enough time It's a shame because the first two or three books in this series are great five stars all round but then the series took a nose dive and this end volume had some pet hates of mine detailed in the spoiler below Don't open unless you have finished the book or have no intention of ever reading this seriesview spoilerA character introduced briefly in the penultimate book turns out to be really importantSeveral important pointscharacters in previous books are glossed over as pretty unimportant which is why I think the author didn't give things enough timeOther things are tied up in an unsatisfactory and unconvincing wayA character comes back from the deadLiath continues to be a Super Duper Special Snowflake and irritatingBlessing continues to be a complete pain the arse and never gets the slapping she so badly needs hide spoiler

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Set in an alternate Europe where bloody conflicts rage the final book of the Crown of Stars epic fantasy series concludes the world shaking conflict for the survival of humanityIn the wake of the cataclysm that has reshaped the very lands Sanglant is struggling to legitimize his own rulership and Liath’s status as his wife and consort even as others are leagui I enjoyed the complexity of this series I cried knowing this was the last book This series has allowed me to have my little escapes from the real world of being a medic in the military I have followed this series for so long